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Last Updated on 04/03/2022

With a style similar to one of my all-time favorite hiking boots (no longer in production), I was looking forward to field testing and writing this Meindl Toronto Boots Review.

meindl toronto boots review

Meindl Toronto Boots Review

The Meindl Toronto GTX boots are a lightweight, 3 season hiking boot for men and women, with a Meindl B Grade Rating. This means that Meindl has deemed it suitable for demanding hikes in low-level mountains. But how well do they perform when put to the test?

The waxed aniline nubuck leather outer is lined with a Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Lining for the highest level of water resistance on the market. The Vibram sole has plenty of grip, rigidity, and flex to make it ideal for muddy walks and active lifestyles in the countryside. The lacing system and tongue pull together very nicely to secure your foot in place and provide lots of support around the ankles.

Features and Specifications

Meindl Toronto GTX Boots ReviewOutdoor Gear
  • Weight: 1320g per pair
  • Waxed Aniline nubuck leather outer
  • Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining
  • Meindl Air-Active footbed
  • EVA soft-tread wedge
  • Vibram rubber profile sole

Initial Thoughts

My initial thoughts were a joy as I opened the box and smelled the familiar new leather smell that comes with all Meindl Leather footwear. The boot felt light, the soles had good flex, and the leather was tough yet supple. Unfortunately, I was disappointed when I tried them on to find they were a bit too tight at the widest part of my foot. I sent them back and quickly got a replacement sent out, ahh the beauty of the internet.

The replacement size was a size 11.5 (45 EU) instead of a size US 11, the fit was still a little snug, but I was looking forward to breaking them in. The soles have various treads with just the right amount of flexibility and ruggedness to tackle most terrain. As always, the leather and craftsmanship that goes into a pair of Meindl boots never fail to impress me, and this Toronto GTX Boot review is no different.

Comfort and Fit

While I have already mentioned the tight fit, it is worth noting that I do have very wide feet. But at the same time, one of the reasons I choose to buy and wear Meindl boots is because they have a reputation for being a wider fitting than other brands. I have never had a problem with the fitting of my different Meindl boots in the past. This is why I was somewhat surprised to find they were pretty narrow compared to, say, Burma’s, Vakuum’s, or Meran’s. I feel that this Meindl Toronto GTX boots review would benefit from an alternate point of view as these boots just did not fit me. I do not doubt in my mind that they would, however, be great for someone with narrow feet, or even standard feet for that matter!

Please get in touch if you can give me another side of the story to add to this Meindl Toronto GTX Boots Review.


The Toronto GTX Boots’ waterproofing is excellent, thanks to the supple but tough full-grain nubuck leather and the Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Lining. The leather comes waxed but should be cared for regularly with the Meindl Boot Wax and Conditioner to maintain the highest levels of waterproofing. The entire boot is lined with Gore-Tex, including the tongue, which means as long as the water doesn’t go above the top of the boot, it isn’t getting in.

meindl toronto boots review comfort and fit


As you might expect from a fully waterproof boot, the breathability is not exceptional, but no water-tight boot ever is. The Gore-Tex lining certainly helps with this, allowing moisture to escape but not get in. Any moisture and excess heat that the Gore-Tex lets out can escape through evaporation. The supple leather around the top of the boot has tiny air holes that allow any moisture and excess heat to escape the gap between the Gore-Tex and the leather. This ventilation is essential, especially with waterproof protection like Gore-Tex, making the Meindl Toronto Boots great for three seasons of walking.

Grip and Soles

meindl toronto boots review grip and soles

The grip is decent for most standard trails, with a variety of tread which continues onto the side of the sole to increase your traction in mud and loose material. The lugs are deep enough but quite close together on the heel; I believe this is to help with shock impact when placing the heel down hard. I must admit the heel feels very good on flat ground but less noticeable on descents. The problem with the close-knit lugs is that they clog up with clay and thick mud quite quickly and lose a little too much depth in the toe.

I like that the grip goes in both directions for ascents and descents, which worked well on dry boulders but not so much on the slippery rock. I do like the soles on the Meindl Toronto’s because they feel very light and nimble with good arch support. The whole boot looks very streamlined, including the sole, which makes me think it might make a good “mountain running boot” –  if there is such a thing!

Materials and Construction

gore-tex logo

Most people care about the three primary materials are leather, waterproof lining, and soles. However, if you have read this Meindl Toronto Boots Review up to this point, then you already know that only the best materials are used. Waxed Aniline Nubuck Leather, Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Lining, and Vibram Rubber Profile Soles all work together to provide protection and comfort from all angles.

The thing that drew me to review the Meindl Toronto Boots was the single piece of leather used to cover the entire front half of the boot. Without a rubber rand coming up from the sole to protect the lower part of the boot upper, stitching can sometimes be vulnerable to jagged rocks on extreme trails. By eliminating stitching from the front and sides of the boot, you reduce the risk of damage.

vibram logo

The craftsmanship is solid all the way through, and as always, due care and attention have been spent on the lacing system. There are just two upper lace hoops that give your ankles great support and make lacing up fast and easy. Looking at how the lace hoops pull the boot around your foot, you will notice minor grooves indented into the leather. The idea here is that over time, the leather will stretch and naturally adapt to your feet to give you a much more personal fit.


  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Rigid but flexible sole with a variety of tread
  • Durable leather upper with minimal stitching
  • Cushioned ankle support


  • Narrow Fitting (could be seen as a pro to some people)
  • Lugs are pretty close together on the heel and drop a little too much depth towards the front


When I was waiting for my second pair of these to arrive, I wanted them to fit my wide feet better than the first pair. Unfortunately, I failed over the 2 – 4 weeks I spent walking in them, trying to break them in. I feel that for most ordinary people and especially people with narrow feet, the Meindl Toronto would be a fine choice indeed. If you usually find Meindl boots a little too wide for your feet, maybe you should try this boot!

The leather, the construction, the waterproofing, and the overall protection this boot offers to make it ideal for hiking and exploration. I wish these boots fit me better than they did, but I guess you can’t win them all. If you have read this Meindl Toronto Boots Review and think these might be right for you – then please use the link below for today’s best price.

How much are they?

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Meindl Toronto Boots Review

The Meindl Toronto GTX boots are a lightweight, 3 season hiking boot for men and women, with a Meindl B Grade Rating. This means that Meindl has deemed it suitable for demanding hikes in low-level mountains.

Meindl Toronto Boot Review
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