10 Best Hammock Underquilts For Cold Weather 2024

Last Updated on 21/02/2024

best hammock underquilt for camping

In this guide to the best hammock underquilts, we test 5 of the most popular and highly recommended underquilts for hammocks. We look at the warmth, wind protection, weight pack size, and more to discover which hammock underquilt performs the best.

Hammock camping is best in the summer months because, in winter, you are exposed to wind and cold with nothing to deflect it. That doesn’t mean you can’t go hammock camping in winter, but you will need a hammock underquilt if you want to stay warm. Sleeping in a camping hammock compresses your clothing and sleeping bag, which reduces its insulation properties, whereas a hammock underquilt hangs loosely underneath to add insulation.

Using a wool blanket inside your hammock will help, but without an underquilt, even the best sleeping bag will be at the peril of the wind and air temperature. In this article, we show you the hammock underquilt we use and recommend, as well as some other options. We also look at what a hammock underquilt is and why you should consider them for your next hammock adventure below the reviews.

10 Best Hammock Underquilts

Outdoor Vitals Down UnderQuilt

Outdoor Vitals Down UnderQuilt for Ultralight Backpacking - 0 Degree Regular

  • MATERIALS: STORMLOFT DOWN Certified 800+ fill power down with DWR, 10D ripstop nylon shell
  • WEIGHT: 28.5 oz / 23.5 oz / 20 oz (regular)
  • TEMPERATURE RATING: 0°F / 15°F / 30°F

The Outdoor Vitals Down UnderQuilt is without a doubt the best hammock underquilt to stay warm in freezing conditions. It offers the best weight-to-warmth ratio and has three temperature ratings from 0°F to 30°F. If we could choose only one hammock underquilt, it would be this one with no hesitation.

I have only tested the 15°F model but have held and compared the other two. The 15°F Down UnderQUilt from Outdoor Vitals is suitable for below-freezing temperatures and is the warmest cocoon ever after just 5 minutes of warming up. Hybrid baffles stop the down from moving around or drooping, which means you don’t suffer from cold spots at night.

As well as being the warmest hammock underquilt, it is also the most lightweight hammock underquilt available, which is what makes this the best in the world. You can get a regular or long size, which is excellent for tall people like me and ensures your feet stay warm. Also, being filled with down means that you can pack it down to a shockingly small pack size, which is excellent for campers with small bags or too much gear.

VERDICT: The Outdoor Vitals Down UnderQuilt is quite clearly the best-insulated hammock underquilt. The only downside is the high price tag with a superior warmth-to-weight ratio. However, if you want to always stay warm in your hammock, this is for you.

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Outdoor Vitals LoftTek Hybrid UnderQuilt

Outdoor Vitals LoftTek Hybrid UnderQuilt (Green, LongWide (0°F))

  • MATERIALS: 650+ fill power LoftTek Hybrid insulation (80% LoftTek with 20% 800+ fill power down), 20 Denier Ripstop Nylon shell with VitalDry DWR
  • WEIGHT: 41 oz / 34.9 oz / 28.2 oz (regular)
  • TEMPERATURE RATING: 0°F / 15°F / 30°F

The Outdoor Vitals LoftTek Hybrid UnderQuilt is our runner-up and features a unique blend of insulation. Before you say anything, no, this post is not sponsored by Outdoor Vitals; we have just used them and rated it highly (if you’re reading this OV, get in touch!). The insulation is made from 80% synthetic fill blended with 20 % 800 FP down, which offers incredible benefits.

This underquilt outperforms its rivals in any kind of damp or humid conditions. The combination of moisture-wicking LoftTek fills and natural goose down means you get the ultimate warmth without losing heat if it gets wet. This might be the better option if you are camping in wet conditions or on a thru-hike, as it ensures you won’t have to suffer through a cold night.

Like the Down UnderQuilt above, the LoftTek Hybrid UnderQuilt is available in three temperature ratings from 0°F to 30°F and two sizes; regular and long/wide. The pack size is substantially more significant than the down option above, although that is the sacrifice you have to make with synthetic vs. downfill.

VERDICT: The Outdoor Vitals LoftTek Hybrid UnderQuilt is just as warm and perhaps even more protective than the down underquilt above. The downside is that it is heavier and bulkier to carry in a backpack. However, the benefits are its performance when wet and its more affordable price.

