Fiskars X-Series Axes Comparison | Which Fiskars Axe is Best?

Last Updated on 19/06/2023

Fiskars X-Series Axes comparison

In this Fiskars X-Series Axes Comparison Guide, we explain what each different model is designed for and what it is best used for. You will learn the difference between a hatchet and a camping axe as well as come out knowing which axe you need.

Fiskars X-Series Axes Comparison

There are 8 different shapes and sizes in the Fiskars X-Series Axes range, which includes 3 x chopping axes and 5 x splitting axes, as seen in the image above. Each of the different Fiskars axes will do one job better than the next, which is why you should have a good idea of what you will be using it for before you buy one.

If you need something small and lightweight to chop firewood and fit in your backpack, then the X5 or X7 will be ideal. If you want a Fiskars Axe for splitting big logs, then the X27 is designed for you because it will chop through logs of 30 cm and upwards. The key is finding which Fiskars X-Series Axes will work best for you in most situations, so let’s jump straight into this Fiskars X-Series Axes comparison.

Compare the 8 Different Fiskars Axes

Features of the Fiskars X-Series Axes

  • Ultralight and durable FiberComp™ shaft minimizes fatigue and makes the axe virtually unbreakable
  • New optimal anti-shock 3D surface and hooked end of the handle ensures a comfortable, firm grip preventing the axe from slipping out of the hand
  • Rugged plastic sheath/holster which can be attached to a belt and makes transporting the axe safe
  • Different sizes for different tasks and log dimensions
  • A thick blade gives extra momentum to split even the thickest logs
  • Perfect balance between the head and shaft

What Is the Difference Between a Hatchet and An Axe?

While you would be forgiven for calling a hatchet an axe, there are some loose differences between axes and hatchets which are still up for debate. Senior editor at Popular Mechanics, Roy Berendsohn defines a hatchet as simply, “a small one-hand axe used for chopping”, which I would have to agree with.

Apart from hand axes, most axes are designed to be used with two hands to get maximum power and can be used for chopping, splitting, and hewing lumber. Both hatchets and axes will achieve the same tasks as each other but splitting wood with a hatchet will take longer and dull the edge quicker than with an axe. Hatchets seem to come in handy more often due to the never-ending demand for small chopping jobs around camp.

Fiskars X Series comparison hatchets and axe's

Wooden Handle vs Synthetic Shaft Axes

This is somewhat of an oldschool vs newschool debate with true outdoorsmen would always take a wooden shaft over a synthetic one because it can be replaced in the field if it breaks. Fiberglass composite handles are indeed very strong and will no doubt last a long time but if it gets damaged you need a whole new axe. That being said, I own multiple Fiskars X-Series axes which I have been very hard on over the years and have yet to break or even damage one yet.

All the X-Series axes come with a 25-year guarantee which shows how confident the company is in its product. In my honest opinion, a traditional hand-forged axe with a hickory handle is far more aesthetically pleasing than a factory-made, synthetic shafted axe. However, these hollow composite handles are perfect for lightweight camping trips and around the house and garden where they make light work of most tasks.

What We Like Most About the Fiskars X-Series Axes

  • Variety of shapes and sizes
  • Lightweight but strong and reliable
  • Sharp and easily maintained
  • Perfectly balanced for accuracy and power
  • The hooked handle and grip is excellent
  • Never let us down

Fiskars X-Series Axes Comparison

Fiskars X5 – XXS Chopping Axe

Fiskars X5 chopping-axe-xxs-x5
  • Width: 13 mm
  • Length: 231 mm
  • Height: 28 mm
  • Weight: 560 g

The Fiskars X5 is the smallest hatchet on this list at just 23 cm long and is intended to be used one-handed for small wood and kindling. It is so small it can be easily carried on your belt and will fit inside any backpack with no problem. It is extremely versatile in that it can do many of the tasks a knife can do because of its maneuverability in the hand. It is the ideal hatchet for overnighters and weekends when you are unlikely to need anything bigger and is also the most lightweight hatchet for hiking.

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Fiskars X7 – XS Chopping Axe

Fiskars X7 chopping-axe-xs-x7
  • Width: 130 mm
  • Length: 354 mm
  • Height: 33 mm
  • Weight: 640 g

The Fiskars X7 chopping axe is specially designed for processing wood for fires and felling small trees as well as most all other bushcraft that requires an axe. At a respectable 35 cm, this is still a one-handed hatchet, but it will also make light work of firewood and is excellent at amassing huge bundles of tinder. Weighing just 640 grams and packing easily, this is the perfect axe for camping trips where you don’t want to carry lots of gear, and it will come in handy many times over.

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Fiskars X10 – XS Chopping Axe

Fiskars X10 chopping-axe-s-x10
  • Width: 152 mm
  • Length: 445 mm
  • Height: 33 mm
  • Weight: 1000 g

The Fiskars X10 is the largest chopping hatchet in Fiskars X-series range but is technically an extra small axe. It is ideal for chopping firewood and is a really nice size for carpentry and shaping woodwork. It will give you a deep and clean-cut in fresh, resinous wood like spruce or pine, and the edge is easy to maintain. The longer handle allows you to tackle larger tasks and can be swung with both hands if needs be.

