TITAN SurvivorCord Review – 550 Paracord, Fishing Line, Waxed Jute, and Copper Wire All in One

Last Updated on 06/03/2022

This TITAN SurvivorCord Review shows you the Ultimate Military 550 Paracord, Fishing Line, Waxed Jute, and Copper Wire Combination for Wilderness Adventures. I’m sure I’m not the only person who smiled and said, “GENIUS!” when I saw this.

TITAN SurvivorCord Review - fishing line, copper wire, waxed jute, paracord all in one

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TITAN SurvivorCord is a unique, patent-pending new product from TITAN Survival that integrates three potentially life-saving fibers into high-quality Mil-Spec, 7-Strand, Type III 550 paracord. At just 5 mm in diameter and tested to hold over 620 lbs, we found in this TITAN SurvivorCord Review that this cordage does not sacrifice strength with the added fibers and the features are certainly not a gimmick.

Combining strands of 25 lb. Mono-Filament Fishing Line, Conductive Brass Wire, and Waxed Jute Fiber into an existing product like paracord is such a great idea for survival situations. A small roll of paracord is a staple piece of kit in most hiking, camping, and bug-out backpacks for good reason. With so many uses for strong cordage in the wild, once you start using paracord, it is hard to imagine what you did without it.

Initial Thoughts

Having replaced all my shoelaces with paracord many years ago, I was excited for this TITAN SurvivorCord Review and to test it on my boots. It gives me some level of reassurance knowing that I always have some cordage with me, plus I think they look pretty cool. There have been 1 or 2 times when I have sacrificed a shoelace for shelter building or to create a wrist strap for my tools. But the uses for such short lengths of paracord are limited without opening up the fibers to create a thinner but longer strand.

Including such useful and unobtrusive fibers like fishing line, wire, and waxed jute adds massive value to your paracord without adding any extra bulk. Even a short length of TITAN SurvivorCord is enough to increase your chances of making a fire, snaring small game or catching some fish. With plenty of other ways to use all these amazing fibers, this really looks to be a genius product. But before you say, “shut up and take my money”, let’s just go into a bit more detail.

TITAN SurvivorCord Review - fishing line, copper wire, waxed jute, paracord


Paracord is a favorite general purpose utility cord with the military as well as outdoors people because it is lightweight, strong and slightly elasticated. Originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes but has even been used by astronauts during the 82nd Hubble Space Telescope Space Mission, the uses are endless. With a nylon kern mantle construction, TITAN SurvivorCord is just like any other paracord but with added bonus of 3 other materials.

Nylon kern mantle rope is constructed with an internal core (kern) which is protected by a woven external sheath (mantle) that protects the inner fibers and increases strength and flexibility. Genuine 550 paracord is made from Nylon and has 7 to 9 inner yarns each made of three strands and is rated to hold a minimum of 550 lbs. without breaking, hence the name “550 cord”. Rated to hold over 620 LBS, Titan 550 Paracord exceeds all MIL-C-5040-H, Type III specifications so that you know you can count on it in times of need.

If you don’t already have a stash of standard paracord then you can buy big rolls of it here.

Fishing Line

The single 25 lb tested transparent fishing line is made from high-strength monofilament fiber which is perfect for survival situations or even if you just fancy your luck at fishing on an impromptu camping trip. With just a 1-meter long strand of TITAN Survivor Cord, you can create a workable fishing line to attach a hook to and have a go at fishing for supper.

By splitting and joining the 7 internal fibers of the paracord you can create a much longer 6 – 7-meter long length of thin cordage. Attach the 1-meter fishing line to the end of the rope along with some bait and a hook and you are ready to fish. As well as carrying a length of paracord, it is always good practice to carry a small fishing kit including a weight, float. hooks, and a spinner. In the past, you would also have to carry some fishing line as well but now that need is taken care of by TITAN SurvivorCord.

For a cheap and cheerful basic fishing kit with a few hooks, weights, and other bits click here.

