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Last Updated on 25/03/2021

Women’s North Face Caroluna Jacket Review for every day wearing

Women's North Face Caroluna Jacket Review

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The North Face Caroluna Jacket for Women

When it comes to outdoor gear for women, much of it, let’s be honest, still lacks a certain creativity and style. We’re not asking for high fashion here, just outdoor clothing that looks great and is wearable in normal day-to-day situations as well as when we’re out adventuring.

So when I came across the North Face Caroluna Jacket, I was more than a little surprised and snapped it up straight away! After wearing it in some very cold places, I can report that I’m delighted with my purchase. And here’s why:


Not every woman who enjoys nature and the outdoors necessarily wants to dress like she does, and this jacket is perfect for those women. Simply put, I’ve never seen such a stylish and good-looking women’s jacket from an outdoor clothing manufacturer. When I first saw it, I assumed it was a high-end fashion brand as there is no big logo on the chest, just a discreet one on the sleeve.

It’s a biker style design with the body section made of diagonal quilted cotton jersey, which looks really smart. The jersey fabric means it doesn’t really look like rugged outdoor gear. The high neckline and fitted shape mean it looks great on all shaped and sized bodies and creates an hourglass silhouette.


The fit is very snug and it’s fitted in both body and sleeves. The design curves perfectly to fit a woman’s body shape, with an elasticated back waistline to improve the fit. The sizing comes up a little small, so if you want to wear a thicker jumper or a few layers underneath, it’s better to go one size up.

Women's North Face Caroluna Jacket Review   Women's North Face Caroluna Jacket Review

Women's North Face Caroluna Jacket ReviewWomen's North Face Caroluna Jacket Review


I went for classic black, but it’s available in a range of colors to suit everyone, including light gray heather and dark gray heather (both marl), Dramatic Plum (bright pinky purple), and deep sea teal green. Something I have always liked about The North Face is their choice in colours which can be new and exciting or more neutral – but they always look very sharp.


It’s available in two lengths – a longer tunic length (see here) that fits snugly over the hips and ends just at the top of the thighs, and a cropped length that finishes at the hips (see here). I really liked the longer length as it provided extra warmth and emphasized the smooth silhouette.


My big concern was that opting for an attractive jacket would mean sacrificing some warmth, but on the contrary, the jacket is impressively warm. The inner fabric is Raschel fleece, which is super-soft and very warm. The quilted design also locks in the heat, creating small pockets of warm air. It has concealed pockets to keep your hands warm, though it would have been nice if the insides of the pockets had also been finished in Raschel fleece.

My favorite aspect is the stand-up collar, which provides exceptional warmth without wearing a separate scarf, though it’s just big enough to fit a small scarf underneath for extra warmth. There is also a hooded version available.

My only criticism is that the zip fastening up to the neck inside the collar can get very cold, and would benefit from an extra layer of fleece to cover the zip so it doesn’t rest against the skin. A zip hood if you will.

Women's North Face Caroluna Jacket Review


Unless you’ve got oodles of space and cash to spend on multiple outfits, most women like to buy items that suit a multitude of purposes. So this jacket is perfect thanks to its versatility. You can wear it on outdoor adventures and look like a stylish adventurer. Or you can wear it to the office or into town and nobody will think you’re heading off on a hike. It’s the type of jacket you can wear anywhere, which is rare for outdoor wear.

It’s light enough that you can wear it as a hoodie with a vest underneath on not-so-cold days, and as a proper jacket with a merino base layer and jumper underneath on colder days. This means it can take you from autumn to winter with ease and is perfect for backpacking in places with mixed climates.


Another wonderful thing about the North Face Caroluna Jacket it is how light it is. The fabric means its not heavy like a lot of outdoor jackets. This makes it ideal if you’re going on your travels although it doesn’t roll up very small so would be best through your rucksack loops as opposed to through your trekking pole straps!


This North Face Caroluna Jacket Review reveals that it is a stylish jacket that works well on outdoor adventures as well as looking great around town or on the way to and from work. If you aren’t keen on the whole extreme outdoor gear look then this a great piece of kit that serves the purpose of keeping you warm, comfy, and looking good.

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