Thermarest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad Review

Last Updated on 04/03/2022

Thermarest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad Review

Thermarest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad Review

When I was first getting into backpacking, I was mainly staying in hostels and didn’t bother taking a tent. I knew a good sleeping pad and sleeping bag were going to be the two most important items for me to get a good nights sleep. Let’s face it, sleep is important and if you don’t go prepared, you might struggle to get any. A good sleeping pad doesn’t just keep you comfortable, it also keeps you off the cold ground which is one of the easiest ways to lose body heat on a night.

After some extensive testing, I decided to write this Thermarest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad Review because of its reputation as a cheap and lightweight backpacking sleep system. If you don’t need the most expensive option but want something that is well made and works just as good then Thermarest are one of the better brands out there. They have a huge variety of different sleeping mats for camping and as you will find out in this Thermarest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad Review, I highly recommend them.

Who is the Trail Scout Sleeping Pad for?

The Thermarest Trail Scout mattress is exactly what you need to get started into backpacking, camping, or music festivals. This sleeping pad is perfect for beginners or just those looking for quality gear at a decent price. It is lightweight, durable, and very affordable. I’ve always told people that you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to go backpacking or have an adventure, and this mattress proves my point.

The streamlined shape keeps the weight down, making it perfect for backpacking, car camping, summer camps, or adding additional warmth and comfort to hammocks. At an affordable price, it is great for anyone wanting to get outdoors for the first time or those with years of experience.


Thermarest Trail Scout Review*The following specifications are for the Thermarest Trail Scout Regular size:

  • WEIGHT: 1 lb 6 oz / 624 g
  • DIMENSIONS: 72 x 20 x 1 inches
  • PACK SIZE: 5.6 x 11 inches
  • R-VALUE: 3.4
  • INSULATION: Open-cell foam
  • INFLATION: Self Inflating Pad
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Comfort and Warmth

The most important factor to me when it comes to sleeping pads is comfort. I am mainly hiking backpacking in warm climates, so comfort and weight savings are paramount. The Trail Scout has excelled in this, being about 1 inch thick when inflated. I am a side sleeper and have had trouble sleeping on other pads, but since switching to this mattress have slept very comfortably.

Available in a variety of lengths, it is also plenty big enough to keep your entire body off the ground with plenty of room. While warmth hasn’t been an issue for me personally, I wouldn’t hesitate to take it into colder weather. With an R-value of 3.4, this pad is designed to do well in temperatures below freezing. I have been told by other users of this mattress that it even works on snow.

Weight and Pack Size

As a lightweight backpacker, I am counting every single ounce. The biggest items usually consist of your sleep system (tent, pad, and bag). Because of my need to sleep, I was willing to carry a little extra in order to be comfortable, but thanks to Thermarest I don’t have to. The Trail Scout weighs in at 1 lb. 6 oz., making it ideal for those of us who want comfort but don’t want to sacrifice weight savings.

The mattress utilizes a monolithic core, which is an uncut foam core that extracts the most warmth and supports possible without weighing too heavily. Another added benefit from this core is its ability to compress and pack down to a very small size. While weight is the primary concern for most campers or backpackers, most forget about size. Luckily it packs down to around 6”x11”, which helps it easily fit in just about any backpack. The only downside I have found here is the ability to put the rolled-up mattress back in its case, it is quite a tight fit and can take a bit of patience.

Fit and Finish

The fit and finish on this mattress come across as a quality, and the seams around it have held up very well despite all of the times I have pretty much collapsed onto it after a full day’s hike. Made of tough and durable plastic on the top and bottom, it is comfortable enough to sleep on but you don’t have to worry about punching a hole in it. The mattress as a whole is very well made and will last you multiple seasons of hard use in the mountains. I am very rough on my gear and have yet to have any kind of issue with mine.

Thermarest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable


  • Can be hard to pack back up
  • Carrying bag quality isn’t the best


If you are in the market for a new sleeping pad or are a beginner looking for some new gear, I would highly recommend the Thermarest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad. You will not be disappointed, especially if you are wanting lightweight, tough gear that won’t hurt your wallet. Being in the outdoors is supposed to be fun, but without quality gear, it can take away from the experience. Next time you go to the woods, make sure you go prepared and take a pad like this!

Where to Buy It?

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8.8 Total Score
Thermarest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad Review

Thermarest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad Review covers what I do and dont like about this lightweight mattress for backpackers on a budget.

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