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Lawson Hammock Underquilt Blanket

Lawson Hammock Underquilt Blanket for Camping, Ultralight Backpacking, Green

  • MATERIALS: 300g microfiber fill, 210T Ripstop polyester shell with DWR
  • WEIGHT: 28.8 oz

The Lawson Hammock Underquilt Blanket is designed to work with the Lawson hammock system, as well as any other hammock brand. It is lightweight, super warm, windproof, and of great value. This isn’t a hammock underquilt that gets spoken about very much, but we think it’s terrific and underrated.

The shell is made from durable 210T ripstop polyester with a urethane coating which repels water and blocks wind from getting through to the hammock. This helps keep you warmer on a night with a suggested max rating of 17°F thanks to the 300g microfiber fill. Choose between grey or green with reversible colors to blend in with your surroundings.

The pack size isn’t the smallest at 6 x 15 inches, but you can compress it more than the manufacturer’s guide if you need to. The dimensions are 3.33 x 7 feet long enough for most people to sinch up and stay fully enclosed. At just 28.8 ounces, this is one of the more lightweight hammock underquilts rated below 30°F.

VERDICT: The Lawson Hammock Blanket is one of the best value hammock underquilts out there, which provides excellent warmth and wind protection to ensure you get the best night’s sleep. Instead of baffles, this uses a single piece of microfibre, which seems to stay warmer and be more effective than some more expensive options.

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DD Hammocks Underblanket

DD Hammocks Underblanket - Lightweight Portable Hammock Underquilt for Outdoor Winter And Fall Camping Suitable to 23 Degrees Fahrenheit

  • MATERIALS: 200gsm synthetic silk fill, Ripstop Nylon shell with DWR coating
  • WEIGHT: 33.5 oz / 950 g

The DD Hammocks Underblanket is a military-style hammock under quilt that is super reliable and easy to use with any hammock. Unlike most other hammock underquilts, the DD Hammocks Underblanket is not rectangular but a symmetrical oval. This creates a close fit for the quilt to sit right next to your hammock and prevent breezes from entering and warm air from escaping.

To attach this underquilt to your hammock, eight lengths of elasticated cord fasten to your hammock with mini carabiners. Again, this helps to improve how the quilt traps warm air and, in turn, keeps you warm. For a synthetic hammock underquilt, the DD Hammocks Underblanket packs up pretty small to 20 x 17 cm and includes a compression sack to make sure you can pack it as small as possible.

VERDICT: If you want a reliable and uncomplicated solution to staying warm in your hammock while camping, then check out the reviews for the Underblanket by DD Hammocks. But this isn’t just another cheap knockoff; this is the real deal – high quality and well made. You have our word. This is one of the best hammock underquilts for winter camping.

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Eagles Nest Outfitters Blaze UnderQuilt

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters Blaze UnderQuilt Hammock Insulation for Winter, Glacier

  • MATERIALS: 750FP DownTek Down fill, 20D Ripstop Nylon shell with DWR
  • WEIGHT: 28 oz

The Eagles Nest Outfitters Blaze UnderQuilt is one of the following best down hammock underquilts for camping in cold weather. We especially like how it looks and feels, which is very high quality and what you expect from a down jacket. ENO are well known for their premium hammocks, and the Blaze underquilt is the perfect addition for winter camping.

The DownTek 750+ down fill is incredibly warm and lofty, making for a toasty night in the hammock. Separated by differential baffles, the RDS-certified down stays in position, doesn’t leave any cold spots, and maintains the maximum loft.

DownTek is treated to repel water, and it works very well at trapping warm air, even if your jacket gets soaked. On top of this, there is a DWR treatment on the shell fabric to help keep it dry and also block the wind. So overall, the weather protection is high level and trustworthy for multiple nights of hammock camping.

VERDICT: The ENO Blaze Hammock Underquilt is a top performer in cold weather, and if used with a good winter sleeping bag, we are sure it would be suitable for colder temperatures than suggested. It is ideal for people up to 6 ft 2 inches and is competitively lightweight for its size and warmth. The downside to buying this hammock underquilt is the price, which we feel might be high.

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Go Outfitters Stratus Under Quilt

Go Outfitters Stratus Under Quilt | Ultralight Hammock Camping Insulation | Full Length Underquilt

  • MATERIALS: 100% Polyester Stratushield Insulation, 15D 410T Ripstop Nylon shell
  • WEIGHT: 23 oz

The Go Outfitters Stratus Under Quilt is the best value hammock underquilt that we would use in winter conditions. It uses a synthetic fill and square baffles to provide warmth down to 40°F without a sleeping bag. When you add a sleeping bag, you can use this well into freezing temperatures in all types of weather.

