26 Advantages of Camping Holidays With Family, Friends, and Partners

Last Updated on 30/06/2022

Advantages of Camping Holidays

Camping Holiday Advantages

In this article, we share 26 of the most important advantages of camping holidays and why so many people choose them over long-distance flights abroad. You will learn all the benefits of camping holidays to help convince your friends, family, or loved ones it is a good idea.

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Not everyone likes the idea of camping instead of going to a hotel resort and sometimes people just need a little nudge to understand why camping is so good. This list of camping vacation benefits will give you all the reasons you need to pack up your tent and go.

What Are the Main Advantages of Camping Holidays?

Advantages of Camping Holidays as a Family

Camping holidays as a child are some of my fondest memories and possibly part of the reason I started this website. If you have a young family and are thinking about taking a camping holiday then here are some of the main advantages:

Quality Time Together

Spending time with your family is one thing but spending quality time together is what life is all about. In the modern world everybody has so much going on and the stresses of work and home can impact the quality of the time spent with others. Maybe you’re too tired at the end of a hard day, maybe you haven’t been able to check your phone all day and now you are home that’s where your focus goes…

Whatever your reason for not getting enough quality time with your family at home, going camping forces you to all engage on a much deeper level. Your kids might open up and tell you something you didn’t even know about them. You might find that if you share stories of your childhood with your kids they will be able to relate to you in some deeper way.

Quality time with family is important and camping allows you to do that without the distractions of modern-day life. Even a two-day weekend camping holiday will likely give you more face time with your family than you normally get in a week.

Young Kids Love It

Even if you aren’t so keen on the idea of camping or the thought of sleeping anywhere but a comfy mattress, kids love camping. Hopefully, you remember your childhood days of building dens and going on adventures in the woods – things don’t change. Kids still do that, albeit less than before Playstations and phones came about.

Just sleeping in a tent and in a sleeping bag is new and exciting for kids, it feels like a big adventure, and what kid doesn’t love a bit of adventure? Well, there does seem to be a sweet spot of between 4 – 13 year-olds. Any younger and you aren’t old enough to truly appreciate it and once kids enter their teens, good luck trying to get them excited about spending a week in a tent with you.

kids enjoying a camping holiday

Create Lifelong Memories

Following on from the last advantage of going camping with family, holidays in a tent or campervan often stick in the minds of children for the rest of their lives. My childhood memories of family camping vacations are some of my fondest memories and as an adult, I still visit those same campsites. Just little things like toasting your first marshmallow on fire, or learning to skim stones on a lake are what really makes camping holidays special.

Relaxing and Peaceful

Camping is one of the easiest ways to escape a stressful environment and relax in peace and quiet. Because camping requires open space outdoors, you will automatically find yourself away from any kind of skyscraper or busy road with daily computers and trucks. Once you get out into nature, relaxation and peace seem to set in.

Picking a good camping spot can play a big part in this and so you should select it very carefully. If you are on a campsite, you can avoid large groups, very young children, barking dogs, and anything else which may interfere with your peace. You can do this by picking a site that is off the beaten track or only has a small field to camp in. You can also, choose a less favorable spot like on a slight hill which makes it less likely for others to camp too close.

Time Away From Screens

Camping provides much-needed time away from screens and teaches you that life is about more than social media and funny videos.

There is no denying that more and more people are addicted to their phones, iPad, computer, or TV in some way or another. If you don’t think you are then just go into your phone settings and see how much time you spend on your phone per day, you will probably be shocked. The average American spends just under 3 hours on their phone every day!

This is far too much to be healthy if you ask us. Camping forces you to take a break and allows your brain’s dopamine levels to reduce to a normal level (which may feel like an itch you can’t scratch at first). With a lack of wifi and power supply, any electronic screens you take camping should hopefully run out of charge within a day or two and before you know it you don’t even care anymore.

family cooking on a stick with campfire

Campfires and Star Gazing

If you have never been on a camping holiday before and are dreading the thought of getting board, don’t worry, a campfire and a clear sky will keep your eyes occupied for hours on end. They are mesmerizing like lava lamps – you just can’t stop looking.

