7 Best Serrated Knife Sharpeners of 2023

Last Updated on 27/08/2023

best serrated knife sharpners in the world

Serrated blades don’t need sharpening very often, but when they do, using one of these 7 best serrated knife sharpeners will give you the best results. In this guide to knife sharpeners for serrated blades, you will learn the only tool you will ever need and why you don’t need a fancy knife sharpening kit because your knife has serrations.

Most household bread knives go their whole lives without ever being sharpened, but for the chef or outdoorsman, a sharpened serrated blade is just as important as a straight-edged blade.

To bring a serrated knife edge back from bluntness without losing the shape requires a specific serrated knife sharpening tool, and you have to pay attention to every individual tip and scallop serration on the blade. Sharpening steels can be used if they are thin enough, but for super fine serrated blades that need sharpening, a tapered rod might be your best option. For saws and sharp-angled serrations, you should check out the triangular sharpener further down the page.

Are You Looking for The Best Sharpener for Serrated Knives?

Maybe you have never sharpened a serrated blade before, in which case you will have never needed to buy a tool for the job. Maybe you have tried sharpening your serrated blades with the tools you have available in your shed and made a jagged mess of it. Either way, you should understand how important it is to have the right tool for the job. We picked 7 of the best serrated knife sharpeners available today and reviewed them so you can choose the right sharpener for your serrated knife the first time around.

Top 7 Best Serrated Knife Sharpeners

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic best serrated knife sharpeners

The Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic is designed to be an all-in-one knife sharpening and repair kit that will fit in your pocket. It will sharpen all shapes and sizes of serrated knives thanks to the tapered rod and ceramic finishing edge. It will also put a razor-sharp finish on any straight-edge blade, so it really is a great tool to own for sharpening knives.

The Lansky BladeMedic also ranked as the number one pocket knife sharpener in our top 12 list because it is just so handy and effective. The metal casing adds weight but in a good way that makes it feel solid and well-made, unlike most cheap plastic products. It will probably be the biggest thing on your keyring, but I definitely wouldn’t say it was too big for this.

The diamond tapered rod is designed to be used on all but the largest and smallest of serrated knives, and with just a couple of pulls, you already notice a difference in sharpness. The ceramic finishing component will sharpen, smoothen any rough edges, and create a longer-lasting sharpness.

If you read the reviews on Amazon, you will see a wide variety of professionals swear by this little multitool sharpener and rate it very highly. It feels solid in the hand with a good grip and is very easy to use, which makes it ideal for beginners through to hunters and chefs. We think that this is the best-serrated knife sharpener you can get, and for such good value, you won’t be disappointed.

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Smith’s DRET Diamond Retractable Sharpener

Smith's DRET Diamond Retractable Sharpener

The Smith’s DRET Diamond Retractable Sharpener is the easiest serrated knife sharpener to keep in your pocket and is designed to be very lightweight and portable.

It will hone all kinds of knives, including straight-edge knives, and has a double-ended sharpener for added durability. Smith’s has been a trusted name in the blade sharpening industry for over 125 years, and this is another reason why they are one of the top dogs.

The pen-shaped retractable sharpener has a tapered rod that fits into all sizes of serrated blades and will even work on fish hooks. The monocrystalline diamond-coated sharpening rod is supposedly unbreakable, but we aren’t so sure; either way, at least it is designed to be tough. At just 5.2 inches long and with a clip on the back, you could even keep this in your top pocket, and the aluminum housing keeps it very lightweight.

At the other end of the sharpener, you have Smith’s DRET half-rounded/half-flat edge, which is better for flat-edge blades than the tapered end. The combination of these two tools is enough to repair, sharpen, and finish any serrated blade in your kitchen or man cave. Whether it is a hunting knife or a bread knife, this useful little pocket sharpener is ideal for serrated blades and is highly recommended by us.

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Lansky Diamond Ceramic Turn Box

Lansky Diamond Ceramic Turn Box

The Lansky Diamond Ceramic Turn Box is a really simple and well-designed knife sharpening kit that will sharpen most wide serrated knives. The four circular sharpening rods are 5 inches long and include two 600-grit diamond rods (medium-coarse) and two 1000-grit ceramic rods (fine).

