8 Best Wool Blankets for Camping 2024

Last Updated on 27/08/2023

best wool blanket for camping

What Is the Best Wool Blanket for Camping?

In this guide to the best wool blanket for camping, you will learn about the benefits, the different types of wool you can choose from, and what to look for. We share the best camping blankets made from wool and how each of them will improve your comfort while sleeping outdoors.

When you are out camping in the woods, it can get cold at night, even if you have a campfire. Wool blankets are the ideal solution to keep you warm when sitting around in camping chairs or tucked in your tent at night. The best wool blankets for camping are incredibly versatile and can be used whenever you need some extra warmth.

Sleeping bags are great in the tent but aren’t made of the most durable material for outdoor use. Wool blankets have been used throughout the ages to keep people warm all over the world and are incredibly rugged and hardwearing. I love taking wool blankets camping because it gets used for lots of different purposes and never fail.

As someone who is sensitive to the itchiness of wool and can’t wear wooly jumpers next to my skin, you can be sure that all the best wool camping blankets on this list pass the softness test. Keep reading to the bottom of the page for more info on wool blankets in general, or simply skip to the different reviews below.

8 Best Wool Camping Blankets

EKTOS 90% Wool Camping Blanket

EKTOS 90% Wool Camping Blanket
  • MATERIAL: 90% wool / 10% synthetic
  • SIZE: 66″ x 90″
  • WEIGHT: 4.5 lbs

The EKTOS 90% Wool Camping Blanket is our recommended best wool blanket for van life and camping on a budget when warmth is more important than carrying a bit of extra weight. At 4.5 lbs, it isn’t the heaviest wool blanket for camping on our list, but for some lightweight thru-hikers, that simply wouldn’t work. The big benefit of wool blankets, though, is that they are so versatile and also extremely good at keeping you warm.

The high wool content and thickness of the blanket ensure that you stay cozy and really feel like it makes a big difference when it’s cold. If you are someone who likes a bit of weight on them while they sleep, this is the perfect addition to your camping gear. The blanket keeps you warm by trapping warm air between the fibers while at the same time allowing for airflow, moisture-wicking, and temperature regulation when it gets too hot.

VERDICT: I find the size of  5.5 ft x 7.5 ft to be just right so that you can share it with others or double it up for yourself on extra cold evenings. Some people say that it has a strong smell on first use and that you may need to wash it to get rid of any odor. I found this to be a bit of an overreaction and will be buying another of these to keep on the patio furniture. Overall, this is an awesome addition to your camping gear that will get used every single time you go out into the wilderness.

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Woolly Mammoth Woolen Co. Merino Wool Camping Blanket

Woolly Mammoth Woolen Co. Merino Wool Camping Blanket
  • MATERIAL: 80% wool / 20% nylon polyester blend
  • SIZE: 66″ x 90″
  • WEIGHT: 4.1 lbs

The Woolly Mammoth Woolen Co. Merino Wool Camping Blanket is made from 80% premium merino wool that keeps has the most amazing thermal regulating properties for a camp blanket. With a standard large blanket size of 5.5 ft by 7.5 ft, you can use this in all manner of ways to keep you and others warm and cozy on camping trips. Weighing just a little over 4 lbs, you can pack this into your backpack without breaking your back as you trek to your favorite camping spot.’

The properties of merino wool give this blanket lots of advantages over traditional wool blankets, including having a better warmth-to-weight ratio, odor resistance, breathability, and softness, among others. The only disadvantage is the higher cost, but if you can catch it on sale right now, it works out to about double the cost of a standard wool blanket for camping.

The edging is double stitched with thick thread, which prevents fraying and tearing and makes it ideal for the requirements of bushcraft and wilderness living. This isn’t something I have seen with other outdoor wool textiles and shows that the Wooley Mammoth Co. cares about making a high-quality product.

VERDICT: There really isn’t anything bad to say about this merino wool camp blanket other than to be careful when you wash it and, if possible cold wash it with wool-friendly soap. One of the biggest benefits of this blanket over other options is that it feels super soft next to your skin, which is something I have had issues with in the past. If it is merino wool you want, then this is a great price at the moment and will last for decades if taken care of.