Campfires are one of the best things about camping if you ask us. They require skill to build and maintain which provides lots of satisfaction and purpose for the whole group. The flames are never the same and your eyes are always drawn to different sparks or embers as they change. Not to mention the benefit of staying warm and being able to cook.

Stargazing is very similar in that you can just lay on your back and stare at the night sky for hours and hours without ever getting bored. It is better if you can do this with your family and keep up a conversation at the same time. There are apps and books you can use to learn about stars and planets which can add an extra level of entertainment too.

Fresh Air and Bird Sounds

In the same category as stargazing and campfires are the fresh air and bird sounds. These are very sensory things to enjoy and get some fresh air is often touted as one of the main reasons people like to go camping in the wild. It is hard to put into words just how much this can benefit your mental state and help you to unwind.

Mindfully breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the simple pleasure of bird sounds is much like meditation, it helps to clear your mind of cluttered thoughts and really appreciate the here and now. Living in the moment is one of the life hacks you can use to stop worrying so much about the future and relieve anxiety about the past.

Cheap and Cheerful

Family holidays can get expensive real fast, especially if you’re the one paying for everyone else. Hotels cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a week’s stay whereas most campsites have a flat site fee of $10 – $30 per night for tents and perhaps up to double that for RVs. This makes camping holidays significantly cheaper than other types of vacation.

Not only do you save money on accommodation, which is the most expensive part, but you will also save money by driving instead of flying, cooking on a bbq instead of eating out every night, and trying to entertain the kids.

And just because camping holidays are cheap doesn’t mean they are any less special. In fact, camping holidays are often way more fun than staying in a hotel and the kids will enjoy it more.

Teaching New Skills and Respect for Nature

father teaching son to fish

Growing up in towns and cities often means your kids don’t have the same level of knowledge about nature as say our grandparents did. Skills like starting a fire by collecting fine tinder and different grades of firewood will serve them for the rest of their lives. It still surprises me today how few adults actually understand the process of firefighting.

Not only will your children gain new knowledge about nature but they will also learn to respect it. Things like littering become offensive to anyone who has spent time in nature and these are important lessons to transfer to the next generation. Some other things you may want to teach your kids while camping are:

  • How to safely use a knife
  • Fire Saftey
  • Foraging for wild edibles
  • Fishing and hunting
  • Choosing a camp spot that is sheltered without risk of falling branches (widow makers)
  • Whitling
  • Overcoming challenges with things like bush fixes
  • And much more

Makes a Change From Hotel Holidays

When most people go on holiday with their families they stay in separate hotel rooms or air BnB which is great if that’s what you want. But camping is so much more than just a place to sleep, it’s an all-encompassing experience that is nothing like being at home. It feels new and exciting as well as making a change from the standard vacation.

In a hotel, you might have a pool and an open bar but in nature, you might be using a lake or river to swim in and keep your drinks cold. In a hotel, you can order room service or take the elevator down to a choice of restaurants whereas when camping you keep a cooler box full of food that can be cooked on a campfire or consumed without cooking. This might not make camping holidays sound like an advantage but if you are anything like us then the latter will always have more appeal.

friends enjoying camping and having fun

Advantages of Camping Holidays With Friends

Camping holidays with friends can be some of the most hilarious times of your life with nothing but belly laughter all night long. Alcohol and campfires might seem like a safety risk but if you aren’t stupid or have a terrible accident then they actually go very well together.

Lots of Fun

Camping with friends is a lot of fun. If you have ever been to a weekend music festival with camping then you will know exactly what we mean. The rules of society seem much more relaxed when camping and the sense of freedom allows you to be yourself and have fun with your friends. If sitting around a campfire and telling stories doesn’t sound like too much fun then you may find the daytime activities more exciting.

