Best Glue for Hiking Boots 2024 – Review and Guide

Last Updated on 21/05/2024

Best glue for Hiking Boots

Using the best glue for hiking boots is the safest, cheapest, and fastest way to fix your favorite footwear. From boot repairs to leather reinforcements, the sooner you start using boot glue, the longer your boots will last!

What is the Best Hiking Boot Repair Glue?

There are hundreds of different types of glue out there and many of them work on hiking boots but having repaired lots of boots over the years I can say that there are only three that I use. Barge All-Purpose Cement, E6000, and shoe glue are three of the strongest glues for boot repair.

Walking boots are possibly any hiker’s most prized possession, and they aren’t cheap. Even more than price, though, it is the fit and comfort that are valued above all else. After walking hundreds of miles, your boots stretch and contour to the shape of your feet, making them comfier with age. The problem with this is that material naturally degrades over time and through use. When your footwear starts to show signs of wear and tear, there isn’t much that the best glue for hiking boots cannot fix.

If you are looking for the best glue for fixing hiking boots, then you obviously have a pair that are worth saving. Good, comfy boots don’t grow on trees and for some people, they are hard to find and worth fighting for when you get the perfect fit. When your favorite pair of walking boots are in need of repair, but you can’t bring yourself to throw them in the bin just yet, your options are somewhat limited. You can:

  • Replace them with the exact same pair if they are still available, or choose some new hiking boots to suit your current needs better.
  • You can get them fixed by a cobbler and risk compromising the waterproof membrane (which happened to me once) or send them off to be repaired by a manufacturer-approved specialist repair shop and pay the price tag.
  • OR, you can fix them yourself with some Hiking Boot Glue

Top 10 Best Glues For Hiking Boots

Barge All-Purpose TF Cement

Barge All-Purpose TF Cement for hiking boots
  • Size: 56 g / 2 oz
  • Set Time: 10 – 15 minutes
  • Uses: Rubber, Leather

The Barge All-Purpose TF Cement comes in an easily accessible 2 oz tube for single repairs or a 1 gallon tin for multiple and large repairs. Out of all adhesives on this list, I would say that this is the best glue for hiking boot sole repairs because the large tin is more than enough to not be precious with it. It will bond to all leathers and rubbers, is heat resistant, freezeproof, fully waterproof, and safe to use on your favorite hiking boot fix. Unlike most other sole repair glues, Barge All-Purpose only takes 10 – 15 minutes to set however should be left for a few hours in most cases.

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E6000 Adhesive With Precision Tip

Gear Aid Aquaseal SR best glue for walking boots
  • Size: 28 g / 1 oz
  • Set Time: 24 – 72 hours
  • Uses: Fabric, Rubber, Leather, Vinyl

The E6000 Adhesive is a well known and reputable brand in the glue world and has multiple products available on their website for different uses. We found the best E6000 Adhesive for boot repairs is the precision tip version which makes applying it easier and far less messy.

The industrial-strength formula is flexible, vibration-proof, waterproof, and clear setting to help keep your old boots going as long as possible. Unlike superglues, the E6000 Adhesive takes 24 hours to cure properly and will not reach full strength for around 72 hours. Allowing 3 days for the bond to be totally secure means you may need to apply some pressure (a phone book or sandbag) or clamps for a tight seal. While this isn’t much of a quick fix boot repair, it is a permanent bond that is worth the wait.

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Shoe Goo Repair

Shoe Goo Best Repair Glue For Hiking Boots
  • Size: 3.7 fl oz / 109.4 ml
  • Set Time: 24 – 72 hours
  • Uses: Fabric, Rubber, Leather, Canvas, Vinyl

I first used Shoe Goo to protect my skate shoes from being shredded by the grip tape on my skateboard as a young teenager. Fast forward 20+ years and I am still using it, albeit for different reasons. Shoe Goo is a super thick glue that sets like rubber and has a permanent bond for all kinds of shoe repair.