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Fiskars X11 – S Splitting Axe

Fiskars X11 splitting-axe-s-x11
  • Width: 151 mm
  • Length: 444 mm
  • Height: 33 mm
  • Weight: 1100 g

The Fiskars X11 is the smallest splitting axe of four different-sized axes in this Fiskars X-Series Range and is a good size for packing into smaller backpacks. As a splitter, the X11 is a trusty companion to any wood-burning stove and is small enough to be swung indoors at your own risk. It is designed to split logs of more than 20 cm in diameter and can be used one-handed or two. An ideal companion to a bushcraft knife that can tackle all the heavy work and save the edge on your blade.

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Fiskars X17 – M Splitting Axe

  • Width: 165 mm
  • Length: 600 mm
  • Height: 36 mm
  • Weight: 1500 g

The Fiskars X17 is your standard, medium-sized splitting axe and will tear through logs of more than 20 cm in diameter. At 1.5 kg and 60 cm long, it is not as lightweight or compact as the chopping hatchets, but it will still fit in or strap to most backpacks. The ergonomic end knob feels really snug in the hand and improves your grip to get maximum splitting power, also ensuring it doesn’t slip out of your hand. While the X17 is robust enough to tackle big logs, it also works reasonably well for smaller jobs and detail.

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Fiskars X21 – L Splitting Axe

Fiskars X21 splitting-axe-l-x21
  • Width: 165 mm
  • Length: 709 mm
  • Height: 36 mm
  • Weight: 1600 g

The Fiskars X21 axe is ideal for splitting logs of up to 30 cm and above and is a great all-rounder that can handle most heavy-duty chopping tasks. The head is the same width as the X17 above, which means this axe can be used for more detailed woodwork and smaller chopping tasks.

The new model is said to have been perfected for accurate balance and high swing speed thanks to the lightweight handle and 71 cm length. If I could take one axe on this list for a longer camping trip, it would probably be this one, and if I don’t have a long distance to hike, then I would also take this X-Series model.

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Fiskars X25 – XL Splitting Axe

Fiskars X25 splitting-axe-xl-x25
  • Width: 235 mm
  • Length: 774 mm
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Weight: 2400 g

The Fiskars X25 XL splitting axe is not much longer than the X21 but is considerably heavier thanks to the stout head, which generates a lot of chopping power. One strike at the correct angle will blast through even the chunkiest logs and is designed to handle tree trunk diameters of 30 cm and up.

The unique blade geometry will cut deep into green or dry wood before splitting clean through with one swing and uses the extra weight to gain momentum. The sturdy shaft and 3D grip help you get a really good handhold, and the balance is machine perfect.

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Fiskars X27 – XXL Splitting Axe

Fiskars X27 splitting-axe-xxl-x27
  • Width: 235 mm
  • Length: 964 mm
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Weight: 2600 g

The Fiskars X27 is the largest splitting axe in the Fiskars X-Series range and comes with a 96 cm handle for maximum swing power and leverage. Designed as the heaviest duty axe for chopping through thick chunks of hard timber, 30 cm and up, if this doesn’t do the job then maybe you should consider a chainsaw. If you can carry the weight, this axe makes an excellent addition to a smaller chopping hatchet which together will take care of all your needs.

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Fiskars X7 Camping Hatchet Review

Are Fiskars Axes Any Good?

If you are used to using a wooden handle axe, then opting for a composite handle axe might seem a bit daunting. What if the handle breaks? Believe me, I had the same fear, but having used and often abused a Fiskars Axe for well over 7 years, I can honestly say that there is no need to worry. If anything, a FiberComp handle feels stronger and more reliable than wood.

It is technically true that if your handle breaks while you are out in the woods, you will be left without an axe. But this has never happened to me, and the benefits that a composite axe from Fiskars has over other wooden axes are actually enough to sway me towards this type of axe.

Which Fiskars Axe is Best for Splitting Wood?

For splitting small logs and firewood, any of the Fiskars splitting axes will do the job. For bigger logs and actual tree trunk sections, you will want either the X25 or the X27 extra large and XXL splitting axes which allow you to use both hands to get a full overhead swing. These axes are amazing for large pieces of wood or for felling large trees, as they offer the most power.

Which Fiskars Axe is Best for Chopping Wood?

The X7 and the X10 are the best all-around chopping axes that Fiskars make and are great for lots of campsite tasks and wood carving. They are big enough to use with both hands but are also the perfect size for single-hand use. The X5 is the smallest Fiskars axe and is probably only suitable for small chopping and carving jobs. Perhaps the X5 is the best for detailed axe work like decoration and joinery, but it is the easiest to carry on your belt for easy access.

What to Do if Your Fiskars Axe Handle Breaks?

Fiskars composite axe handles are incredibly tough and unbelievably hard to damage without deliberately trying to. If for any reason, you damage an Axe made by Fiskars, you can almost certainly get a free replacement, as they have excellent customer service. Unfortunately, the way that Fiskars axes are made means it is very hard to repair or replace the handle if it breaks, and you are better off getting a new axe. You can then use the old axe head as a log splitter.


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