Why Do People Like Camping? 15 Reasons Why People Enjoy Camping

Last Updated on 08/02/2022

why do people like camping

If you aren’t the outdoorsy type you might be wondering why do people like camping? What do they get out of it? And who on earth would rather sleep outside on the ground instead of a nice comfy bed with central heating or air conditioning? Well, lot’s of people actually. In this article, we explain why people like camping and share the opinions of over 30 people who enjoy camping.

As campers, it is easy to understand why many people don’t enjoy camping or even the thought of camping. But as someone who doesn’t enjoy camping, you might be wondering why do people go camping in the first place. The truth is, it takes a special type of person to look past the hardships of camping and instead feel excited about roughing it a little bit in nature.

The problem is that many camping skeptics are basing their opinion on their first-time experience with camping which more often than not isn’t great. This is common because you probably don’t know what the heck you are doing the first time you go camping and make simple mistakes that lead to a bad night’s sleep. Once you correct the simple things like bringing a warmer sleeping bag, thicker sleeping pad, better tent etc things start to get a lot more fun.

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Why Do People Like Camping?

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People like to go camping for lots of reasons however the top two are to enjoy nature and solitude. Being outside in nature is one of the best ways to have what is called a digital detox which is basically just time away from technology. Instead of starting off with some of the obvious reasons people like camping, we will be trying to go a bit deeper into the real reasons people choose camping as a hobby.

With so much to keep up with in the modern world and working full time, it is completely normal to feel the urge to just get away from it all. Some people dream of being out in nature on their own with nothing but the breeze and the stars to keep them company at night. Others desire the feeling of escaping the city and smelling the fresh air, listening to waterfalls, and seeing wildlife.

So we know that freedom and escape are two reasons people enjoy going camping but is that all? Absolutely not, there are hundreds of reasons why people go camping for enjoyment. Lots of other reasons people like camping include the view, the food, campfires, morning coffee, hearing the rain on the tent, sense of achievement, and the list goes on. Below are some of the most common reasons people like to camp.

15 Reasons Why People Feel the Need to Go Camping

reasons that people like to go camping


One of the top reasons people like to camp is the freedom you feel out in the middle of nowhere. No walls to box you in (tent walls don’t count in this situation) and it feels like you can finally breathe. There is something special about being out in the great outdoors and it is a combination of everything together. The trees, mountains, sky, animals, plants, smells, sounds, and everything else.

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The freedom to hike where you want, head off the beaten trail, and pitch your tent in the most picturesque locations is all some people think about all week long until it gets to the weekend. When you go camping you are free to be yourself and there#s no pressure to be anything you are not. For many people, camping is the epitome of freedom.

To Feel Closer To Nature

Getting closer to nature sounds cliche but it is the best way to describe what camping feels like. You are sleeping inches from the ground, drinking water from streams, cooking food on the fire, and washing under waterfalls – it’s awesome.

You might wake up in the morning to see a deer staring right at you or as you dunk your head in a stream you look up to see a kingfisher or heron taking a fish out of the water. You will feel the breeze blowing against your tent and know how strong it is while being as snug as a bug inside your sleeping bag. You feel like you’re a part of it.

Instead of being unable to sit still without checking your phone, you find yourself staring at the campfire or the stars for hours. The feeling you take home after camping is that of feeling like you became a part of the landscape for a night and pride that you took part in such a unique and memorable experience. Unless your tent collapses, your spill water all over your sleeping bag, you forget the tin opener or any other number of things goes wrong – then you might have a different outlook.

Health Benefits

Are there any scientifically-proven benefits of camping? As far as we could find there are no scientific benefits to camping but if it helps you to destress and you enjoy it then surely you are going to feel better after camping. Health benefits might include clearing your mind, lowering blood pressure, raising fitness levels, and feeling reenergized. If you live in the city then just getting some fresh countryside air is enough of a benefit to go camping.

Digital Detox

Digital Detoxes sound like something you do after searching something sketchy in the search bar but no. Having a digital detox means taking a break from daily pressures and temptations of replying to emails, shopping on Amazon, sending text messages, keeping up with Whatsapp groups, posting on social media, playing video games, and any other digital habits you have formed. It basically entails turning off your phone and stepping away from your computer for a couple of days while you go camping or fishing.

Camping is the perfect way to have a digital detox in a way that doesn’t feel like punishment or an endurance challenge. Like we said before, you can spend hours upon hours just staring at the stars or tending to a fire while staring into the flames. You don’t need a phone and more often than not you won’t get internet so embracing the digital detox becomes much easier.

Relax and Unwind

Believe it or not, most people who like camping find it relaxing and a great way to destress after a busy week. This probably has some overlap with the benefits of having a digital detox and the desire to get closer to nature. If you don’t like the idea of camping and aren’t convinced just picture yourself in a camp chair around a campfire with shooting stars in the sky and your loved one by your side. Then imagine you have your favorite beverage and whatever treats you are partial to and tell me that doesn’t sound like a good way to relax.