At just 1 pound 10 ounces, including the compression bag, this is incredibly lightweight, making it an even better value. It also packs down to a tiny 6 x 8 inches, which is way smaller than what we expected from such an affordable synthetic hammock underquilt. This is achievable because of the lightweight shell fabric and efficient Stratusheild insulation, which compresses down incredibly small but lofts straight back up again.

VERDICT: If you are looking for an underquilt to go hammock camping in winter but don’t want to spend a fortune or need the most lightweight option, then this is for you. The Go Outfitters Stratus Under Quilt works with any hammock and will add a lot of warmth to the underside and sides of your hammock sleeping system.

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Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Puffin Underquilt

Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Puffin Underquilt

  • MATERIALS: 800+ fill power white goose down insulation, Ripstop nylon shell
  • WEIGHT: 27.5 oz / 780 g

The Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Puffin Underquilt is a popular choice for hammock camping in winter. However, it is nowhere near as lightweight as its hammocks compared to others. The Puffin hammock under quilt uses premium white goose down with an 800+FP to ensure you get a super warm night’s sleep, and the filling is super lofty.

Compared to more lightweight down hammock underquilts, the filling on this does seem to be more generous, which may account for the only average weight. Either way, you can comfortably use this down to 30°F with a suitable sleeping bag or over quilt without feeling the chills from below. It packs into a 12 x 6.5-inch stuff sack, although you can compress it down much further if needed (this is not recommended long term but okay occasionally).

VERDICT: We highly rate this winter underquilt for a hammock and especially like the design of the internal baffles to trap heat. The only problem is that they seem to be constantly out of stock. However, we do like Hummingbird Hammocks because they are experts in their field and support certified open hardware.

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Outdoor Vitals StormLOFT Down MummyPod 800+ Fill Power

Outdoor Vitals 0-15 Degree F StormLOFT Down MummyPod 800+ Fill Power Starting Under 3 lbs.Sleeping Bag


  • MATERIALS: StormLOFT 800+ fill power hydrophobic down insulation, 75 Denier Rhombus Ripstop Polyester shell, 50 Denier Polyester lining
  • WEIGHT: 43.6 oz (regular)

The Outdoor Vitals StormLOFT Down MummyPod is specially designed as a hammock sleeping bag that is intended to be used outside the hammock instead of inside. So while this isn’t technically an underquilt, it does work in the same way in that it doesn’t get compressed between you and the hammock to reduce loft and insulative properties. It is also the only hammock ‘underquilt’ we would use without an additional sleeping bag.

Tested down to 0°F outdoor conditions, we would recommend an additional sleeping bag at that temperature, although this should give you an idea of just how warm it is. The foot box has a unique patented system that allows the hammock to pass through and be sealed tight. Two tips for using this hammock under quilt are sleeping with some super warm socks and a hat on the counter and not having a hood to push against.

VERDICT: As we said, this isn’t technically a quilt and is more of a sleeping bag, but it works the same way. This isn’t the lightest underquilt, but it is incredibly warm and can be used alone without bringing a sleeping bag. The way these works does feel more restrictive than the more traditional hammock underquilts in this guide, but some people might enjoy it.

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Grand Trunk 360 ThermaQuilt 3-in-1 Hammock Underquilt

360 ThermaQuilt 3-in-1 Hammock Underquilt, Blanket and Sleeping Bag (Red/Crimson)


  • MATERIALS: Synthetic 140 GSM fill, 20D Ripstop Nylon shell with DWR coating
  • WEIGHT: 29 oz / 822 g

The Grand Trunk 360 ThermaQuilt 3-in-1 Hammock Underquilt is designed to fold out into a blanket and zip-up completely as a sleeping bag. Because it can be used in three ways, this is an excellent gear that adds a lot of value when cold weather hammock camping. This is also the most affordable option at under $100.

Rated to be used down to 40°F, if you include an additional sleeping bag inside, then you stay warm all night long. Or, get two and use one as a blanket inside. Grand Trunk is another hammock expert brand, and you can tell hammock campers have designed this. The ends can be cinched in to trap in heat and keep the drafts out and clipped at the ends to stop them from riding up.

The fabric doesn’t seem to have any DWR treatment, which means you have to be careful not to get it wet. However, the insulation works even when wet, so it’s no big deal, but it’s more comfortable to stay dry.

VERDICT: This might be the cheapest hammock underquilt for casual hammock campers or cold sleepers in spring and autumn, but not enough to be used alone in winter. Still, if you don’t have a big budget, don’t let us put you off; it is 100 times better than nothing.

