What To Take Camping For Two Nights? Ultimate Checklist

Last Updated on 29/05/2022

What To Take Camping For Two Nights

What To Take Camping For Two Nights

Knowing what to take camping for two nights if you don’t have much experience can lead you to forget things you need or overpack. This guide on what to take camping for two nights is the exact checklist we use when packing our backpacks before a weekend trip. You should adapt it to suit your needs by adding or removing items you do or don’t need.

We have broken the things you need for two nights of camping into the essentials, food and water, clothes, and some of the extras we often take with us. You can get by without most of the accessories but your camping equipment, food, water, and clothing decisions are important to get right. The last thing you want is for your camping gear to fail in bad weather.

If you are hiking your tent and gear to a remote camping spot then you should take only what you need and save weight wherever possible. This checklist is designed to carry the bare minimum but still, be comfortable and not make too many sacrifices.

Camping Essentials for Two Nights

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The two-day camping essentials are the items you can’t go camping without (ok the pillow is arguable). You don’t want to cheap out on these as a cheap tent or not using a sleeping pad can cause you to get almost zero sleep. We have plenty of guides for tents and pads you can view using the menu at the top.

  • Tent, Hammock, or Tarp
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Backpack
  • Camping Pillow
  • Head Torch
  • Stove with Fuel and Cookware
  • Toiletries – Toilet roll, sun cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, medication
  • Lighter or Fire Starter

Food and Water for Two Nights Out Camping

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Unless you have a way of replenishing your water supply from a safe source or have access to a water filter then you will need to take a lot of water camping with you. About 10 liters per person per day should be enough to cover drinks, cooking, and cleaning in a reasonable climate. Ideally, you should always have 2 liters of drinking water at hand to avoid dehydration on hot days.

In terms of food, you are going to need enough for two evening meals, two breakfasts, and one or two lunches. Dehydrated meals are the best way to save weight but there are tastier more nutritious options out there. Noodles are a good example of a lightweight meal that can be cooked using just boiling water.

  • 2+ liters of water if you can resupply or 10+ liters per person per day if not
  • Alcoholic drinks for nighttime
  • Nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate as a trail mix
  • 2 x Evening Meal – Fresh food the first night, Dehydrated for the second
  • 2 x Breakfast – Bacon and eggs the first morning, and muesli, fruit, and yogurt the second morning
  • 2 x Lunch – Bread, cheese, potato chips, salami, blueberry muffins
  • Coffee – Sugar and milk capsules

What Clothes for Camping Weekend Camping Trip?

hiking on a sunny day in snow

The clothes you should take for two days camping depend on the climate, weather, and activities you will be doing. If you are in a warm climate with mild weather and you aren’t doing anything crazy like hunting then you want some light and breathable clothes. If the nights are cold and the days are wet then you are going to need some thermals and waterproofs.

Hot Weather

In warm weather, you will often end up wearing the most breathable and lightweight items of clothing you have with you because they feel less clammy in high humidity. So pack light and make sure you cover all your bases. Here are the items we tend to pack for two nights camping in summer:

  • Footwear – Boots or shoes for hiking, sandals for relaxing or to wear in water
  • Waterproofs – In summer we still pack waterproofs but use lightweight Goretex Paclite or a waterproof poncho
  • Sun Cap – Wide-brimmed to protect your face neck and ears
  • 1 x Fleece
  • 1 x Long Sleeve Shirt
  • 2 x T-Shirts
  • 1 x Lightweight Hiking Pants
  • 1 x Shorts
  • 1 x Jogging Bottoms
  • 2 x Underwear
  • 2 X Pairs of Pure Wool Socks
  • Pair of Thin Socks – To wear underneath in case of blisters

Cold Weather

In cold weather, you need to focus on insulation to stay warm and your shell clothing (waterproofs) to keep your warm clothing dry. Here are the items we tend to pack for two nights camping in cold weather:

  • Footwear – Boots or shoes for hiking, slippers for inside tent
  • 1 x Warm Hat
  • 1 x Warm Jacket
  • 1 x Gloves
  • 1 x Waterproof Jacket
  • 1 x Waterproof Pants
  • 2 x Fleece
  • 1 x Long Sleeve Shirt
  • 2 x T-Shirts
  • 1 x Hiking Pants
  • 1-2 x Base Layer Top and Bottoms
  • 2 x Underwear
  • 3 X Pairs of Pure Wool Socks
  • Pair of Thin Socks – To wear underneath in case of blisters

Camping Accessories for Two Nights

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Once you have your essential camping gear sorted for two nights and you know how much food and water to bring and what to wear – you ten know how much spare room you have to pack extras and accessories.

  • Camping Chair or Sitting Mat
  • Dry Bags – Keep your bag organized and your gear dry
  • Powerbank – Charge your phone
  • Charging Cables and Connectors
  • Water Filter – Almost an essential unless you want to boil all your water
  • Kettle, Cup, and Spoon
  • Entertainment – Book, Cards, Toys, Games
  • Headphones or Earplugs – If on a campsite
  • Multi-Tool or Knife
  • Eco-Friendly Soap – Bathing in the wild
  • First Aid – Plasters, compeed for blisters, pain killers, deep heat etc
  • Ankle and Knee Supports – If you suffer from bad joints when hiking
  • Bug Spray or Head Net
  • Hammock
  • Spare Batteries – For the headlamp
  • Umbrella
  • Barbeque
  • Portable Shower
  • Towel
  • Hiking Poles – If you plan on hiking with a heavy backpack full of camping equipment and supplies for two days
  • Navigation System – Map and Compass or GPS

What to Do During the Day When Camping for Two Nights?

mountain biking on a camping holiday

Wherever you are camping, there is always plenty to do during the day to keep you busy. There are also always local attractions you can visit and equipment you can hire if you are comfortable leaving your tent for the day. Here are some of the activities you might find interesting and have access to in your area:

  • Hiking
  • Exploring
  • Foraging
  • Rock Climbing
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Bike Ride
  • Surfing
  • Photography
  • Bushcraft
  • Campsite Games
  • Fishing
  • Hunting

What to Do at Night when Camping for Two Nights?

At night time you are more likely to be hanging around the tent with a campfire than you are doing a bit of night hiking or night fishing. So having some form of entertainment is a good idea if you have children with you or there’s a chance it may rain and force you inside the tent.

If the weather is good and you have a campfire burning and the stars are out, you really don’t need anything more than this. But here are some ideas for things to do at night when camping for two nights in a row:

  • Poke and Stare at the Campfire
  • Star Gaze
  • Make Smores
  • Check the Map
  • Play Cards
  • Tell Stories
  • Whittle Something
  • Watch a Movie

How to Stay Clean When Camping for Two Nights?

camping shower in waterfall

If you are only camping for two nights then most people can live without a shower for a day if you take one before you leave and when you get back. Some people, however, feel gross until they have washed while others struggle to wake up until noon without a cold shower first thing on a morning.

Staying clean is easy if you have access to shower facilities but if not then here are some of our tips for staying clean while camping:

And if all else fails, be sure to pack some deodorant!

We hope you found this checklist of what to take camping for two nights helpful and that it saved you from forgetting something important.

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