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About Me

I’m Andrew N, and I’ve been in the outdoor gear industry for over 8 years and have been hiking, camping, and going on adventures since I was a child. Since 2015, I’ve gone through a ton of gear – some were hits, some were misses, and many I still use to this day.

Gear Assistant was born out of my own oops moment. Even with years of hiking and camping experience, a trip to New Zealand had me caught off guard – faulty gear and alien terrain can do that to you. I followed the recommendations I found online, but they turned out to be nothing more than promotional content. That’s when I knew I had to create a platform that provides honest, straight-up, and reliable gear reviews.

I Test, So You Don’t Have To

I’m not just sitting behind desks here at Gear Assistant. Nope, I get my boots dirty! I’ve set up camp in snowstorms, lugged backpacks across miles of rocky terrain, and tested the limits of waterproof jackets under waterfall deluges. I buy 99% of my own gear so that I can provide unbiased reviews and real testing. The gear I have bought to date now totals over $28,000, and I am constantly looking for the best new gear.

All About Quality

Quality is my north star. I spend thousands of hours selecting products, field testing gear, and dissecting the fine details of every item I share. I do all this just to make sure I serve you the cream of the crop when it comes to gear recommendations.

My Mission

Gear Assistant isn’t just about reviews. It’s about empowering you with solid, detailed info from a professional so you don’t end up with crappy gear that is unusable when put to the test. With exclusive access to a massive outdoor gear retail shop and being part of diverse camping and hiking groups, I’ve got a unique viewpoint that’s all about giving you the best info.

I’ve Got the Creds

I’ve earned nods from gear manufacturers and fellow outdoor lovers and regularly contribute to outdoor adventure publications. Yours truly, Andrew N, is trained in Outdoor Leadership, Wilderness Survival, and Foraging. I have also completed some of the world’s most popular Thru-Hkes. So, you’re in safe hands!

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