Outdoor Vitals Down UnderQuilt Review

Last Updated on 10/02/2022

Outdoor Vitals Live UltraLight Down UnderQuilt Review

Outdoor Vitals Down UnderQuilt Review

In this Outdoor Vitals Down UnderQuilt Review, we will share our findings of using it on various hammock camping trips in the USA.

Outdoor Vitals is a unique Utah company that was established with a vision in mind. According to their website: “Outdoor Vitals focuses on designing premium ultralight products that are comfortable and multi-functional. Our high standards of quality and versatility keep customers from buying multiple items or replacing gear too often. Living Ultralight means buying less quantity and getting higher quality!”

Extending this vision into their gear, Outdoor Vitals recently came out with an impressive UnderQuilt for Backpacking Hammocks. The Outdoor Vitals Down UnderQuilt is unlike any other in its ease of set up, efficiency, and cost. And if it performs like Outdoor Vital’s other products, we can expect: “An amazing innovative product.”


Outdoor Vitals StormLoft 15 Down UnderQuilt Review

Weight: 1lb 7.5oz

Fill: 800-Fill Power Storm Loft™ Water Repellent Down

Suggested Use: Camping / Backpacking

Quilt Fitting: Specifications state that the regular-sized quilt fits 6’ people. The tall quilt fits 6’6. I’m a 5’7 female, and I fit well inside of this quilt. But I think it might be tough for a 6’ individual to stay entirely covered unless she or he sleeps in the fetal position.

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  • DWR Treated
  • Hybrid Baffle Design
  • Outdoor Vitals’ Lifetime Warranty
  • 800+ Fill Power Down
  • Contoured

StormLoft 15 Down UnderQuilt Overview: As one of Outdoor Vital’s newest additions to their sleeping bag line, the StormLoft™ 15™ Down UnderQuilt is taking hammock sleeping to the next level. The loft paired with impeccable insulation makes this quilt a reliable piece of gear.


  • This quilt kept me toastie warm all night long. And that never happens!
  • Yet it’s surprisingly lightweight.
  • Adjustable


  • It takes a few tries to set it upright.
  • The suspension system needs some extra attention – it’s not ready to go right out of the box.

Suspension System: But once you’ve got it figured out, it’s really easy to cinch this quilt firmly around your hammock. Take a look at this video for some tips.

A few notes about under quilts: While you’re hammock camping, the most efficient way to retain your insulation is by optimizing quilt loft. If you’re sleeping on top of a bag, you’re compressing that loft, which makes for a less effective product. UnderQuilts were created to mitigate this issue. By creating a product that you set up on the exterior of your hammock, manufacturers found a way to maintain loft, which keeps you warmer. Underquilts help you to trap air beneath you, and ultimately your body warms that air. But it’s key to eliminate space between the hammock and the underquilt because space will allow airflow, which will force your body to continue to heat new air.

Why invest in an UnderQuilt?

I hammock-camped throughout my hike of the Appalachian Trail. But rather than using an underquilt, I used my sleeping pad to create a barrier between myself and the bottom of the hammock. For my purposes, this system worked fairly well, so long as my sleeping pad didn’t slide around. But after having tested the StormLoft 15 Degree UnderQuilt, I doubt I’ll ever go back to a sleeping pad. Using an underquilt is way more reliable. And if you ditch your sleeping pad, chances are that your pack weight won’t increase by an intolerable amount.

Outdoor Vitals Live UltraLight Down UnderQuilt Review

Backcountry testing:

One of the questions I ask myself when I’m getting ready to pack up my gear is: Do I really want to risk hammock camping if the temperatures are going to drop? Some of my recent hammock experiences left me feeling more confident in the insulation of my tent — until I discovered the StormLoft 15 Degree UnderQuilt.

I tested this underquilt in Colorado’s backcountry over the course of a few weeks. Temperatures varied from low 30s to mid-40s. Paired with my Enlightened Equipment 0 Degree OverQuilt, I found myself sweating on more than one occasion.

The StormLoft 15 Degree UnderQuilt is adjustable; Outdoor Vitals’ design allows you to move the quilt without undoing the bungee cords. This allows you the option to make adjustments while you’re inside of the quilt.

During my first night with the StormLoft Underquilt, I struggled to cinch the ends in a manner that would prevent drafts. But after some additional rigging, I figured out how to keep my toes unencumbered by the cold. Hammock Camping is like skiing; You can learn how to rig a setup pretty easily, but it takes a long time to get good at rigging that setup. Additional testing slashed the setup time and left me cozy as can be. And I suspect that I’ll continue to build familiarity with this quilt over the course of its life.

How does the Outdoor Vitals Down UnderQuilt compare to competitive products?

Hyke and Byke’s Antero 15 Degree UnderQuilt costs $329 and weighs 2.49lbs.

WarBonnet’s 20 Degree Yeti Underquilt costs $200 and weighs a stunning 12.5oz.

Outdoor Vitals Down UnderQuilt costs $214 and weighs 1.47lbs.

Competitive UnderQuilts range from $200-$350. The StormLoft 15 Degree UnderQuilt is definitely competitive in terms of both weight and cost. It’s 1.47lbs and the value for money is tough to beat. You’d be hard-pressed to find a product that’s as reliable and costs as little.

What do other reviewers think? Being an incredibly new product, there aren’t many other reviews of the StormLoft 15 Degree UnderQuilt, but those that exist only have positive things to say, noting that Outdoor Vital’s customer service is spectacular and the underquilt is “plush”.

Final thoughts about the Outdoor Vitals StormLoft 15 Degree UnderQuilt: I’ve been impressed by the StormLoft UnderQuilt’s performance. It compresses to a small size, has a unique color combination, and has a fairly simple set-up. Outdoor Vital’s Customer Service is responsive, helpful, and well-informed on the latest outdoor trends. This UnderQuilt is a reflection of all of those traits. Ultimately, I’d much rather sweat in my bag than shiver, and this quilt certainly accomplishes such a feat. Check out the customer reviews on Amazon below.

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Outdoor Vitals Down UnderQuilt Live Ultralight

7.6 Total Score
Outdoor Vitals Down UnderQuilt Review

A simple down filled stormloft underquilt for hammock camping


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