If you are camping near water you can do things like swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, jetskiing, or even taking a speedboat out for a ride. If you aren’t a water person you include activities like frisbee, pickle ball, lawn darts, and mini Olympics to stay entertained during the day. Campsites are often located in rural areas where you can try loads of new activities like axe throwing, archery, horseback riding, mountain biking, golf, gold panning, and any other fun new things to try.

Get Away From Home

It is easy to get into the habit of having friends over for dinner or drinks on a weekend which is amazing and not something to be ungrateful for but going on a camping holiday with your best friends is a great way to switch it up and get away from home for a few days. You don’t even have to go very far to feel like you are a million miles from home and the benefits are abundant.

One big advantage of camping holidays vs staying in an Air BnB is that you don’t have to worry about tidying your house beforehand or having everything to clean in the morning. Also, nobody has to feel like the host, you’re all in it together as equals.

Wild Swimming

Jumping off the peer at midnight with your friends is the kind of memory that stays with you for a while. Just as skinny dipping at the beach, standing under a waterfall, or diving into a plunge pool is. Swimming while on a camping holiday is a big advantage if you don’t have anywhere to do it when at home.

Wild swimming is one of my favorite things to do on a hot day. There is nothing better than working up a sweat on a hike or even just sunbathing to then be able to jump in some cool water for a swim. The advantages of open water swimming have been proven by scientists and is just one more way in which you can get a little closer to nature

Wild swimming ocean girls

Having a Few Drinks

Camping and drinking go hand in hand for most adults and for good reason – it’s pretty fun to get tipsy and cut loose for once. As the nights go on things often end up getting rowdy and funny things to start to happen. Someone’s camping chair collapsing turns into the funniest thing in the world, or a fizzed-up bear exploding in someone’s face – classic!

Drinks should obviously be consumed in moderation but camping vacations with friends almost always have some kind of drinking component. Embrace it if you like or if you aren’t much of a drinker then just go along for the ride and head to bed before things start to go downhill (that’s my trick).

Barbeque and Campfire Cooking

Cooking on campfires with friends is something so innate to the human species that it feels almost tribal. Meat, in particular, gains a rich smokey flavor when it is cooked on a campfire and you can cook massive amounts without the need for an oven. Barbeques are just as good but the point is more about social cooking and eating, sharing flavors, and filling your bellies together.

Other things you can cook on a campfire or barbeque are vegan foods, bread, and cheese which all taste amazing with a smokey hint. Then you have the classic marshmallow and smores which come later and taste amazing.

Go Hiking

If you are camping in the same place then heading off for a day hike can be an advantage because you can leave all your gear in your tent to stay lightweight. Hiking is great fun with friends and a perfect way to explore the surrounding areas. If you are using a lightweight tent and hiking around pitching your tent in a new place every two nights then hiking and camping go hand in hand.

Campfire Music

As someone who can’t play any musical instruments, I love it when other people bring guitars, bongos, or a harmonica out around a campfire. My friend is an excellent guitar player and knows how to get everyone singing along. This feels cliche when you’re doing it but it is also a lot of fun. If nobody knows how to play any instruments sometimes a bit of music on an evening can be good.

wool camping blanket next to campfire

Alternative to Bars and Clubs

As you get older you see your friends less and less, it’s just a part of life. Even when you do meet up is often for a night out or a couple of drinks in town which is great but it doesn’t always give you enough time to talk about things that really matter. Loud music makes it even harder to talk, but it makes for a good party.

When you go on a camping holiday with your buddies you have a real chance to catch up on everyone’s lives. You may find out they have been promoted, have a hiking date lined up next week, or have lost a loved one that you weren’t aware of. These are the things that matter, not who wants another shot.

