9 Best Waterproof Pants for Dog Walking 2024

Last Updated on 20/06/2024

Best Waterproof Pants for Dog Walking

In this guide to the best waterproof pants for dog walking, we share which rain trousers work best for everyday wear (often more than once). You will learn which can withstand walking through brambles and muddy paws and which are not built for such a rugged life.

If you are looking for the best waterproof dog walking pants, then check out these top 9 recommendations and let us know what you think.

Anyone who’s a proud dog owner knows how important walkies are for their dog, and there is nothing better than seeing their tail wagging and a look of adventure in their eye. They may even fetch or tug on their favorite leash as you are putting your boots on. It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing, they just want to get out there and live their best life. The problem is that you can often come back soaking wet, cold, and blathered in mud. 

Staying dry and comfortable is essential on a long walk, especially when it’s raining, which is why you should consider getting one of the best waterproof pants for walking your dog. If you are someone who enjoys overnight excursions with your pooch, then we have some advice for camping with your dog here.

The good thing about having a pair of dog-walking trousers is that you can strip them off before you get back in the car or arrive back home. This keeps you dry and your living spaces free of mud. Obviously, you can’t do this for your dog, so you should always take a towel to dry them off. Keeping your dog comfortable is just as important as keeping yourself dry. Take a look at these dog walking tips for some basic info.

To help my fellow dog walkers, I have put together a list of the best waterproof dog walking pants to help you narrow down your selection. Leg zips are a big advantage to get the pants over your boots and ventilate when you get hot, and it stops raining. Being lightweight means, you can tuck them in your pocket and wear them over other layers without feeling weighed down. Durability is important if your dog takes you off-piste and through thorny plants like brambles.

Best Waterproof Pants for Dog Walkers

Fjällräven Vidda Pro G-1000 Trousers

Made of an incredibly durable blend of polyester and cotton, the Fjällräven Vidda Pro G-1000 Trousers are the best waterproof trousers for dog walking and active outdoor people. They are not like other waterproof trousers on this list in that they are more resistant than waterproof but are the best option for people who don’t like wearing a pair of over trousers. 

In a nutshell, the design is perfect for dog walking all sorts of trails, whether it’s in the forest or up in the mountains, thanks to the water and wind-resistant G-1000 fabric used in its construction. That’s not all, it also has a double layer of fabric that is draped over the knees and rear for hard-wearing friction points.

The waist is held in place by an elastic strap with a button and is a perfect fit for walking the dog and staying dry there are also press buttons which are located on the ends of the trousers. Also adding to the functionality of these trousers are some pockets well-suited for treats, dog whistles, or poo bags. There is also an internal phone pocket as well as a multi-tool pocket. Altogether, you can carry quite a lot of tidbits that you’ll probably never need on your hike, so if you’re looking for a functional pair of waterproof dog-walking pants, this is a good choice.

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Patagonia Torrentshell Waterproof Trousers

Patagonia Torrentshell Waterproof Trousers

For dog owners who hike around a lot, a pair of packable waterproof hiking trousers are invaluable for keeping dry and comfortable. That’s why Patagonia Torrent Shell Waterproof Trousers are such a good choice. These handy pants are designed to effortlessly self-stuff right into the left pocket, which can then be tucked inside your jacket pocket until needed. There’s also a carabiner clip-in loop so you can attach them to your bag or belt while on the go.

The design allows users to easily pull them over their muddy boots, which are well sought out by hikers so that you don’t have to take your boots off in the rain. What are they made of? It’s a recycled nylon face breathable and waterproof H2No® Performance Standard shell, which is sure to hold up against even the harshest elements. This is also a great option if you’re looking for something with a good fit.

It comes with an elastic waistband that you can simply pull on and adjust using an internal drawcord. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the waist slacking over time or completely failing you when you’re walking your dog in the rain. Equally embedded in the design are two handwarmer pockets that are secured with zippers which are great in winter.