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Arcturus Military Wool Camping Blanket

Arcturus Military Wool Camping Blanket
  • MATERIAL: 80% wool / 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers
  • SIZE: 64″ x 88″ / 162.5 x 223.5 cm
  • WEIGHT: 4.5 lbs / 2.04 kg

The Arcturus Military Wool Camping Blanket is made from 80% wool and 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers for the perfect blend of warmth and durability. At 64 inches wide and 88 inches long, this wool blanket is big enough for two people to snuggle under on a camping trip. Weighing approximately 4.5 lbs or just over 2kg, this is light enough to pack in your backpack to ensure you stay warm with a blanket on your next camping trip.

Arcturus updated the blanket in 2020 after customer feedback suggested some minor tweaks. Now the wool is triple-washed during production to make it softer and reduce shedding. One of the niggles some customers found previously was that it shed a lot, whereas now you don’t need to worry about that so much. Some users do report that it will still shed in the washing machine, and you definitely shouldn’t put it in the dryer, but I didn’t notice this.

All edges are hemmed and have contrast lock stitching to ensure that the blanket never frays and can withstand outdoor elements for camping. You can use this to sit around a campfire, knowing that it is flame retardant without the addition of any nasty chemicals. You can and should machine wash your wool blanket regularly to keep it clean but also to keep it soft, as per Arcturus instructions.

VERDICT: For a basic military-style wool blanket, this is one of the best value options for camping. You don’t have to treat it as preciously as other less durable blankets, which is what you want when using it outdoors. Even if the blanket gets wet, you will stay warm, and it is easy to line dry on a tree branch. You can’t go wrong with an army-style wool blanket because they are just so reliable and provide essential warmth when you can’t turn the heating up.

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Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Camping Blanket

Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Camping Blanket
  • MATERIAL: 50% Virgin Alpaca Wool / 50% Virgin Sheep Wool
  • SIZE: 72″ x 88″
  • WEIGHT: 5.5 lbs

The Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Camping Blanket is the heaviest option on this list, but it is also arguably the warmest. Made from half and half alpaca and sheep’s wool which is 100% virgin and not recycled, this is the softest wool camping blanket I have ever tested. It is super thick and dense, which provides ultimate comfort on cold nights in the tent.

Big enough for two people easily and ideal for laying over the top of your sleeping bags at night, this is a great piece of kit to take camping. It is one of those items that you might decide to leave at home but always regret not bringing. It is impossible not to feel cozy and warm with this on top of you. The design is very traditional but will never go out of style, which makes it a great throw for your couch or bedding.

VERDICT: The high content of alpaca wool makes this blanket around three times more expensive than the budget wool camp blankets in this article, but if you can afford it, it is well worth the money. To the touch, this blanket is super soft and easy on the skin, which is something I almost need in a wool blanket. I would absolutely recommend this as the most comfortable and warm camping blanket, but due to how nice it is, I would sooner leave it at home and take something less valuable to me.

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Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket Merino Cashmere

Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket
  • MATERIAL: 95% Merino wool / 5% Cashmere wool
  • SIZE: 54″ X 71″
  • WEIGHT: 2.05 lbs

The Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket Merino Cashmere is made from 95% pure merino wool and 5% cashmere for the ultimate softness and comfort while camping. At 54 inches wide by 71 inches long, this is slightly smaller than other wool blankets but still plenty big enough to cover two people or more. Weighing just 2.05 lbs, this is the lightest wool blanket I recommend for outdoor use, but don’t let that fool you. It is also ridiculously warm on a cold night.

It is authentically made in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, by John Hanly & Co, founded in 1893. With years of experience in making blankets, the saying, “they don’t make them like they used to,” doesn’t apply to the Biddy Murphy Company. They describe the quality as ‘heirloom’ because it will last so long that you can pass it on to your children or grandchildren.