The rods sit in slots at 20 and 25-degree angles, which help get different edges for different types of blades. Most kitchen knives will be ok to sharpen at 25 degrees; however, to get a super fine edge, you can switch to the 20-degree slots.

When not in use and during transport, the rods all slot neatly into the end of the base, again, so simple and yet so effective. At just 15 x 5 x 3 cm and is relatively lightweight, this kit is portable if you need it to be but is best suited to home use when you have a flat surface to put it on.

The diamond ceramic rods give a scarily sharp edge to straight-edge blades, and the technique is very easy to master and get consistent results with. Once you know what you are doing, you will no doubt be able to improve all your serrated knife edges. The base itself is very stable and made of hardwood, so it is built to last, and the whole system is pretty foolproof. We really like it.

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Dia-Fold Serrated Sharpener

Dia-Fold Serrated Sharpener

The Dia-Fold Serrated Sharpener is possibly one of the only tools on the market specifically designed for sharpening serrated knives. It only has one sharpening edge, which is a tapered rod coated in layers upon layers of DMT’s unique micronized monocrystalline diamond technology. The process that DMT use assures the most diamonds per square inch of any sharpening rod on the market and thus needs fewer strokes to sharpen a dull blade.

The simple fold-away and fold-out handle grip are comfortable and easy to use, like a butterfly knife or pair of folding pliers. The fold-out serrated knife sharpener is 5 inches long when closed and 9.5 inches long open, which gives you a generous handle and sharpening space. If you want a tool to use alongside a whetstone or something of that nature, then this is perfect for sharpening all your serrated knives.

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Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

The Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener is similar to the Lansky BladeMedic however is made of cheaper materials and doesn’t have the ceramic edge. You might wonder why I have still included it in this list, and that is because, like the Lansky, it is super lightweight and compact.

It includes two v-shaped slots for straight-edge blades of different thicknesses and edge geometries as well as the diamond-coated tapered rod for serrated blade edges. For this description, we will focus only on the tapered rod because that is what we use to maintain a sharp serrated knife.

The thumb grip makes using the sharpening rod easier and allows for a precise application on your serrated knife. One thing we really like about this little tool is that the fold-out sharpening rod tapers down to a very fine tip which makes it ideal for even the tightest of serrations. The keyring hole means you can fasten this to a lanyard for safe storage, and this very well might be the lightest knife sharpener for serrated knives.

While we would almost always still choose the Lanksy over the Pocket Pal, if you are a hiker or backpacker conscious about saving every gram of weight, then this is probably your best option.

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Dalstrong Honing Steel – 10″ Rod – Gladiator Series

Dalstrong Honing Steel 10 Rod Gladiator Series

The Dalstrong Honing Steel 10″ Rod Gladiator Series is possibly the most popular sharpening steel rod on the internet and has built up a very good reputation among chefs around the world. Handcrafted using the highest quality stain-resistant carbon steel and luxurious Packwood imported from Spain, this really is a professionally made piece of kit.

At 10 inches long, the sharpening area is more than enough for any serrated knife, but because of its width, it may not fit in smaller serrations like that of a pocketknife. The rod is triple riveted to the handle for extra strength and utility, as well as having a nice solid bolster to protect your fingers and hand. The solid wood handle is ergonomically shaped to fit very comfortably in either hand.

This tool has some weight to it and definitely has a high-quality finish that can be trusted on even your most expensive or favorite knife. It comes with a Rocksolid 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty against defects, which shows how confident they are in their product. As a general sharpening rod, this is one of the best, but for serrated knives, we found it a bit too wide to rank anywhere near the top.

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Spyderco 204MF Triangle Sharpmaker

Spyderco 204MF Triangle Sharpmaker

The Spyderco 204MF Triangle Sharpmaker is designed to be used with any blade or sharp tool, but it is especially good at sharpening serrated blades. The 204MF sharpener kit includes four sharpening rods, two brass safety guards, and the ABS case/base it all fits in. The set is not the smallest or the cheapest, but there is a reason why so many knife enthusiasts love this professional knife-sharpening tool.

The four rods comprise two medium grit high alumina ceramic stones (brown) and two fine grit alumina ceramic stones (white). All four rods are triangular and slot neatly inside the base when not in use for easy storage and transport. The two medium grit stones are more coarse and so remove more material with every pass on your blade or tool. These should be used first and sparingly unless your knife has a rough spot that needs to be worked out.