There are also mesh pocket bags as well as some storm flaps and zippers saturated with DWR treatment for extra waterproofing. All this is a strong indication that this pair of waterproof dog-walking pants can hold up against the elements and other factors that may pop up in nature.

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Berghaus Deluge Trousers

Berghaus Deluge Trousers

Gone are the days when rain and moisture could keep hikers from walking their dogs. Berghaus Deluge Trousers may not be the first waterproof trousers for dog walkers on the market, but they are undoubtedly one of the best. Even better is the fact that it gets the job done regardless of the weather condition, so the sun or rain can’t keep you indoors if you don’t want to be there.

Their all-around design features a breathable and waterproof material that offers you maximum comfort as you enjoy your time outdoors. To add more ventilation to the mix, there are ¾ long side zips that let in as much air as possible. As such, you won’t get clammy or sweaty to your upper legs. You can also easily pull them over your wellies or boots.

This is one characteristic that makes it perfect for long hikes with your dog and extended periods in the great outdoors. There’s no need to worry about the fit here, the elastic waist ensures that it slips right on while there’s a handy adjustment located on the side waist. The fabric is also properly DWR protected, so you’ll enjoy the main benefits for quite some time before you have to apply any treatment. Altogether, this is a great option if you’re prone to long hikes and adventures.

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Rab Downpour Pants

Rab Downpour Pants

For people looking for a lightweight yet durable pair of waterproof pants for walking the dog, Rab Downpour Pants are a viable choice. Despite how light they are, these trousers offer as much protection as any other good option out there.

They are made using a Pertex Shield in collaboration with a 2.5-layer material. That’s not all, the material is infused with Dry-Touch, which offers even more protection for hikers and dog walkers regardless of the terrain and weather conditions. So, it could be a mountain trail or something in the plains, and you’d still get the desired result.

Included in the design are some handy knee-length zips that come with their own storm flaps to ensure that you can fit them properly over a good pair of hiking boots. There’s also a handful of other handy features that makes this option a bestseller. For instance, it has adequate knee articulation, which makes these trousers even more comfortable and functional.

If you’re wondering about the fitting, that is no issue at all. The trousers are equipped with an elastic waistband and an accompanying drawcord. Speaking of drawcords, the hem is also equipped with one, so you can adjust the fitting there as you see fit. In case you are wondering which size to go for, there’s an accurate sizing chart on the website.

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Montane Minimus Pants

Montane Minimus Pants

There is more than one lightweight option when it comes to the best waterproof pants for dog walking and Montane Minimus Pants is one of the forerunners. The manufacturers describe it as ultra-lightweight, so that should be an indication that this is drastically on the light side. But make no mistake, this is not to the detriment of quality and effectiveness.

As you would have guessed, the trousers are quite breathable as well, so you don’t have to worry about any perspiration as you make your way through your trails. The PERTEX shield employed here is one of the most innovative materials as far as waterproof trousers are involved.

Speaking of the material, it happens to be 100% nylon rip which is not bad at all. If you travel a lot and need to pack away your pants regularly, this is one option that will impress you. They can be folded down to the point of shrinkage, and a medium-sized pair weighs about 146g. When looking for your size, don’t worry because there is an accompanying size chart to make it quite straightforward.

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Pàramo Cascada II Trousers

Paramo Men's Cascada II Waterproof Breathable Trousers

Now, here’s an option for avid dog walkers and hikers who spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors. Come rain or sunshine, the Pàramo Cascada II Trousers are a viable choice. For one, these trousers are the embodiment of comfort, there’s none of that excess sweat and rogue moisture in the mix. Even better is the fact that you won’t get any annoying squelching sounds from the material used here.