You can add it to worn-away heels, splitting leather, separating soles, or damaged stitching, and is a glue that will work on all hiking boot materials. Shoe Goo can be applied using your finger as it takes up to 3 days to reach its full bonding strength. This lets you really work the adhesive into tight places and build up multiple layers if that’s what you need.

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Gear Aid Aquaseal FD+

Gear Aid Aquaseal FD best glue for hiking boots
  • Size: 21 g / 0.75 oz
  • Set Time: 8 – 12 hours
  • Uses: Fabric, Rubber, Leather, Neoprene, Nylon, Canvas, and fabric including GORE-TEX

The Gear Aid Aquaseal FD+ is suitable for all manner of hiking boot glue repairs and can also be used on all your other outdoor gear too. The material is a thermoset urethane adhesive that sets clear in around 8 – 12 hours and is waterproof.

Once it has fully cured, it then becomes totally flexible without losing its bond which makes it a great fit for outdoor gear that sees heavy repetitive use. It can be used on neoprene because it is SO stretchy but also works well on thick rubber soles and leather. It is fully waterproof and works on gore-tex fabrics, so it can be used to make your old boots watertight again.

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Gorilla Super Glue Gel

Gorilla Super Glue Gel
  • Size: 20 g / 0.71 oz
  • Set Time: 10 – 45 seconds
  • Uses: Fabric, Rubber, Leather, Plastic

The Gorilla Super Glue Gel is an easy-to-use and fast-drying adhesive for use on all surfaces including leather, rubber, and most fabrics. Superglue is great for small or intricate repairs as the fine-tipped nozzle makes for accurate application and because it dries so fast you don’t have to use clamps or weights. The small bottle makes it ideal for packing in your backpack for fixing reoccurring boot problems whilst out hiking or when you make camp for the night if you are long-distance walking.

The no-run formula works just as well on vertical surfaces as it does on flat ones and includes particles of rubber to increase impact resistance and strength. Thicker than regular superglue, Gorilla Super Glue Gel is much easier to control during application but still sets with a very thin layer in just 10 – 45 seconds. A nice feature of this branded glue is the anti-clog cap with a metal pin to ensure you can reuse it next time without struggle. Developed for instant and long-lasting repairs, we find this glue works best for stitching and fabric or when you need the best hiking boot glue on the go.

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Gear Aid Freesole Aquaseal SR

Gear Aid Aquaseal SR
  • Size: 28 g / 1 oz
  • Set Time: 24 – 72 hours
  • Uses: Fabric, Rubber, Leather

The Gear Aid Freesole Aquaseal SR is specifically designed for boot and shoe repairs and is ideal for fixing waterproof hiking boots. Known in the past as Free sole but now known as Aquaseal SR, this heavy-duty boot glue sets like rubber and is very long-lasting.

It can be used to protect scuffed leather, add grip to worn heels, or stick your sole back to your shoe in the most severe cases. The incredibly durable formula is resistant to abrasions, extreme temperatures (-20° F to +200° F), and chemicals, and is also waterproof which is why it is one of the best glues for fixing hiking boots.

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Starbond KEG-500 Flexible Medium Thick

Starbond KEG-500 Flexible Medium Thick
  • Size: 56 g / 2 oz
  • Set Time: 24 hours
  • Uses: Fabric, Rubber, Leather

The Starbond KEG-500 Flexible Medium Thick Adhesive is a favorite glue of cobblers because it bonds to all kinds of boot materials and sets so strong. The superior flexibility of this glue also makes it very impact and shock absorbent, as well as being weatherproof and temperature resistant.

KEG-500 is up to 4 times stronger than average Cyanoacrylate adhesives, which makes it ideal for long-lasting boot repairs. The glue’s ability to flex and return to shape makes it suitable for sole repairs; however, its 24-hour dry time means that it is not suitable to use on the move.

