23 Reasons Why Camping is Fun in 2023

Last Updated on 27/08/2023

Reasons Why Camping is Fun

Why Is Camping Fun?

In this article, we tried to think of many reasons as we could to find out why is camping fun? You will discover fun ideas you may not have thought of before as well as confirm some ideas you already had. Let us know which is your favorite reason.

You might be asking yourself why people like camping? Camping is fun because it allows you to create cherished memories with loved ones, it’s good for your mental and physical health and it gives you a chance to learn something new!

We understand that some people might not like camping because it’s not as comfortable as your own bed and there isn’t any internet. However, in this article, you will learn the 23 ways we think camping is fun, which includes how to have fun without any internet!

There are so many reasons camping is fun, but the best way to find out is to go out and do it yourself, if that doesn’t convince you, then maybe the following reasons will…

23 Reasons Why Camping is Fun

Camping is fun for a multitude of reasons – it gives you the chance to break out of your everyday routine, and it pushes you outside of your comfort zone, all while giving you a sense of adventure.

Here are the 23 reasons why camping is fun

Escape the Day to Day

It goes without saying that it’s fun to escape your usual cycle of work, eat, sleep, repeat. Breaking free from your usual schedule gives you a chance to completely detach from the responsibilities of your work or home life, enabling you to fully relax. This is also good for you if you are experiencing some burnout.

Going camping is the perfect way to fully disconnect from your routine and gain some perspective on your life.

Get Out In Nature

A study published in Landscape and Urban Planning found that proximity to green spaces was significantly linked to lower levels of Cortisol, a stress hormone found in the body. Camping is fun because it literally forces you to be out in nature, surrounded by lush greenery, thriving wildlife, and fresh smells.

Not only is being out in nature good for your health but it has also been found to improve your cognitive abilities, the speed at which your body heals, your sense of social cohesion as well as your happiness (ref).

Uninterrupted by cars, phones, and technology and you can observe and enjoy the bees as they collect pollen, you can listen to the birds as they create their nests and you can watch the clouds float by lazily as you plan your adventure for the day.

why is camping fun

Thrill of Adventure

Why camping is fun is simply because it is adventurous! You have to search out the perfect spot for your tent like a pirate searching for the best place to hide his treasure. You have to pack up your clothes, food, and equipment like Frodo on his way to Rivendell.

You might get lost, you might have to outrun a less than favorable forecast (or wildlife), and you might have to cross streams and endure scorching sunshine, like an explorer discovering an untouched part of the world for the first time.

If nothing else, camping is fun because it can revive your sense of child-like wonderment and adventure, particularly if you have your children with you!

Sense of Self Reliance

For me, this is the biggest reason I think camping is fun; I am responsible for no one and I am accountable to myself only. There is a huge sense of empowerment from this.

Firstly, I have to prepare what to pack ahead of time, I have to drive myself there, I have to find a spot, I have to pitch the tent, I have to make my bed. There’s no one to slow me down and if I forget my torch or food, I have no one to blame but myself. This has helped me develop a strong sense of self and a good resolve, both of which have helped me in other areas of my life such as my professional life.

Fresh Air

Air pollution is higher in urban spaces. Research shows that pine bark and pine needles have anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for the respiratory tracts, which is why getting fresh air genuinely feels like you’re clearing your lungs!

Not only that, but your brain uses up 20% of the oxygen you breathe. So increasing the amount of fresh air you have circulating through your body can help clear your mind and improve your concentration and focus.

freedom solitude and nature when camping

Finding the Perfect Camping Spot

Imagine being able to rent an Airbnb on top of a mountain, or on the shorefront of a beautiful lake, or in the middle of a lush green forest, for free – that’s camping. You get to choose which setting you want for your camping adventure.

There is also a primal sense of bonding with the environment that you get when you find the perfect spot and build your temporary home from home. The satisfaction of creating your campsite and taking a step back to see the final result is an incredibly enjoyable moment.


The process of collecting wood, starting the fire, tending to it, and being mesmerized by the flames can be very therapeutic. The smells, sounds, and poking the embers with a stick can bring you back to your childhood. Also, who doesn’t like S’Mores?

campfire fun with friends outside tent


Arguably, the biggest reason why camping is fun is when you get to share the experience with friends. This could be with new friends as a way of bonding with them and developing your friendship. Or this could be with established friends as a way of maintaining that connection.

For the animal lovers out there, your friends can also include your pets! There is nothing stopping you from bringing your fluffy companion along for the journey.

Don’t have any friends who enjoy camping? Going solo is the perfect way of changing that – not only will this force you to talk to people if you fancy some company, but you might also meet some like-minded adventurers at your campsite and create new friendships.

To Strengthen (or Test) Your Relationship

Can you communicate well with your partner? Can you resolve conflicts effectively? Are you able to help each other when needed? All these are important areas of a relationship that can come into sharp relief when you go camping with your partner.