The trick to having a relaxing and enjoyable camping experience be prepared both with the gear you pack and with your mindset. If the flies are out then hopefully you have a bug net, bug spray, or a campfire smoke to keep them at bay but if not, don’t let it ruin your night. If listening to the crackle of a campfire or a babbling brook doesn’t relax you then hopefully the feeling of being a world away from your responsibilities allows your mind to wander freely.

Test Yourself

Some people might see Bear Grylls or Les Stroud on TV and wonder if they still have what it takes. Maybe you are overcoming an injury or a fear and camping out in the woods on your own sounds like a good challenge to set yourself. I think everyone should go camping on their own at least once in their adult life – it makes you a stronger more confident person I believe.

While many people enjoy camping, for others it can be seen as scary and unpleasant and so pushing your own boundaries is a great way to feel alive and build confidence. The idea is, if you can survive a night in the woods or on top of a mountain by yourself, you can do anything.

Sense of Adventure

If you have been watching Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or a nature documentary showcasing some wild and wonderful places, you no doubt get filled with a sense of adventure and an urge to explore. Camping in nature combined with a hike and a campfire is an adventure anyone can enjoy on a weekend usually within an hour or two’s drive.

Going to work five days a week can get pretty boring so instead of heading to a bar or restaurant why not explore your local wilderness and go camping instead? Camping can be done solo, which feels really adventurous, with friends, which feels exclusive, or with a partner which can be romantic. Regardless of who you camp with it feels great to explore your sense of adventure.

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For people who enjoy camping on their own site, the number one reason they like to camp alone in solitude. The feeling of being out there in the middle of nowhere with nothing but your wits is an addictive feeling. No noisy neighbors, barking dogs, or traffic to get on your nerves, just you and nature. It feels liberating, uplifting, and freeing all at the same time, and when you sit still you really begin to appreciate the solitude of camping.

Peace and Calm

Whether you live a hectic life or not, getting out in nature with your camping gear is a great way to find some peace and calm. Many people report feeling a sense of inner peace and calmness after spending a few days camping which is reason alone to give it a try. If you have never heard the silence at the top of a mountain on a calm day or fallen asleep to the soothing sound of rain in your tent then you don’t know what you are missing.

Family Traditions

Camping holidays can be a family tradition in some families and so as you grow up camping feels like a normal thing to do in the summer. It is a hobby often passed down through the generations and is an excellent way to grow a deep appreciation for nature. If someone you went camping with in the past is no longer with us then camping can feel like a way of honoring their memory.

For a Bit of Fun

Camping is one of the most popular types of outdoor recreation for many reasons, one of which is because it is fun. Packing all your gear into a backpack, searching on google earth to find the perfect place to park or pitch your tent, and then finally getting out there to go camping. Whether you are with your friends, family, partner, dog, or on your own – I often have to laugh at some of the situations I get into in the pursuit of the perfect camping spot.

Camping is Cheap

Some people like camping because it is cheaper than booking a hotel or a hostel every night. You buy a tent once and it will last for years. This makes it incredibly accessible to everyone and you don’t need the best camping gear to enjoy a campout. You can buy a top-of-the-range tent and sleeping bag along with a pad and a pillow for the same price it would cost to stay in a cheap hotel for two weeks. If you use your camping gear more than ten times you’ve broken even.

But just because you can save a bunch of money in the long run by camping doesn’t mean you have to suffer, You are often in a beautiful location with a view that would cost thousands of dollars if it were listed as a box room on Airbnb. You can pitch your own beachfront apartment or mountaintop hut and have the place to yourself. This is the new rich.

Opportunity to Get Outdoors

Everyone needs a reason to get outdoors. Whether that reason is to walk the dog, sit on a bench with a morning coffee, or get some exercise. Camping is the perfect excuse to get outdoors and get some exercise as well as relax and enjoy yourself once the tent is set up. You can choose the exact location where you will spend the night along with which way your door faces for the view or rising sun. Camping accommodates the opportunity to explore the local landscape.

Release Some Endorphins

Carrying your camping gear can sometimes mean lugging lots of heavy gear over miles of rough terrain if you don’t have all the lightweight gear. This takes some physical effort and it feels amazing when you finally find your spot and put your bags down. The process of building a fire from a tiny ember and waiting for the coals to turn red before you cook your food builds anticipation which is released when you bite into that juicy steak or fresh fish.

Meet Like-Minded People

Camping is a great way to socialize with old friends as well as meet like-minded people who enjoy camping too. The best place to meet people like you is by doing the things you love or are interested in. Do you think all trainspotters know each other before they start watching trains? No, they started watching trains and the people stood around them turn into their tribe. So the next time you see someone camping give them a wave or say hello because you never know who you might meet.

What Do People Enjoy Most About Camping?

It is so hard to pinpoint a single thing that makes camping so great as there are many different things you can enjoy while camping. For us, it is the sense of freedom and getting away from it all, but isn’t that two things I can hear you say. Maybe but like we said, it is hard to explain the one thing that most people enjoy about camping. This is when we knew we had to put the question to other campers.

28 Answers to the Question: Why Do People Like Camping?

I asked a community of passionate wild campers what their favorite thing about camping is and below are their unfiltered replies with their details blurred out. As you can see, nature, freedom, and solitude are some of the top answers are

why do people enjoy camping




why do people like camping

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