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Boot-Fix Shoe Glue

Boot-Fix Shoe Glue
  • Size: Size: 20 g / 0.7 oz
  • Set Time: 10 – 14 seconds
  • Uses: Fabric, Rubber, Leather, Plastic

The Boot-Fix Shoe Glue is a professional grade super glue formulated for cobblers and repairing hiking boots at home or on the move. Unlike regular superglues, Boot-Fix works on all types of material and on any part of your shoe. It sets in just minutes and requires no clamping to keep in position, but once it is dry, it creates a flexible but totally permanent bond.

The viscosity of this trekking boot glue has been adapted to work especially on footwear so that it is easy to apply to multiple materials and tricky areas. Tested for over 30 years, this kind of glue is incredibly shock, water, heat, and cold-resistant, making it one of the toughest glue for boots you can find online.

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Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive 

Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive
  • Size: 15 g / 1.4 oz
  • Set Time: 12 – 24 hours
  • Uses: Fabric, Rubber, Leather

The Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive is recommended for all kinds of uses, including shoes, boots, neoprene socks, waders, waterproofs, wetsuits, tents, awnings etc. This glue is popular for fixing thick waterproof materials like convertible car roofs, wellies, pond linings, and hiking boots and is the sister product to the popular Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Repair Glue.

The Stormsure Adhesive sets are transparent, but you can get a black variation, too; however, we recommend you stick with the clear. It will fix a broken boot sole and is excellent at filling gashes with its high-impact resistance and waterproofing. It has a medium setting time of 12 – 24 hours and does shrink down from its expanded state, which will ensure your bond is permanent and fully cured.

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Loctite Ultra Gel

LOCTITE Powerflex Ultra Control Gel Super Glue
  • Size: 3 g / 0.105 oz
  • Set Time: 12 – 24 hours
  • Uses: Rubber, Leather, Plastic

The Loctite Ultra Gel is another superglue with its own unique rubber-infused formula that is precise and fast drying. The no-drip formula is perfect for precise bonding on small areas and vertical surfaces.

The rubber additive gives this superglue excellent flexibility and shock absorption, which is essential for hiking boot DIY repairs. While it does not list fabric as a recommended material, it does say that it is ideal for porous surfaces, so I would say it is ok to use at your own risk. The high-strength gel forms water and shock-resistant bonds incredibly fast and dries clear for a tidy boot fix.

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Fixing your Hiking Boots with Glue

Gear Aid Aquaseal best hiking boot glue

Are you looking for the Best Glue for Hiking Boots?

When your walking boots need fixing and you have decided to do something about it then a strong and durable adhesive is your best friend. You can glue a sole back together, mend broken stitches, increase waterproofing, and even seal a hole with multiple layers. Think of it as duct tape for hiking boots. There are, of course, some glues that work better with certain materials and as a hiker, you need to know that the bond will hold over time.

What’s the Best Type of Glue for Hiking Boots?

The best type of glue for hiking boot repairs depends on the material and the area needing fixing. Here are some of the most popular or common types of glue you can use on hiking boots:

Urethane Rubber

A type of artificial rubber combines plastic’s durability with rubber’s flexibility. This type of glue is waterproof and resistant to heat and cold. It has a great bond with most materials which makes it ideal for all kinds of uses on hiking boots, including fixing Vibram soles.

Neoprene Cement

Wetsuit Glue or Neoprene cement is designed to be used on flexible fabric and rubber so it also works great on outdoor footwear. Because it forms such a strong bond with rubber and is designed for use in water, it works great for hiking boot sole repairs. It is especially useful on synthetic uppers as well as setting fast and being non-corrosive

Super Glues

Possibly the most readily available and fast-setting adhesives that can be used to fix hiking boots. Multiple variations and brands are claiming that theirs is the strongest, but I find most standard superglues to be too thin and brittle to use for most hiking boot repairs. Often only available in tiny tubes, so not the best choice for large areas.

Epoxy Glues

An epoxy adhesive is formed by mixing together epoxy resin and a hardener or catalyst. Using epoxy glue to fix your walking boots requires a little practice and prior knowledge. The more catalyst you mix in, the faster the glue will dry, but the more brittle it will be. The longer the mix takes to dry, the more stable it will be over time. This isn’t the fastest repair, but if you are patient and know what you are doing, this can be an excellent option.