This particular blend of merino and cashmere is perfect for taking a wool blanket camping when you want to keep the weight and pack size to a minimum. Some people might feel this blanket and think it is too thin to keep you warm, but that’s the beauty of merino wool – it doesn’t take much to keep you warm. It is also softer than traditional sheep’s wool and gentler on the skin, not to mention the silkiness of cashmere. You should hand wash and avoid dryers to retain the wool’s natural properties.

VERDICT: I love everything about the Biddy Murphy Irish Blanket apart from the price, which is considerably more than standard wool blankets. On the other hand, you get what you pay for, and you won’t be disappointed with the quality and craftsmanship.

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Olive Drab Green Warm Wool Blanket

Olive Drab Green Warm Wool Camping Blanket
  • MATERIAL: 80% wool / 20% synthetic
  • SIZE: 66″ x 90″
  • WEIGHT: 3.4 lbs

The Olive Drab Green Warm Wool Blanket is the best budget camp blanket and incredibly good value for your money. It is the identical style that is issued to most military forces around the world and is adapted to keep you warm outdoors. Measuring 5.5 feet by 7.5 feet, this blanket will cover four people’s legs by the fire or can be wrapped around you like a sleeping bag. Weighing only 3.4 pounds means you can easily pack it on your next wilderness camping trip.

The blend is 80% wool and 20% man-made materials, which are believed to be cotton but not confirmed as of yet. While the blanket does keep you warm even when wet, it is not water-repellent and will get wet if exposed to water. This makes me think that the other 20% IS cotton, as it does seem to absorb water faster than the Biddy Murphy blanket above.

The edges are all stitched with a contrast lock pattern to prevent tearing and keep the shape. You can wrap this around you like a warm poncho, use it as a bedroll, or add extra warmth to your sleeping bag. Users have reported washing the blanket in a washing machine without any issue, but others have reported a lot of shedding the first time they did it.

VERDICT: This blanket hits all the bases with excellent warmth, durability, and value for money, which is probably what makes it a best seller on Amazon, with over 4,000 reviews. If you are looking for a blanket you can be rough with, this wool throw can be used as a seat around a fire one minute and, with a shake of the blanket, be turned into a warming duvet. The perfect wool blanket for camping on the cheap.

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Pendleton Yakima Camp Wool Blanket

Pendleton Yakima Camp Wool Blanket
  • MATERIAL: 86% Virgin Wool / 14% Cotton
  • SIZE: 54″ x 66″
  • WEIGHT: 3.1 lbs

The Pendleton Yakima Camp Wool Blanket is made by one of America’s heritage wool blanket brands with over 150 years of experience and some of my favorite designs I have seen. Using only the finest virgin wool and soft cotton blend makes this incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin. Even though this is labeled as a camping blanket made of wool, it is so nice that you would be proud to have this in your home.

This is the smallest blanket on this list, but that almost doesn’t matter because it is still plenty big enough for two or more people to get under or to wrap around your whole boy like a sleeping bag. The size is possibly what makes this fractionally lighter than most other thick woolen blankets for camping. This also means that it packs down to a small bundle that is ideal for backpackers who don’t have a lot of space. If you want a larger blanket, Pendleton also does a queen-size throw made of the same material and thickness.

VERDICT: While I do love this blanket, it isn’t the best value or the warmest. It is one of the best-looking wool blankets for outdoor use and is available in numerous colors and patterns, all based on Native American culture. If your plan is to get a wool blanket for camping that you can also use at home, then this is for you. You also look great at festivals, using it as a poncho!

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Thick Alpaca Wool Camping Blanket

Thick Alpaca Wool Camping Blanket
  • MATERIAL: 52% Recycled Alpaca Wool / 33% Recycled Wool / 15% Cotton
  • SIZE: 62″ x 82″
  • WEIGHT: 3.44 lbs

The Thick Alpaca Wool Camping Blanket from Alpaca Warehouse is a luxurious choice for next to the skin comfort and deep thickness without being heavy. This is the kind of blanket you might keep on the back of the couch to get cozy under on an evening, but it is also great for campouts. The combined blend of alpaca wool, sheep wool, and cotton makes it strong and durable and is resistant to stains and odors.