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Crua Outdoors Culla Thermally Insulated Hammock Shell

Crua Outdoors Culla Thermally Insulated Outer Shell That Works with Any Hammock Made for Every Season with Climate-Controlling Materials

  • MATERIALS: 430G/MS Breathable Graphene/Polyester Filling, Polyester shell with DWR (5,000 HH)
  • WEIGHT: 83 oz / 2,400 g

The Crua Outdoors Culla Thermally Insulated Hammock Shell is the coziest and most comfortable hammock underquilt we have ever laid in. We don’t own this one because it is too heavy for hiking, but we have tested it briefly and spoken to the owner. The stand-out feature is the full underquilt and roof box suspended from your guyline. This creates a super warm and comfortable microclimate inside that allows you to sit up. Read, or do whatever.

Surprisingly, this guide is not the warmest, but it is warm enough for hammock camping in freezing temperatures. The zip along the length is a welcome feature that lets you fully seal up your hammock den. The major downside to this hammock insulation is its weight. It is more than double most other options, making this more suited to backyard and car camping than backpacking or hiking.

Crua Outdoors is most well-known for its insulated winter tents, so it is no surprise to see the same style of insulation used here. The outer shell is water-resistant to 5,000 HH, which is relatively high and gives you lots of extra protection in bad weather.

VERDICT: This is an excellent hammock insulation cover to sleep in, I am sure, but for us, it is just too heavy to justify taking camping. If you are car camping, pitching in your backyard, or just camping for a night and don’t need any other supplies, it might be okay. Otherwise, it just seems like too much.

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best underquilt for hammocks

Hammock Underquilt Guide

If you want to sleep in a hammock in the winter, you will need to get the best hammock underquilt available. With a quality underquilt, you can still enjoy all of the comforts of a hammock while being kept warm. Sleeping mats slide around and often move out from under you, but under quilts wrap around you and insulate you from all angles.

If you have ever ventured beyond the tent, foregone the walls, and slept out under a tarp, you will know how close to nature it brings you. Traditional sleeping mats often move around and slide out from underneath you in your hammock, though. But, if you want to hammock year-round, you will benefit from the warmth of a quality underquilt.

What is a Hammock Underquilt?

Your sleeping bag works by having the space to loft. In a hammock, the underside of your sleeping bag gets squashed underneath you. Whether your bag is insulated with down or synthetic filling, if the underside can’t loft, you will lose a load of heat out the bottom of your hammock.

Often in a hammock, you end up with spots of your body getting cold on colder nights. This is usually your backside, back, and shoulders. Fitting an underquilt to your hammock can help to prevent these.

An underquilt is essentially half a sleeping bag that suspends underneath your hammock. This means that while the top half of your sleeping bag keeps you insulated from above, the underquilt acts as the bottom half of your sleeping bag to prevent heat loss from below.

But they’re even better than just being half a sleeping bag. Not only do they loft, trapping warm air internally, but they act as a barrier, so you get a warm air layer between your hammock and the quilt, too. So they let you enjoy all the comfort and freedom of your hammock while keeping cozy.

What to Look for in a Hammock Underquilt

Depending on where, when, and how you intend to use your hammock underquilt, these are the key factors we suggest looking for:


As with sleeping bags and sleeping mats, not all underquilts are made equally. Each underquilt has its warm rating and level of insulation. A lower-rated underquilt will have a higher level of insulation, keeping you warm in colder temperatures.

How warm your underquilt is will impact other features, too, which we will come onto shortly. The best hammock underquilt for you will depend on the temperature at which you intend to use it. Ultimately, warmth is the primary function of the underquilt, and you should choose your underquilt based on this, then consider other features.


The lower the temperature rating on an underquilt, the heavier it usually is. Okay, this depends on insulation type and materials, but as a rough guide, this is the case. Some lighter-weight underquilts are only really suited to milder conditions.

If you’re looking to go lightweight but still want to get out in all weather, then you should look at the lightest insulation available. Unfortunately, these are likely to come with a higher price tag than some bulkier alternatives.


The build of your underquilt will be divided into two categories. These are the outer and the insulation.

The outer of your underquilt is likely to be made from either polyester or nylon. Polyester is the cheaper material but doesn’t have as much stretch. Nylon is a heavier-duty choice and makes for a more durable underquilt.

A higher denier of the fabric means a tighter weave. When you’re trying to insulate yourself, a wind that whips away the warm air will be detrimental. A tighter weave of fabric helps to lower the impact of this wind. Some companies add a windproof layer inside their underquilt for this reason.


There are two primary forms of insulation used in underquilt. Both down and synthetic insulation is commonly used in sleeping bags and insulated jackets. Both of these choices have benefits and drawbacks.