The second set of triangular sharpening stones is fine grit and is for finishing the edge as opposed to trying to remove too much. If you regularly maintain your serrated knife, then you should normally only have to use the white ceramic stone most of the time. There is also a furrow traveling the length of each stone that lets you sharpen the tips of some knives as well as other sharp items like fishing hooks, awls, and darts.

The triangular shape of the rods means you need a little extra skill or practice to work on curvy serrated blades, unlike with circular sharpening steels. They are, however, perfect for sharpening jagged serrations and saws, which have triangular of, very fine slots. Angled slots sit at either 30° (15° on each side) or 40° (20° on each side), meaning you can work comfortably and consistently on both sides of a serrated blade.

While this knife sharpening kit isn’t the best for serrated blades because of the triangular shapes, it is very durable and will work well on some blades. The best thing about this knife toolset is that you can flip the base over and lay the stones flat on it to use as a benchstone. Overall this is a great tool to have at home for accurate results and gives excellent results on serrated edges if you know what you’re doing.

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best serrated knife sharpners

Buyers Guide to The Best Serrated Knife Sharpeners

When looking for the best knife sharpener for serrated knives, you really need to look at the specific blades that need sharpening. Are they scalloped, jagged, or wavy? Once you know this, you can get the appropriate size sharpener. You don’t want one that is too big to fit in the gaps, but you might not want a tiny one that takes longer to use.

If you plan on taking your sharpener out with you, then something more lightweight and compact will be most suitable; check out our recommended pocket knife sharpeners here. If you want a tool to use in the garage or kitchen, then something more solid and freestanding might be the better option. Unless you take your knives very seriously, you won’t want to spend a fortune on a top-of-the-range sharpener, so a combination style tool would be a good idea. You can always leave a comment to ask a question at the bottom of the page.

What Is a Serrated Knife Sharpener?

A serrated knife sharpener is basically a sharpening tool that can be used to get in between the jagged serrations of a blade to make them sharper. Unlike regular sharpening stones, serrated sharpeners are typically rods circular and tapered like a long, thin cone. This shape means that you can use it on all different sizes and shapes of the knife edge.

different types of serrated edge

image credit: brodandtaylor.com/knife-sharpener/how-to-sharpen-a-serrated-knife/edge-types/

What Are the Different Types of Serrated Knives?

As you can see in the diagram, serrated edges can come in many different forms and will be shaped to be better at their specific intended use. This image does not include all different kinds of edges, but it does give you an idea. Different serrated knives can range from chef’s knives to hunting weapons, home bread knives, and pocket knives. Some will be easier than others to sharpen, but they will all require more than a rectangular sharpening stone.

What Are the Different Types of Sharpening Tools for Serrated Knives?

The tools you need to sharpen a serrated knife are a sharpening rod and some sandpaper to finish off the flat edge. That being said, there are other tools available, so here is a brief description of each type:

Ceramic Sharpening

Ceramic rods make amazing finishing tools for polishing and honing a freshly sharpened edge. They generally don’t remove too much material but can elongate the life of your sharp edge and mean you don’t have to maintain it so often.

Sharpening Stones

Used for thousands of years, sharpening stones can be used to put an edge on any piece of metal if you have the patience. Thankfully sharpening stones have come a long way and are one of the most effective and universally used methods of sharpening knives.

Sharpening Steel

A sharpening steel or honing rod is like a metal file that is circular in shape and preferably tapered when used on multiple or small serrated knives. Sharpening steels are often used by butchers or in the kitchen to give a blade a quick sharpening before using it.

Triangular Rod

Triangular rods are not the best for many serrated knives, but for some tools, they are just the right shape. Take saws, for example, they have very sharp-angled serrations, which would not be suitable for a rounded sharpener. It is all about choosing the best-serrated knife sharpeners for the job.

What Is the Technique for Sharpening a Serrated Blade?

Unlike sharpening a pocket knife, the technique is to focus your attention on every single serration of your blade and work your way along so you don’t miss any out. You can see our full guide to sharpening serrated knives here for a more detailed description.


We hope you found this list of the top-rated serrated knife sharpeners useful, and be sure to keep in touch on our Facebook page here.

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