Meindl Burma Pro Boots Review Over 6 Years and 3,500+ Miles

Last Updated on 01/03/2022

Meindl Burma Pro Review

Meindl Burma Pro Boots Review

This Meindl Burma Pro Boots Review has been 6 years in the making and is based on long-term testing in just about every terrain you can imagine.

When it comes to long-distance hiking boots you can use anywhere and with a heavy backpack, you need something solid you can trust. Meindl Burma Hiking Boots are built to last years and protect your feet from all angles. The build quality is second to none and they are as close to 100% waterproof as a hiking boot can get. If you are looking for a hiking boot to walk ridiculously long distances without getting wet feet or blisters then these boots are just what you need.

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Meindl Burma Pro MFS
  • Women’s Version: Meindl Burma Lady Pro MFS
  • Weight: 1,580 g (pair of size 8)
  • Upper: Nubuck leather
  • Lining: Goretex 100% waterproof and breathable
  • Lacing: Digafix lacing system
  • Sole: Meindl Multigrip sole by Vibram
  • Meindl Rating: B – Rated for demanding hikes in low-level mountains
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Why I bought them

I originally bought the Burma Pro MFS Boots for a long-distance hike across the UK back in 2011. After trying on dozens of different boots, I learned a lot about which brands had a good fit for me and which were too narrow. I wanted something that would be comfortable but last for many years and many miles. Burma’s were a perfect fit and although they were one of the heaviest boots I tried on, I knew they were the right boot for me.

First Impression

The first impression with these hiking boots is their rugged good looks, I mean just look at them. Most of Meindl’s high-performance hiking boots are still, for the most part, made in Germany by hand and the craftsmanship is stunning.

The leather is oiled nubuck and I estimate it to be about 2.8 mm thick, although I cannot find the specifications online. The Vibram soles are tough and the tread is just the way I like it with classic deep lugs and a high rand to protect the lower leather.

Like all leather hiking boots, it is a good idea to break them in slowly before hitting any long-distance trails. The memory foam system in the Meindl Burma’s feels very comfortable right out of the box and the wide fit doesn’t squeeze your feet in from the side as many other boots do. A wide opening makes getting them on and off nice and easy while the lacing system really pulls the boots around your feet to feel snug and supportive. First impressions of the Meindl Burma’s – very impressed!

Meindl Burma Pro Boots Review in a feild

Comfort and Fit

After trying on many hiking boots that were too narrow, the Meindl Burma Pro MFS felt comfortable as soon as I put them on. As with all leather hiking boots, they take some breaking in to get the best fit but are not half bad straight out of the box. I broke them in for a couple of days around the house and then over a couple of weeks before attempting any long-distance walks. Wearing 2 pairs of hiking socks helped stretch the leather to the contours of my feet and also provided extra padding during the break-in period.

They are fairly wide-fitting and feel comfortable and secure when fully laced up. There is enough space in the toe box to wiggle all your toes freely but not so much that your feet move about in the boot. The crease where you bend your toes and the boot flexes is subtle and improves over time as does the overall fit. The lacing system really hugs the boot to your feet which makes them feel lighter than they actually are.

The Air-Active footbeds have lasted as long as the boots themselves although you should really replace them every couple of years. The memory foam around the top 0f the boot feels amazing when laced up tight over a good pair of thick hiking socks. Getting better with age is something synthetic hiking boots don’t really do, however, these leather boots have become molded to my feet which has given me the perfect fit for many years.

Meindl Burma Review image

Construction and Build Quality

The Meindl family tradition of making shoes leads all the way back to 1683, however, it wasn’t until 1928 that Meindl became an independent brand. While new machinery and technology have been introduced to keep up with the times, the skill and workmanship continue to set the standard for long-lasting hiking boots.

The materials they use are of the highest quality and constructed using techniques such as double stitching for added longevity and seamless linings for maximum comfort. Every boot is still, for the most part, handmade and also hand-checked by an expert to ensure the quality remains consistent for every pair. Trust me when I say, you won’t be disappointed in the quality.

Grip and Soles

Meindl Burma hiking boots Review soles after 6 yearsI absolutely love this style of grip, the Meindl Multigrip sole by Vibram doesn’t have any fancy zig zags or patterns but it does perform in all terrains better than any other boot I have owned. The ‘classic’ composition of deep lugs bites into mud, scree, and other loose material as well as giving a balanced grip on slippery surfaces.

Over time the tread has slowly worn down, but far less than you might expect for a boot that has done well over 3,500 miles. I am not sure if it is the same for everybody else but my hiking boots always seem to wear down on the inside heel first – I suspect it is the way I start to drag my feet after weeks of 20+ mile days. This wear and tear finally breached through the edges of the midsole after what I suspect was close to about 4,000+ miles.

At around the same time as the heel was starting to show signs of real wear in the last 2 weeks of a 3 month trip to New Zealand, the sole of the left shoe started to separate at the toe. It was after hiking along the 90-mile beach in the heat, sand, and saltwater of the Sub-Tropical North Island that I first noticed it.

