Survivor Filter Review – Personal Water Filter Straw

Last Updated on 25/03/2021

Survivor Filter Review – Personal Water Filter Straw

Survivor Filter Review

Survivor Filter Review

For this Survivor Filter Review, we are looking at the original personal water filter from Survivor Filter to see how it holds up in the field. Although I have seen people using the Survivor Filter before, I had never used or owned one of my own.

As a personal water filter, it does everything you could possibly want and then some. Super easy to use and pack away with one of the highest rated filtration levels on the market – bettered only by its bigger brother, the Survivor Filter Pro.


  • Triple Level Filtration down to 0.05 microns
  • Weighs just 3.5 oz / 100 g (when dry)
  • Filters 7 ounces (200 ml) per minute
  • Removes 99.9% of all bacteria
  • Ultra Filter can be re-used up to 100,000 Liters before replacement
  • Carbon Filter lasts up to 1,000 Liters before replacement
  • Easily cleanable and replaceable components
  • BPA-Free and has a Lifetime Warranty
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What’s Cool

The size and weight of the Survivor Filter are perfect for light packing and has a lanyard loop if you want to wear it around your neck. The flip lid is attached with a silicone type material which is strong and secure, and satisfyingly easy to close with just your thumb.

The Survivor Filter screws on to any standard fizzy drinks style bottle, making it easier to process larger volumes of water than if using it as a straw filter.

If you want to clean the filters inside, you can! Although the filter is rated to process over 100,000 liters of water, the flow rate will slow down over time. You can regenerate its full potential by rinsing out the ultra-filter inside and putting in a new pre-filter every now and then (5 x included).

Flow Rate

The flow rate for the survivor filter is slow in comparison to other water filters on the market, but bear in mind that it does filter almost 4 times smaller than most of its competition. Used as an attachment to a bottle, you can apply lots of pressure by sitting on the bottle instead of squeezing with your hands. By doing this you can get a steady trickle to fill your canteen in a couple of minutes (500ml). Using it as a straw filter takes a lot of effort and time to get a satisfying drink but works none the less.

Survivor Filter Review

Size and Weight

The Survivor Filter is a handy little tool to keep in the side pocket of your bag or even around your neck if you are hiking in places with many little streams. At just 3.5 ounces when dry, it is ideal for backpackers, hunters, and hikers who like to keep weight to a minimal. 1 inch wide and 7 inches long (about the size of a large carrot) is impressive to say that it has three levels of filtration inside.


I have found in this Survivor Filter Review that it takes very little maintenance to remain effective but the efficiency is definitely improved if you give it the once over every now and then. The carbon filter is locked in like a light bulb and can be replaced after roughly 1,000 liters have been processed. Five of the cotton pre-filters are included and can be rinsed or replaced as often as you like.

All the parts can be accessed in one way or another, including the ultra-filter which pops out and answers the question, “how does an ultra-filter work?“. You can see how all the micro tubes line up and allow only the smallest particles to pass through. I am not quite sure how you would backwash the ultra-filter but you can soak it in vinegar for 20 minutes to clean it. Full instructions are included in the user manual.

Ease of Use

As an overall water filter, it is easy to use with no real way of getting it wrong. But used as a straw, I would have to say that it’s not as easy to use as other alternatives in the sense that it takes more time and effort to get a good drink. As a universal attachment to the readily available standard pop bottle, I think it is a great addition to your outdoor gear or bug out bag.

With just a couple twists the filter can be attached to any pop bottle to create a canteen filter that stays watertight during transit. Using it as a canteen filter is far easier than sucking through it like a straw. You can even flip and close the lid with just your thumb for one-handed use. With a handy attachment loop, the Survivor Filter can be just as easily worn around your neck as fastened to your backpack for convenience.


If you are looking for a compact water filter you can keep in your bag for emergencies on hiking or backpacking trips then I would definitely recommend you consider the Survivor Filter. Great value for money, lightweight and compact size make it ideal as a gift for someone who likes camping. It removes particles up to 4 times smaller than your average water filter – which is great but the flow rate does suffer a little.

If you are looking for higher efficiency over size and weight then check out the Survivor Filter Pro review here / or our top 10 best backpacking water filters here.

How much is the Survivor Filter?

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7.7 Total Score
Survivor Filter Original Review

The Survivor Filter is a handy little tool to keep in the side pocket of your bag for things like hiking, camping, and hunting.

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