Silicone Adhesive

Silicone adhesives are a great all-around sealant for all materials and purposes. The most popular brand is Shoe Goo, which has made a name for itself in the DIY shoe repair industry. They are tough, and flexible, and come in various colors to match your boots.

Gear Aid Aquaseal best hiking boot glue

What is the Best Glue for Hiking Boot Soles?

There are lots of different opinions on this, and to be honest, there isn’t much difference between the top-ranked glues once they are set. The thing about boot soles is that you can often need quite a lot of glue to cover the entire area, so the smaller tubes aren’t ideal.

The larger packs that have a medium-long setting time will work best, in our opinion, and the Barge All-Purpose TF Cement also comes in a 1-gallon tin. It is imperative that the glue you use on hiking boot soles should be impact resistant and waterproof for obvious reasons.

What is the Best Glue for Leather Hiking Boots?

The best glue for leather hiking boots will have a rubber-infused formula for maximum flexibility, but it also needs to have a strong bond if your leather is treated. All the adhesives on this list are designed for use with leather, but our personal favorite is the E6000 Adhesive because the repairs seem to last a very long time. You should always try and clean the area that needs gluing as best you can, and be sure to use weight or clamps for slow-setting glue when needed.

What is the Strongest Glue for Hiking Boots?

Most hikers understand how much punishment your boots take on a hot day or on a long trail, so the need for a strong bond is the first thing they look for. Finding the strongest hiking boot glue depends on whether you incorporate flexibility into the equation or not. Super glues have an incredibly heavy-duty bond but come in tiny tubes and are less flexible than thicker glues. I have always believed that a slow-setting glue will be more stable when cured, but that opinion is not based on facts, just a hunch.

How To Fix Boot Sole Separation?

You first need to clean and prepare the area of your boot that needs fixing to ensure it is dry and free of any debris. A good tip for leather and rubber is to roughen the area with sandpaper before application to achieve a more robust fix. Before applying your chosen boot-fixing glue, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you don’t make a critical error.

You must ensure the materials are in the desired position before the glue sets and use clamps/weights where needed. The most important thing is to allow them to set and dry for the right amount of time. Do not put them next to a radiator to speed up the process, as this may affect the formula.

What Glue Do Cobblers Use?

Cobblers will use a variety of different glues depending on the task, material, and purpose of the footwear. Having spoken to my local boot repair shop, I was shown tubes of Shoe Goo, Gorilla Glue, unbranded leather cement, and rubber glues, as well as a box of assorted and half-used adhesives. The truth is that there are no rules about what works best. It comes down to preference and experience in the day. Hiking boots require more rugged flexibility than your average shoe, so always research to avoid using the wrong substance on your expensive footwear.

Will Gorilla Glue Work On Boot Soles?

Gorilla Glue is a type of polyurethane waterproof adhesive that is designed for use on all parts of your boot. It is a high-strength rubber-like adhesive that can be applied in layers or used in abundance to seal up a flopped boot sole. It will bond to all kinds of rubber soles, including Vibram and other branded materials. Some people even use it to add extra grip to worn soles, so you know it can withstand the durability test.

How do you Fix the Sole of a Boot?

As soon as you notice any kind of damage or separation on the sole of your hiking boots, you should aim to address it as soon as possible. Preventing further damage is far easier than gluing the entire sole of your boot back together. You should always start by cleaning any dirt from the area, scuffing it up with some sandpaper, and letting it dry before applying any glue.

Using the manufacturer’s instructions, you must apply enough glue to cover the entire area and keep it in the desired position using weights or clamps if necessary. Always allow enough time for the glue to be fully set before using your fixed hiking boots to avoid the same thing happening again.

Thanks for reading this article and guide about the best glue for hiking boots, we hope you found what you need to fix your favorite footwear but feel free to let us know on our Facebook page.

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