Copper Wire

The copper wire is actually Titan Survival’s proprietary copper-alloy mix which is strong, conductive, non-magnetic, and doesn’t ever rust. Useful as both a conductive wire as well as being perfect for making snares. A single strand may only be strong enough to snare mice or small birds, but when you double or triple it up, you are capable of snaring a much larger game.

The mix of the copper-alloy stops the wire from becoming too stiff while the strength and flexibility help it resist snapping under pressure. Even with the weight of a 200 lb adult swinging on the SurvivorCord, the copper wire does not snap. Strong reviews on Amazon also report about the strength of the wire when tested for weakness.

Waxed Jute

For the people who are wondering “what is waxed jute?”, it is simply a waterproof twisted fiber that is designed to take a spark and ignite when you need it. Waxed jute is typically made from vegetable or other plant fibers that have been impregnated with wax to be more flammable. While the waxed jute in the SurvivorCord is fairly coarse already, it is recommended to fluff it up as much as possible before use so that it catches a spark easier. It may take 5 minutes or so to process and should eventually start to look more like wool than twine.

Once you have your fluffed up ball of tinder you should also prepare some small kindling to add once you have created a flame. All it takes is a single spark to ignite and the wax really helps to sustain a flame while the kindling catches alight. In some places, dry tinder can be almost impossible to come by and 1 person can only create so much lint and belly button fluff in a day! Waxed jute comes in very handy and is the perfect addition to this already impressive survival cordage.

For some tips on fire starting without matches or a lighter, read the article here.

TITAN SurvivorCord Review - fishing line, copper wire, waxed jute, paracord 3 in 1

Why do I need TITAN SurvivorCord?

As reliable cordage, the TITAN SurvivorCord is perfect for backpacking, camping, military, and general-purpose use. Here are some of the ways I have used paracord in past:

  • Replacing shoelaces.
  • Fastening items to the outside of your backpack.
  • Doubling up to make a stronger rope.
  • Guy lines for securing tents, hammocks, tarps, and shelter poles.
  • Shelter and raft building.
  • Wrist straps for hand tools and camera equipment.
  • Securing backpacks and food in trees and out of the reach of bears.
  • Makeshift trouser belt or climbing harness.
  • Backpacking clothesline.
  • Lashing together firewood to take back to camp.
  • Fastening items to the roof of your car.
  • Cat toy 😉


As cordage, it works just like paracord but with more rigidity thanks to the copper wire. It does bunch up a bit and is not as easy to braid or tie complex knots with as regular paracord, but is still 100% functional. The velcro strap is a nice touch and helps to keep your SurvivorCord compact and ready to go. As a shoelace, I did find that it didn’t want to stay as tight as I would have liked but a simple double bow solves that problem.

So it would be nice to think that you could just grab hold of the wire, fishing line, and waxed jute strands to pull them out without opening up the outer mantle of the Survivor Cord. Unfortunately this is is easier said than done. While it is not too hard to get the fishing line and copper wire out of short lengths of SurvivorCord, any longer lengths will have to be gutted to release the inner strands without damaging them.


This TITAN SurvivorCord Review was fairly easy to conduct as it is basically improving on an existing product that already has a lot of uses. As general purpose cordage, it does what is said on the tin and gives you over 550 lbs. of pressure without hesitation. As a survival cord, it does far more than your average length of rope. Even just a short of SurvivorCord will massively increase your chances of survival in the wild and for that, we take our hats off. If you already have a short length of paracord on your knife or ax, for example, the Titan SurvivorCord is such a great piece of kit that we score it 9.5/10

How Much is it?


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9.5 Total Score
TITAN SurvivorCord Review - 550 Cord, Fishing Line, Tinder, Copper Wire

TITAN SurvivorCord Review - Military 550 Paracord, 25 lb. Fishing Line, Waxed Jute Waterproof Tinder, Conductive Copper Wire 4-in-1 Survival Cord.

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