The directional Nikwax analogy waterproof fabric used here ensures that your skin remains dry even in the event of a heavy downpour. More in this Nikwax technology, it’s not just a durable material. It’s directional, so the moisture does not sit on the surface of the trousers. As such, it wicks away moisture in the form of perspiration and condensation. With that in motion, all moisture will stay away from your body, and you’ll be nice and dry all day.

Additionally, the design incorporates vents that regulate temperature while you go about your business. Let’s talk about the shape; it’s well-contoured to ensure that you enjoy unhindered movement. Nevertheless, it is equally reinforced in the knee, thigh, and behind. You’ll appreciate that there’s an extra layer of protection in the form of a pump liner in the above-mentioned areas.

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Rohan Dry Requisite

Rohan Dry Requisite

They may look like your run-of-the-mill pair of Chinos, but the Rohan Dry Requisite trousers are so much more. If you appreciate that balance of style and functionality, then these may be the best waterproof pants for dog walking.

With this classic style, you could probably sneak into a social gathering before heading out on your walk. It features two pockets up front as well as two rear pockets with zippers. There’s a zippered security pocket located inside one of the hand pockets users can store some tidbits and small essentials. Despite the aesthetics, these are not your everyday Chino-style trousers. They are fitted with a certain fabric that is particular to high-quality hiking trousers. The first line of defense is breathable yet waterproof Barricade™ lining.

It is the real deal; the perfect balance of sturdiness, comfort, and breathability regardless of the temperature. Then there’s the exterior, which comprises a textured polyamide material that’s finished with their Durable Water Repellency™. With all this in place, you’ll get the desired results from the moment you put them on. Additionally, the material has high wicking and quick-drying capabilities. Add the fact that they are easy to maintain, and you have to admit that they are great waterproof pants for dog walking.

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Sherpa Lithang Bib

SHERPA ADVENTURE GEAR Lithang Convertible Bib

If the aim is to remain dry and warm on a chilly morning hike with your dog, then you have to grab a Sherpa Lithang Bib. From the comfy design to the functional materials used, you’ll find that this is one of the best options you can find on the market. It is made using a patented breathable, waterproof, and lightweight 3-layer shell Himaltec laminated material.

As a result, this pair of trousers won’t only keep the water out, but they will also keep you nice and warm when the weather is cold. The all-around design features a detachable bib as well as adjustable suspenders that contribute greatly to keeping the cold and snow out.

If you’re not a fan of the bib, that’s not an issue, simply take it off, and you’ll be left with a warm and functional pair of waterproof trousers for dog walking. That’s not all as far as the design goes. There’s also the addition of some Velcro straps that cinch at the waist. This isn’t a function of fashion (though it looks good). It is more about ensuring that it stays in place on your waist.

If that is not enough, you could use the belt loops to ensure that they don’t end up falling off at some point. The cherry on the top is the stretch which isn’t over the top; it’s just enough to ensure that you have a free range of movement while you brave your favorite trails.

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66° North Snaefell NeoShell Pants

66 Degrees North Men's Snaefell Pants

The brand name alone is an indicator that this pair of hiking trousers is a top-shelf option. It may interest you to know that the 66° North Snaefell NeoShell Pants is the matching accompaniment to one of the best jackets produced by the same brand. There are so many reasons these waterproof trousers for hiking are among the very best, one being the nanoshell fabric used to make the entire get-up.

The material itself offers 100% waterproof capabilities, so users are ensured total protection against moisture. Besides being waterproof, the material is also wind-resistant, and as such, it guards against more than one element.

For extra comfort, the material used equally guards against moisture build-up inside the trousers. Add that and the breathability, and you’ve got yourself one of the most comfortable trousers on the market.

The fact that it’s so reinforced doesn’t mean it’s an impenetrable fortress. In fact, the material still gives room for airflow thanks to the breathable nature of the neo-shell fabric. It’s not all about the elements with this pair of pants, it also has a four-way stretch where it counts. As such, you can expect nothing less than a full range of movement.