Down hammock underquilts

Down is widely regarded as the highest quality of insulation. An underquilt insulated with down will pack down smaller and give a more incredible weight than alternative insulation.

Historically, down was widely disregarded as suitable insulation if it was exposed to the elements. Moisture can clump the feathers together and limit their ability to loft. Hydrophobic down has been coated in a waterproof chemical to stop it from soaking up as much moisture and making it dry faster.

This modern hydrophobic down is still less suited to damp environments than synthetic insulation, but it is a practical option if you prioritize lightweight warmth.

Synthetic hammock underquilts

Synthetic insulation, such as Primaloft, is usually made from polyester or similar. These synthetic materials are naturally water-resistant, which gives them a key advantage over traditional down. So if you are using your hammock for kayaking or canoe tripping or in damp environments, you are guaranteed warmth, even if your underquilt gets wet.

Synthetic insulation is usually bulkier than down and often weighs more, too. Although technology improves, down still retains a more incredible warmth-to-weight ratio.

Another key advantage to synthetic insulation is cost. Synthetic underquilts are cheaper and more common than down options.


Okay, so synthetic insulation is more suited to damp environments than down, but is there a way to keep the water out? Well, yes.

The outer of your underquilt can be treated with a DWR (durable water-repellent) coating. This coating lets the fabric shed water effectively so that the insulation isn’t impacted. In addition, you should consider pairing your hammock with a tarp to keep the rain off in wet environments.

As we mentioned earlier, some underquilts come with a windproof lining, too. This stops the wind from whipping the warm air away and lets you stay warmer.


Hammock underquilts come in different shapes and sizes. However, it is essential to remember that larger underquilts for hammocks will be heavier and bulkier to carry.

Full-length hammock underquilts

Full-length underquilts cocoon the entire underside of your hammock. These will cinch tight at either end to stop cold winds blowing down or warm air from escaping. These are similar to a full-body sleeping mat and are the most common design and most popular choice.

Half or ¾ length hammock underquilts

Shorter underquilts are primarily chosen by people prioritizing weight over warmth. In cooler climates, you can often get away with just keeping particular cool spots insulated. Some of these shorter underquilts will cover your whole body, but only just.


How you attach your underquilt is vitally important to how effective it is. Some underquilts are designed to work with particular hammocks or attachment styles that work with some models and not others.

You should check that your hammock is compatible with your chosen underquilt and that it will work effectively. An ill-fitted underquilt will lose warm air and insulate less effectively than it should.


The best hammock underquilt also needs to be the one you can afford or justify spending the money on. The more technical your underquilt is, the more likely it will cost. Although we don’t recommend skimping on quality, you should remember that you may not need the most expensive underquilt to stay warm.

hammock underquilt for winter

FAQs About Underquilts for Hammocks

Here are some of the common questions we have heard about hammock camping with an underquilt:

Can You Use an Extra Sleeping Bag as A Hammock Underquilt?

Of course. If you have a spare sleeping bag, you can manufacture some kind of underquilt that might be pretty effective. However, it will lack the technical fit of a quality underquilt, and it may be less effective at keeping you warm than a proper underquilt.

How to Set up A Hammock Underquilt?

There are loads of different styles of underquilt, and you should get to know your chosen model before taking it out camping.

Most underquilts will first attach at either end of your hammock, often with a bungee and carabiner system or similar. Many then have attachment points on the side and baffles to cinch tight to keep the warm air in.

Do You Need a Hammock Underquilt?

Hammock underquilts are the most comfortable, effective way of staying warm in your hammock. However, if you sleep in warm conditions, you may not need the extra insulation of an underquilt.

Many hammock users manage okay with a sleeping mat rather than an underquilt. However, these mats can lead to sleepless nights of moving around and trying to keep the mat under you. If you are serious about spending time in your hammock, an underquilt is a worthwhile investment.

What temperature do you need for a Hammock Underquilt?

While we can’t give a definite answer to this, it’s recommended that any temperatures under 60° call for an underquilt. Some campers sleep warmer than others and may not need to insulate themselves. Others sleep cool and don’t even think about getting into their hammock without an underquilt attached.

Are Hammock Underquilts Worth It?

Underquilts are the best option for insulation when sleeping in a hammock. They allow you the authentic hammocking experience and comfort while keeping you warm overnight. A good quality underquilt weighs similar to your sleeping mat and packs down reasonably well.

If you’re serious about your hammock camping and want to be able to go out in all weather, we strongly recommend investing in a good quality underquilt.

We hope this guide to the best hammock underquilts has helped you learn everything you need to know. Please get in touch with any questions.

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