North Face Terra 65 L Backpack

Last Updated on 27/08/2023

North Face Terra 65 L Backpack Review

North Face Terra 65 L Backpack Review

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A true backpackers backpack, you get amazing comfort, style, and practicality with a long lasting and well-made design from a tried and trusted company.

If you are in need of a new backpack to take traveling around the world, then the North Face Terra 65 L Backpack is an excellent choice. In this review of the North Face Terra 65, we admire its engineering quality and well-designed layout that is tailored to backpackers’ needs. One of the comfiest backpacks we have ever tried, it is easy to see why it has gained such a good reputation through word of mouth.

This backpack has undergone several updates over the years, and just this year, there has been an updated version released. There aren’t any big changes to the updated version apart from the color options and the outer central pocket, which is bigger and loaded from the top instead of via a side zip. There isn’t much difference in weight, and the comfort is as good as ever.

If you have done your research on this you will know that it gets very highly reviewed for how comfortable it is with a heavy load. You could fill it with bricks or sand, and it would still feel comfy against your back however, your legs might not like it! In this North Face Terra 65 Review, we look at the individual aspects of what makes this a good backpack for traveling and hiking, starting with its toughness.

North Face Terra 65 rucksack front


Made from tough 600D polyester, 420D mini-ripstop nylon, and 1200D polyester on the base (which has frequent contact with the ground) is really tough and reinforced to take years of abuse on the trail. Unlike some backpacks that seem to wear through on the bottom and corners, the Terra 65L seems to build up a resistance to rough surfaces, or maybe you just learn to trust it more over time.

All the buckles and zips are very hard-wearing with nice little touches like a built-in mini whistle on the chest strap and elongated zip flaps for extra protection.


While the North Face Terra 65 L Backpack isn’t the lightest pack you can buy, it is a trusted winner that has had numerous updates over the years to become the comfiest backpack for traveling. At just under 2 kilograms, it doesn’t even try and compete with ultralight backpacks built more for hikers than backpackers. Instead, it aims to provide a backpack with extreme comfort in mind that is also tough and durable with practical uses.
North Face Terra 65 L Backpack


With 7+ well-placed pockets around the pack, you are able to able to access and organize all your items without overcomplicating things. The two open side pockets are great for carrying 2-liter water bottles, which can be tucked under the lower compression straps to secure while hiking. You can separate your sleeping bag and/or sleeping pad from the main compartment with an adjustable divider which gives you a bottom section with its own zipper entrance. The main compartment can be stuffed with loads of gear and has a full-length side zipper so that you don’t have to take everything out to reach items at the bottom.


Many seasoned backpackers hear about this rucksack through word of mouth, quoting that it is, “the comfiest backpack they have ever worn”. The Opti-Fit suspension system cannot be fully appreciated until you are hiking with a full pack over long distances and you start to feel every step on the downhill. Padded hip belts hug to your hips and help support any added weight with a handy pocket on each side of the waist straps for your small possessions and mobile phone etc.

North Face Terra 65 backpack back


The slimline profile is great for bushwhacking through thick brush and climbing through tight gaps without getting snagged or hung up on rocks. Anatomically shaped padded shoulder straps are lined with a super soft Tricot material that feels luxurious against bare skin and doesn’t rub or dig in. Coming in both a small/medium and a medium/large, you can get a well-fitted backpack for your body size, which can then be customized using the adjustable back length.


North Face Terra 65 L Backpack - Most Comfortable BackpackA vertical channel provides excellent ventilation for hotter climates, allowing air to circulate up your back which can be commonplace for sweat to appear in the heat. The North Face Terra 65 L is an excellent Backpack for places like Asia, Australasia, Europe, and South America. However, it performs just as well in cold weather as it does in the sun. The built-in rain cover comes in very handy more often than not, and even when it doesn’t rain you can use it as a small groundsheet to sit on when you take breaks.


There is no shortage of attachment points to hang things from the outside of the backpack, and there are thick fabric loops for your hiking poles and an ice ax if you are into that kind of thing. A true backpacker’s backpack, you get amazing comfort, style, and practicality with a long-lasting and well-made design from a tried and trusted company. A fairly simple design to look at, but having had some well-thought-out updates over the years, you realize that everything about it is practical and built to last, while the comfort remains the main selling point.

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