Furthermore, the fitting is just right, and they’re even cut to a relaxed frame. To keep everything in place, there are also some water-resistant zippers and a belt buckle attached to provide the perfect fit.

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Things To Look Out For When Buying The Best Waterproof Pants For Dog Walking

Best Waterproof Trousers for Dog Walkers

Buying Guide

It’s one thing to know what different brands of waterproof trousers offer, and it’s another to know which one is best for you. As you already know, there are so many options out there it may be hard to really hone in on the choice that’s best for you.

There are different styles out there, each meant for a specific outdoor activity. So, you’ll need to narrow down whether you’re looking for something you’ll wear once in a blue moon or you’ll need the heavy-duty stuff.

Altogether, it does not have to be an issue because it is with that in mind that we’ve put this buying guide together. After reading this, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision.


You’re going to have to pick your waterproof dog-walking pants based on predominant weather conditions. Naturally, survival trousers made with thick materials will offer added warmth. The main downside is that they can be a bit on the heavy side. So, if you know you’re going to be hiking on a regular basis, a heavier one is the best choice. Not only will it keep you warm, but you’ll be sure of its durability regardless of the kind of trails you brave. On the other hand, if hiking isn’t something you do regularly, you can go for a lighter and thinner fabric.

Furthermore, you should ensure that the material used is breathable. Just because it’s waterproof doesn’t mean it shouldn’t let some air in. Altogether, the waterproof dog-walking pants you pick should keep both the water and the perspiration out. This will keep your legs happy, but to see what might be causing your dog some grief on the trail, check out this post from the AKC.


You may like the idea of having items well within your reach, in your pockets. But it’s a good idea for you to stay away from pockets when it comes to waterproof trousers. For one, not having to deal with pockets limits the risk of water getting into your trousers. Alright, let’s say you do have pockets in your waterproof trousers. How do you protect the contents? Since the all-around design of a pocket only accommodates a flap, there’s no real protection against wind, water, etc.

If you do go for something with pockets, then ensure that they are zipped and covered with a flap or waterproofed.


This should go without saying for all clothes, but there is a little more involved when the best waterproof pants for dog walking are involved. First, they need to have a bit of a stretch to them, with extra stretchy material in the knee area to allow fluid movement.

It should equally be effortless to pull them over your boots yet not too bogus that the ends hinder your movement. If it is possible, try on the trouser before making a choice. This way, you can check how big your strides are and if you can bend your knees effortlessly.


It is a good idea to get a pair of trousers with an elastic waist. It’s more comfortable and ensures free movement while you’re out on a trail. Note that some trousers have a semi-elastic waistband, and that comes with no provision for adjustment.

As such, by the end of your hike, the waist will loosen up, sometimes to the point that you can’t wear it again. The only way to get ahead of this is by buying a pair that’s not already too loose at the first fitting or simply looking for something you can adjust regularly.

Protection Against the Elements

For one, waterproof dog walking trousers need to be waterproof enough, or at the very least, they should be water-resistant. Though these are not fully waterproof, they will ensure that you don’t get soaked to the bone thanks to the Durable Water Resistant coating (DWR) material used in their construction. As an added plus, it will probably also be stain-resistant.

You should not only guard against water, seeing as the sun is another enemy out there. Look out for material that offers sun protection, more so because that is often linked to breathability. If you’re going hiking in a very temperate area, then go for something with sun protection technology called UPF.

How Long Do Waterproof Pants Last for Dog Walking?

If you stick to maintained paths and trails and your dog doesn’t constantly jump up at your legs asking for treats, then a good pair of waterproof dog walking pants should last you ten years easily. But if you like to walk through thick bushes and forge your own trail in the woods, then you will want something a bit more durable.

One big tear can effectively write off a pair of rain pants, so you always need to be vigilant for things like barbed wire, thorns, or your dog’s claws.

I hope you found this list of the best waterproof pants for dog walking useful and know just a little more than you did yesterday.

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