At just 3.4 pounds in weight for the twin size and available in multiple sizes options up to kingsize, you know that there is a blanket to suit your purpose. The twin size measures 5.8 ft x 6.3 ft, which is big enough for me at 5 ft 11 in and would suit taller people too. At just under three and a half pounds in weight and a small pack size when compressed into a dry sack.

The designs are simple and authentically made in Peru, which is the native land of Alpacas and a place where their wool has been used since before the Egyptians. They feel strong and safe to take camping, but because the wool has been recycled, it is more prone to shedding, so be sure to clean out the filter on your washing machine when you’re done.

VERDICT: If you are planning to camp in freezing temperatures but don’t have a sleeping bag that’s warm enough, then this is your answer. With your regular sleeping bag, you can use this as a throw over the top of you and add a significant amount of insulation. If you are keen to take advantage of the benefits of alpaca wool and want a blanket to take camping, then this won’t steer you wrong.

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alpaca wool camp blankets

Benefits of Wool Blankets

There are many benefits of wool that make it such a wonderful material for blankets you can take hiking. People love wool so much because it can trap air in its fibers to keep you warm and cozy. But something you may not know is that it also thermoregulates in warmer weather to stop you from getting too hot. This makes it suitable for winter and summer camping, where temperatures can vary massively.

Wool is Both Warm and Cool

As well as being able to trap warm air in the fibers for insulation, the way wool blankets are knitted means that they are also very breathable. You never feel sweaty or too hot under a wool blanket, allowing you to get a better night’s sleep. Unlike synthetic sleeping bag materials, wool blankets are silent and don’t make a scrunchy sound when you move about in your sleep.

Wool Keeps You Warm While Wet

One of the amazing properties of wool is its ability to keep you warm even if it gets wet. This is something that down/feathers and synthetic materials have never improved upon and is just one reason why wool is still such a good material for camping. The moisture-wicking properties mean that if you sweat or the blanket gets wet, moisture will be dispersed away from your body to keep you dryer and warmer.

Wool Blankets are Ideal for Camping

Camping blankets made of wool are naturally odor-resistant, making them perfect for extended camping trips where you don’t have access to a washing machine. Being made from a natural material, wool blankets are totally renewable and eco-friendly, which is great news for the planet. Some final benefits of camping wool blankets are that it is fire resistant and great value for money.

using a wool blanket while camping

Different Types of Wool Blankets

Here are the six different types of wool used for blankets and what makes them unique:

Sheep’s Wool Blankets

Sheep’s Wool Blankets are the most common and offer the best value for money. Made from the wool of an adult sheep, most often native to the country you buy it from, sheep wool is incredibly sustainable and has a low carbon impact. More importantly, though, sheep wool has superior warmth and durability to almost any synthetic equivalent. Most traditional wool blankets are crafted from sheep’s wool and are more reliable than modern camping blankets.

Lambs Wool Blankets

Lambs Wool Blankets are made from the wool of adolescent sheep, usually around seven months old. At this age, the lambswool is incredibly soft and smooth with fine fibers that don’t give that itchy feeling that is often associated with wool. This makes lambswool camping blankets softer and more luxurious than traditional sheep’s wool and, for this reason, more expensive.

Merino Wool Blankets

Merino Wool Blankets are made from wool taken from merino sheep which inhabit New Zealand and Australia. The sheep experience the extremes of high temperatures during the day and freezing cold weather at night as well as at altitude. These conditions create one of the most amazing types of wool that are perfect for clothing and blankets.

Alpaca Wool Blankets

Alpaca Wool Blankets are some of the most sought-after blankets for camping and have luxurious qualities that make them perfect for getting cozy under. They are lightweight and have incredible warmth that makes them better for packing in your backpack for a camping trip. As well as having a better warmth-to-weight ratio than sheep wool, alpaca wool is also durable and will last a long time.

Cashmere Wool Blankets

Cashmere Wool Blankets are not typically something you would take camping on account of their cost and inferior durability. They are, however, one of the most luxurious types of wool blankets and would be more commonplace on the back of an upper-class sofa. Still, if you have the budget and appreciate the finer things in life, then by all means, get a cashmere blanket for camping.

