Montane Direct Ascent Waterproof Jacket

Last Updated on 12/10/2021

The Montane Direct Ascent Waterproof Jacket

Montane Direct Ascent Jacket

A multi-use hardshell jacket that is tough and extremely waterproof

The Montane Direct Ascent Waterproof Jacket is designed to be used as a multi-functional mountain hard shell for year-round use in extreme conditions. High-performance eVent Hurricane 3 Layer fabric gives you an extremely waterproof jacket that is also lightweight and hard-wearing.

The tailored design of the jacket gives you an easily adjustable fit that is perfect for layering up for winter and staying cool in summer. The fabric construction is layered to give maximum protection against wind and rain while staying highly breathable and nonrestrictive.

Great Fit

With lots of specific features on the Montane Direct Ascent Waterproof Jacket, Hikers, Climbers, Mountain Rescue, and newsreaders choose this jacket when they need to. The longer body is able to accommodate winter layering very well and has an adjustable lower waistline to stop the wind from getting in.

The upper elasticated waistline can be altered via the toggle in either side pocket to conserve heat and suit your figure. The technical construction is satisfyingly good, tailored so that the lower sleeve doesn’t ride up when you reach high, and the waist stays where it is no matter which way you bend and extend. The articulated sleeves are engineered to prevent the seams from constricting or rubbing on your joints and biceps as well as protecting the stitching. It works well over mid-layers and in Autumn I like to combine it with a down vest or merino top.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Earning a reputation as one of the most high-quality specialty outdoor clothing companies around, Montane goes that extra yard to make sure you are getting more than your money’s worth. For example, the typical industry average of stitch counts on the seams of a waterproof jacket is 8 whereas Montane has an average of 12 – 13 seams on their waterproof jackets which gives you a much tighter, stronger seam.

With the 3 mm seam allowance, the bulk and weight are reduced to a minimum, concealed neatly underneath the microtape. The 13 mm micro-taped seams increase surface area to make the jacket more breathable. Color-matched inner material makes this is an excellent smart/casual choice for staying dry wherever you are or whatever business you are in.

Montane Direct Ascent Jacket backSimple Design

The hood is fully adjustable at three separate points to provide a loose or tight fit around your head and is compatible with climbing helmets and other headgear. The stiffened front visor is made from flexible wire along the lip which allows you to instantly adjust the shape of your hood to suit the weather. Should you want to stow your hood away when it’s not in use, you can roll it up and use the elastic hook loop in combination with a small hook on the rear compression toggle.

Large Pockets

There are no fancy sleeve pockets or multiple zips to be found on this outdoor jacket. Two large outer pockets are partly lined with microfleece to provide some relief from cold fingers and also conceal the elasticated waist adjuster. The pockets can be accessed above your backpack hip straps and are plenty big enough for maps, water bottles, and other fast-access items. YKK matte Aqua Guard zips to keep the rain out and your pocket contents dry and is easy to access through a climbing harness or with gloves on.

The single inside pocket is made from a stretchy mesh fabric that aids ventilation and has a Velcro fastening at the top. The salesman at the shop told me that it is so breathable, you can put a wet pair of gloves in the inside pocket and the moisture will evaporate out of the jacket using your body heat. How true that is, I am not sure. I have never fancied putting anything wet in my inside pocket unnecessarily but I thought it was an interesting idea nonetheless.

Montane Direct Ascent Jacket 4

Waterproof Zips

The Full-length Aqua Guard front zipper is the same as the pockets and is highly durable and water-resistant. There is an internal storm flap that acts as a barrier/gutter to any moisture that breaks through the water-resistant seal which also has a fastening stud at the bottom to secure the hem. When not in use the zip tucks neatly into an angled zip protector at the top and is lined on the inside to avoid any skin contact with metal.

The inner collar has a fine brushed, bonded micro-fleece lining along the top of the zip and on the back of the neck for extra comfort. There is also a smooth polyester-type lining on the front inner collar to feel soft against your skin. For the more burly outdoors type, the rollover beard guard means you won’t get stuck! The adjustable Velcro cuffs are great when it is raining sideways or snowing, with glove-friendly grab tabs you can easily change up to suit the conditions.


I think that one of the main reasons I like this jacket is that it can be used in multiple situations, and specifically, be used as a waterproof jacket to put over my down jacket (which is not waterproof). Because it is just a shell it means you can wear it in summer on its own without feeling hot, and you can layer up underneath in the winter to stay warm.

Two things I look for in all my gear are multiple uses, and simplicity and the Montane Direct Ascent Waterproof Jacket delivers both of these qualities with a classic UK Design. Weighing just over 500 grams for a medium and not much more for larger sizes, this is one of the best hardshell jackets on the market.

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