Accessible for Everyone

Camping holidays have the big advantage of being very cheap. Once you own the tent you can pitch in the wild for free or pay $10-$20 for a campsite. This makes them accessible to almost everyone.

Yes, there are other costs like a sleeping bag and sleeping mat but again, you only have to buy them once. Compare this with the cost of a hotel that you don’t own and have to continuously pay for.

The point is, that not everyone can afford to go on a 5-star holiday abroad. But almost everyone can enjoy a camping holiday. Let’s say you buy the most basic equipment, you can buy a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping mat for under $150. Plus 7 nights in a high-end campsite for $20 = $140, food and drink, and the gas to drive there. You can have a weeklong break in a beautiful location for under $500. Then every time after that you can remove the cost of the camping gear and add it to your holiday fund.

couple having fun camping

Advantages of Camping Holidays with a Partner

If you and your partner are the outdoorsy types then there is nothing more romantic than a camping holiday going on hikes, stopping at country pubs, and snuggling up in a tent together at night. Here are some of the advantages of going on a camping holiday with your partner:

Romantic Break Away

A camping holiday with your partner is just as special and romantic as any other kind of vacation, and often more so. Taking a break away from your daily lives and going back to nature can do couples a world of good and really cement the strength of their relationship. Even bad weather can’t dampen the spirits of a couple of happy campers.

There are lots of things that can make camping extra romantic. Things like your partner’s favorite drink or food you didn’t tell them you’d brought. Or maybe you hang some fairy lights and candles in jars to really set the scene.

Learning What Someone is Really Like

Camping with a new partner is exciting because you don’t really know what to expect if you haven’t been with them before. You will often learn what someone is really like when you go on a camping holiday with them. If you find yourself dreading spending time alone with them after 5 days of camping then they may not be the right person for you long term. If on the other hand, you enjoy every moment whether you are stuck in the tent in heavy rain or hiking through mud, then you probably make a good match.

Discovering New Things About Each Other

It’s funny where conversations led when you are camping with your partner. You often end up learning lots of new things about people when you spend enough quiet time alone with them. These are often really important things like childhood stories of trauma or glory or ambitions and dreams for the future. If you’ve never asked each other about marriage or kids then a camping holiday is a very safe place to do this.

Enjoying The Sunset

When you are at home, your early evenings are often spent rushing around cleaning, shopping, cooking, or getting showered after work. It is too easy to miss a sunset by doing something you don’t even really enjoy doing. Watching the sunset while camping is a big advantage of camping vacations and can really take your breath away if you haven’t taken the time to enjoy the sunset recently.

romantic camping vacation campfire cuddle

Cuddle Up Next to the Campfire

Campfires have been mentioned in this list more than once already but it deserves another mention when you are with someone with whom you are affectionate. Once the fire is going you can huddle or cuddle up next to each other as close as you like. I truly believe that sharing a campfire with someone brings your bond closer together.

My best advice is to get a big pile of firewood, enough to last the night, whilst it is still light and then you can spend the rest of the night casually feeding it into the fire without having to go looking for things to burn in the dark.

Zip Your Sleeping Bags Together

Sleeping bags are generally designed for one person and they don’t provide too much space to stretch out. You can get double sleeping bags just like you can get double sleeping cots but another option is zipping you and your partner’s sleeping bags together. This allows you to cuddle up at night without two layers of sleeping bag between you both and is incredibly cozy and romantic.

Suprise with Some Flowers, Chocolates, and Champagne

Who doesn’t like surprises? Well, it turns out some people don’t but most do, especially if it is romantic. Stashing some flowers you can whip out at the right moment is a lovely surprise for most people, even dudes! Chocolate and champagne may be more appropriate on a camping vacation but it’s the thought that really counts here. You can substitute the champagne for a nice red wine, or the chocolates for some strawberries – it’s all romantic.


We tried our best to talk about all the advantages of camping holidays vs vacations and gave you some good inspiration to make your next trip a camping trip.

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