Budget Bushcraft Wool Blankets

Budget Bushcraft Wool Blankets are typically made of sheep wool and have a wool content of around 80% for the added durability of synthetic fibers. They will keep you warm whether they are wet or dry and will be big enough to use as a bedroll or sleeping bag if the need arises. You will be looking at a price point of around $30 to get something that is thick enough and will probably have the best luck with military-style wool blankets for camping.

bushcraft blanket with coffee flask

What to Look for In a Wool Camping Blanket

Camping blanket wool comes in lots of different varieties, formats, knit patterns, thicknesses, and quality. Here are some considerations to make when getting a blanket for your outdoor gear bag:

Wool Content

Wool is one of the best insulating fabrics known to man and has been used for thousands of years to create warm clothing. When looking at the wool content in camping blankets, there are a few things to consider.

The first is that 100% sheep’s wool can feel itchy against the skin and so a wool blend will help make the blanket feel softer and smoother against the skin. Blending wool with other fibers will also increase the durability of the blanket, which is a priority for outdoor use.

Type of Wool

Different types of wool have different properties, and the way I think of it, if the wool comes from an animal living in extreme conditions, then the benefits will be amplified. This also increases the scarcity of wool and bumps up the price significantly, which matters when you plan to use the blanket for camping. You can check out the different types of wool used for blankets above.


If you plan to use the blanket just for yourself, then something small and compact will be ideal for keeping you warm and cozy. if the blanket is for you and a partner, friend, or relative, then having something a bit larger will help keep you both covered.

For anything more than two people, you should consider getting an extra blanket so that the pack weight can be shared out more evenly. It goes without saying that the larger the blanket, the more difficult it will be to pack and carry.


If you are just heading out for a night or two away from home, then weight may not be a concern to you. But for anyone who is hiking distances and camping out for a week or more than weight can be a massive deciding factor.

One thing that wool camp blankets have going for them is that they are so multi-purpose that they are often worth carrying despite the weight. I found that most sheep wool blankets sit around 4 lbs, but the lighter merino wool blankets are far more packable at around 2 – 3 lbs.


When you are looking for a budget bushcraft banket made of wool, then you don’t really want to pay more than $50. For people with a larger budget or bigger priority for warmth, then you can be looking to pay up to $150 for the top-of-the-range wool blankets for camping.

I personally like merino wool and so am willing to pay double the price of traditional sheep wool. It’s up to you how much you want to spend but bear in mind that most wool blankets will last a very long time, so shop for the long term.

wool camping blanket next to campfire

Are Wool Blankets Good for Camping?

Blankets made from wool are excellent for camping and staying warm outdoors. They are one of the warmest types of insulation you can have and work even if they get wet. They are still issued to militaries around the world today and have proven to be incredibly useful pieces of outdoor gear for survival and staying warm in the wilderness. They are cheap and effective, as well as provide that little bit of comfort away from home.

Will a Wool Blanket Keep You Warm if It Gets Wet?

One of the reasons many campers will buy a wool blanket is because it will keep you warm even while wet. Standard sheep’s wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and still provide unbelievable warmth. While this is great for your survival and general well-being, a wet wool blanket is surprisingly heavy and so should be avoided.

Why Are Some Wool Blankets Itchy?

Wool with short strand lengths and fatter strand widths is typically the itchiest because as the tips of the individual fibers rub against your skin, they can cause a tickle. This is why merino wool feels less itchy – because the fibers are thinner and longer, which means there are fewer tips to cause an itch. The softer the wool, the less likely it is to cause you to itch, which is why you might pay more of a premium for the best wool camping blankets.

100% wool blankets often feel itchy on bare skin, which is why wool blends are often used.

How Do You Make a Wool Blanket Less Itchy?

You can use household items such as vinegar or a hair conditioner to make wool blankets less itchy on the skin. Both are used to make the wool fibers soften and feel less prickly on the skin. This should not damage them in any way if you follow the instructions and test on a small discreet area first.


This has been my guide to the Best Wool Blanket for Camping, I hope you found it useful.

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