I repaired it temporarily when I got back to Aukland with some shoe goo and I managed to hike about another 50 – 80 miles before flying home. Check out the reason I used Shoe Goo in my guide to the best glue for hiking boots. While it just about held together this was the main reason I had to retire these boots – to find out what happened next, read on…

Waterproof and Breathable

Meindl Burma user review waterproofnessAs far as waterproofing goes, I could not be any happier. When I was looking through other Meindl Burma hiking boot reviews I read one about a fisherman who used the boots in shallow tides for hours without letting any water in. Along with all the other Meindl Burma reviews, I had read online, this was enough to convince me they would keep my feet dry. I was not wrong.

The Burma Pro’s are about as waterproof as they come and I will not hold back when I say that they feel as waterproof as gumboots! I have tested the boots for 15 minutes+ in flowing water up to the ankle and the boots remained 100% waterproof. I have also walked for hours through wet grass, boggy ground, and shallow river crossings with my socks staying completely dry. Even now, after 6 years and all their journies, they are still totally waterproof.

The tough nubuck leather should be treated with boot wax and protection to maintain waterproofing and suppleness over time. I definitely recommend using the Meindl Sport Wax and Meindl Conditioner Proofer for best results. The Gore-Tex lining allows your feet to breathe as well as provides the last barrier to keep any water out. While no 100% waterproof hiking boot will ever have the best breathability, I have never found my feet overheating to the point of noticing it while wearing Burma’s.

Memory Foam System

The padding on these boots feels super soft and that is mainly thanks to the memory foam system built into the core of the boot. Memory foam reacts to your feet by condensing and expanding to the natural formation of your feet. It helps give you a snug fit without being too tight, and also provides excellent support and comfort around the ankles. The padding is thicker and more noticeable at the top of the boot and thins out towards the lower parts, where the tailor-made fit doesn’t need any extra padding.

Memory foam system in the Menindl Burma's

Air-Active Design

Air-Active is a ventilation system that increases airflow and allows hot air to be released through tiny holes around the top of the boots. The holes are only in the outermost layer at the very top to reduce the risk of getting water in and allowing excess heat to rise up and out of the layers. The vents work in conjunction with the memory foam which almost acts as an air pump when it compresses and then expands it pushes air out. This is nothing new and innovative but it does work very well for such waterproof walking boots.

Lacing System

The Digafix lacing system is great for adjusting the tightness and fit of the boot. The ankle lacing hoop is something Mendl has spent a long time developing so that it really pulls the heel of the boot up to your foot which helps prevent blisters. There are multiple ways you can tie the Meindl Burma’s to suit your preference but a standard zig-zag is fine for most general use. All the eyelets and lace hoops are still held firmly in place and intact which is something many cheaper hiking boots struggle to achieve.

Meindl Burma Pro MFS tongue and lacing system


The tongue is just as well padded as the rest of the boot and is molded with MFS to give you a really comfy fit. Fully waterproofed with Gore-Tex lining as well as having a flexible leather webbed baffle that joins the tongue to the rest of the boot. The Gore-Tex-lined leather webbing folds neatly down the side of the tongue for a comfortable fit and more than enough flexibility. As mentioned before, the boot opens up wide when the laces are undone so you don’t have to fight to get them on and off.


Meindl Burma Pro MFS conclusion after testingAs you can probably tell from reading this Meindl Burma Pro Boots Review, I couldn’t be happier with the quality and performance. I am so glad I did my research and spent a little more on these, as it was money well spent. I have got my use out of them over the years and they have held up very well after the hammering they have taken.

The leather has some serious scuffs from sharp rocks and is starting to split from the saltwater and long periods without wax and treatment. I would say that the upper boots still have a few years left in them however the same can’t be said for the soles which have just about had it.

I had to resist getting the boots resoled just before Christmas but decided to try something new for a while. After lots of looking around for a replacement, I was tempted to stick with what I know and get a brand new pair but again I resisted.

While I would definitely get another pair for any future long-distance expedition, I am enjoying my new pair of Meindl Meran’s for everyday use and day hikes, which I will review sometime soon.



  • Rugged and long-lasting
  • Totally waterproof
  • Comfort that improves over time
  • Lacing works really well
  • Excellent ankle support
  • Solid tread and underfoot support


  • Not lightweight
  • Take a while to dry out if soaked from the inside
  • Need care to maintain the leather

Where to Buy it?

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These boots are made for hiking and will reliably take you anywhere you want to go with a backpack on your back and the wind in your hair. Not only will they feel comfortable and supportive but they will last for many, many years if looked after properly.

If you are the kind of person who worries about the possibility of getting wet feet, blisters, or losing your footing in the mud then take away that fear and invest in a pair of Meindl Burma’s.

Meindl Burma Pro Boots Review front view

Thank you for reading this Meindl Burma Pro Boots Review, the boots I used for over 6 years and have hiked close to 4.000+ miles in. I hope my point of view is of help to anyone who is looking for a solid long-distance hiking boot. If you are hesitant to spend a large amount of money on footwear then check our top 10 list of hiking boots (link at the top of the page) for more ideas.

9.8 Total Score
Meindl Burma Pro Boots Review

Meindl Burma Pro Hiking Boots Review - the best long distance hiking boots in the world (as far as I am concerned) - although I have yet to test them all. You can use the Burma Pro's anywhere you like and even with a heavy backpack. They are built to last years and keep your feet bone dry

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