A fun thing about camping is seeing how your partner likes to unwind, how your partner copes with obstacles that might arise, or how your partner likes to organize trips such as this. Does their way of unwinding align with yours? Is your partner an open-minded problem solver or more logical? Is your partner a methodological planner or more carefree?

Camping can reveal whether your relationship is symbiotic as you thought, or you might identify areas for improvement – both are valuable things to know for the longevity of a relationship.

couple having fun camping

Get Some Space

Maybe you’ve realized that things aren’t going as well as you hoped with your partner and you’d like some space. Going camping is an excellent way of doing this; a change of scenery, fresh air, and nature is the perfect way to gain some perspective on your feelings.

Alternatively, maybe you live in a houseshare with several other housemates, or maybe your living space doesn’t have much of an outdoor area. Getting to the countryside is an excellent way to get some space and have some fun away from the city.

Test Your Gear

Buying new gear is fun, and it’s always exciting to test it out. Camping gives you the chance to wear in your new hiking boots, to put your new camping tarp to the test against the elements, or see how quickly you can put up your new tent!

This is important to do, particularly before you commit to a big camping trip with multiple people who may be relying on you and your gear, just as much as you are.

Roughing it a Little

Comfort is the enemy of progress; comfy beds, accessible entertainment, and central heating can make you soft. Roughing it a little can make you feel alive and can bring back the lust for life when things get a little mundane.

Make Memories

Surprisingly, when looking back to the fun times I camped with friends, it is often the things that went wrong that are the most fun memories to reminisce about – such as the time we got lost in the forest for hours during an intense rainstorm and then spent the whole weekend very damp.

You’re not going to make memories of that tv show you binged all weekend, but you will make memories of the first time you lit a campfire using the flint and steel method!

Learn New Skills

Have you ever wanted to go on an episode of Bear Grylls to see if you can survive? Well, camping is an excellent intermediate step to test some of your skills.

You can learn how to find a good shelter spot, put up a tarp, set a trap, make a campfire, pack efficiently, orienteer, forage – there are so many things you could learn. Camping is fun because it can teach you so many useful skills.

friends enjoying camping and having fun

Reason to Get Outside

Being outside, in the sunshine is fun, and camping is a great excuse to do just that. Sunshine is an excellent source of Vitamin D, which is vital to keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy.

Lastly, getting outside is excellent for your mental health, especially if you’re ever feeling a lull in motivation or general happiness – being outside can help with both!

Hunting and Fishing

Whilst killing animals for fun is wrong, hunting for food can be a fun activity when camping, as long as you maintain a healthy respect for the animals and the local fishing and hunting regulations (e.g. when the hunting season begins or ends, the amount of fish you’re allowed to collect, the type of firearm you’re allowed to carry, the type of bait you’re allowed to use).

Admittedly, this is not for everyone, and if it isn’t, maybe the next point will be!


If you have the knowledge to do so, an incredibly fun activity to do whilst camping is foraging for food. You can find berries, mushrooms, nuts, and other fruits, depending on where you camp and depending on the time of year. The best camping snack I ever had were fresh blueberries straight from the bush on the mountainside in the French Alps!

Learn More About Nature

The best teacher is lived experience. Mother nature is an excellent teacher, you can learn about the flight formation of birds by watching geese fly away in groups. You can learn about fox habitats by seeing their little burrows. You can learn about the flora and fauna of the streams you cross on your way to the campsite.

Admire the Stars

Away from the light pollution of city life, the beautiful night sky will be much more visible. With better visibility, you can channel your inner astronomer and see if you can spot Ursa Major or other constellations, the Milky Way, shooting stars, satellites and if you’re lucky (and north enough) you might even see the Northern Lights.

All you need to remember is a cozy blanket and some hot chocolate!

star gazing for fun camping in a tent view

Discover Where You Live

Another reason why camping is fun is discovering the areas around where you live. You might discover that just an hour away from your home is a forest that is abundant with bright bluebells in the spring. You might come across a beautiful and secluded camping spot that you might take your partner on next time you go on an adventure together.

Learn About Yourself

Camping is fun because it can teach you a lot about yourself. Camping can help you identify the things you really value about yourself (such as your impeccable organization) as well as areas you might want to improve (such as your tent building skills).

An excellent life lesson is the ability to spend time with yourself and camping is an excellent way to do this. The peaceful setting can help you reflect on your needs or your future plans.

There is an incredibly empowering feeling that comes with camping by yourself.


Going camping can be great exercise as you often have to walk or hike to your perfect camping spot. Building the tent and finding firewood is also an active process. While you’re camping you might spot an incredible viewpoint in the distance to hike the next day. The outdoors is nature’s most beautiful gym!


Can you think of any more reasons why camping is fun? Let us know in the comments.

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