Meindl Meran GTX Hiking Boots Review

Last Updated on 27/02/2022

Meindl Meran GTX Hiking Boots Review

Meindl Meran Review

Meindl Meran GTX Hiking Boots Review

I am writing this Meindl Meran GTX Hiking Boots Review after a good 9 months of testing on all kinds of terrain in 3 seasons of the year. If you follow this blog then you will know that my last pair of Meindl’s didn’t fit very well which you can read about here. You may also know that I absolutely love Meindl footwear thanks to their extremely high quality and wide fitting shape.

I have very wide feet. So wide in fact that I often have to buy a shoe size up just to compensate for the width. So buying a well-fitted pair of hiking boots has taken a lot of trial and error over the years. There are certain companies like Meindl or KEEN that are noticeably better fitting for people with wider feet but that still leaves a lot of choice on the table. I have previously reviewed the Meindl Burma Boots and have tested many KEEN Boots but none have ever fit so well as these.

The Meindl Meran GTX hiking boots could be the answer, they are lightweight, rugged, flexible, and most importantly comfortable for broad feet!

The cork and fleece footbed provides comfortable support all day long and helps absorb shocks underfoot which makes them great for hiking in. The Gore-Tex lining keeps your feet dry and helps with breathability in hot weather while the rugged leather also feels very supple. Before we jump into this Meindl Meran GTX Hiking Boots Review, let’s have a look at some of the specs.


Meindl Meran GTX
  • Wide Fit
  • Memory Foam System
  • Nubuk and Velour Leather Upper
  • Comfort Hiker Sole Unit with Aggressive Lugs
  • Gore-Tex Waterproof and Breathable Liner
  • Wellness Cork and Fleece Footbed
  • EVA / PU Mid Sole
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First Impressions

My initial thoughts were that there is a lot of stitching on the outside of the boot, which I normally avoid, and I wasn’t too keen on the gold emblem on the ankle. I then reasoned that Meindl are built better than any other boot I have worn before and that the gold logo would rub off in no time or be too covered in mud to notice. My first impression truly came when I slipped my feet inside expecting to feel the sides of the boot pressing against my feet.

My first impression truly came when I slipped my feet inside expecting to feel the sides of the boot pressing against my feet. To my pleasant surprise and relief, the wide fit is perfect for me and I didn’t feel like I was going to have to stretch them out a bit. They required literally zero break-in period and after just a few days wearing them at work, I walked 26 miles on Saturday with nothing but good things to say.

Meindl Meran GTX Boots Review

Construction and Build Quality

Something I look for in leather hiking boots is whether they are made of large single pieces of leather or multiple patches sewn together. The reason for this is that I have had stitches come undone before and they are a nightmare to repair without damaging the waterproofing. I ended up using glue to fix the boots which has worked pretty well so far.

That being said, the Meindl Meran boots are very well made and I am not concerned with damaged stitching at this point. The sole is solid but lightweight and flexible enough to keep you feeling nimble while the uppers provide nothing but comfort and support.

Grip and Soles

The grip is excellent on loose ground and slippery surfaces with multi-directional lugs that bite into the earth. They are more flexible than the Meindl Burma’s or Bhutan’s but still firm enough to support a decent-sized backpack. The Meran’s are not crampon compatible but they are not designed to be a serious mountaineering boot.

They are a 3 season hiking boot for low-level walks on mixed terrain and actually perform above their weight. I have jogged for a couple of miles in these boots to make the last train and the grip and flexible soles help increase balance and the ability to stop in your tracks.

Meindl Meran GTX Hiking Boots Review

Waterproof and Breathable

After reading some Meindl Meran GTX Hiking Boots Reviews from people who had said they struggled with shrinkage after getting them totally soaked, I was slightly dubious. I can say that after many days of walking through wet grass and rainstorms I have not witnessed any kind of shapeshifting.

The waterproofing is top-notch and as I expected, however, the breathability is even better than anticipated. I guess that one benefit a 3-season boot has over a 4-season boot is that they perform better in warm weather without sacrificing waterproofing. No complaints at all in these departments.

Lacing System

Funnily enough, I didn’t even consider the lacing system on these boots before I bought them but I was happy to find they are very good. You can tie them up very quickly and undo them just as fast with three hook loops above the hinge. Once the three top laces are undone you can open out the tongue to give a really wide opening, making get your feet in and out with thick socks and aching legs a smooth operation.


I absolutely love these boots and while it took me a long time to find a wide-fitting hiking boot that fits so well, they were worth the wait. The cork and fleece midsole is incredibly stable and comfortable while the soles provide loads of traction with plenty of flexible support. The nubuck and velour leather uppers are extremely rugged yet supple and are lined with breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex.

I sometimes get an 11 US and other times get 11.5 US sized hiking boots but found that because the boot is nice and wide, the 11 was absolutely perfect. I recommend this boot to anyone who finds modern hiking boots somewhat slim or cheaply made. I will be getting another pair after these are done.

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Meindl Meran GTX Hiking Boots Review

9.3 Total Score
Meindl Meran GTX Hiking Boots Review

These leather hiking boots are incredibly comfortable and rugged for hiking longer distances.

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