5 Tips for Zipping Two Sleeping Bags Together

Last Updated on 10/02/2022

zipping two sleeping bags together

In the guide to zipping two sleeping bags together, you will learn which type of sleeping bag is best for zipping together as well as how to do it and the reasons why you should. We share tips on how to keep your sleeping pads together as well as where to place the zip so that it is out of the way.

Sleeping bags are traditionally solitary items that are designed to wrap you up like a cocoon and keep you warm. The idea of double sleeping bags and zipping two singles together to make a double is not new but it is becoming more popular. Whether it reduces the warmth of the individual sleeping bag or increases the overall warmth with double the body heat is up for debate so let’s jump straight in.

If you are zipping two sleeping bags together to use on your own then we have a good article on doubling up two sleeping bags inside each other.

Is Zipping Two Sleeping Bags Together a Good Idea?

Zipping two sleeping bags together to make a double only makes sense if you are a couple and sleeping with a partner. If you are in that position then wanting to zip two sleeping bags together is a great idea. There are one or two things you should be aware of but nothing that is going to stop you from achieving this goal.

Two things to consider off the bat are the type/shape of sleeping bags that you have and the temperature outside. You can get different sizes of sleeping bags but more important than that is the shape. Sleeping bags work best when used on their own so if it is too cold outside then sleeping with two zipped together might not be the best option. Check out these winter sleeping bags for some info on temperature ratings.

Which Types of Sleeping Bag Are Best for Zipping Together?

To make this as simple as possible, we will discuss the two main types of sleeping bags which are the mummy and rectangular. Mummy sleeping bags taper down to a thinner foot box and typically have a hood at the top which isn’t great for zipping together. Rectangular sleeping bags have four straight sides and often do not have a hood which makes them perfect for zipping together. Ideally, the two rectangular sleeping bags should be the same length and have similar levels of insulation.

How to Connect Two Sleeping Bags Zips Together

How to Connect Two Sleeping Bags Together

Zipping two sleeping bags together is easier than you might think and requires 3 simple steps. Here is our step by step guide to zip two sleeping bags to one another:

  1. Unzip both sleeping bags next to each other and make sure all the zips are all at the bottom
  2. Lineup the zip slider on one sleeping bag to the tip of the zip on the other sleeping bag and zip them together
  3. Repeat this on the other side and make sure both zips are secure all the way to the top

5 Tips for Turning Your Single Sleeping Bags Into a Double

Here are some of the lessons we have learned from sleeping in two sleeping bags joined together as a couple:

Avoid Mummy Sleeping Bags

Mummy sleeping bags have hoods and narrow foot boxes that make zipping them together a little bit awkward. Instead, you should get two rectangular single sleeping bags that create a more spacious and comfortable double sleeping bag when zipped together. That being said it can still be done so keep reading for our advice on this.

Avoid Hooded Sleeping Bags

Most mummy-shaped sleeping bags are hooded but some rectangular bags have an articulated hood which is nice when you are on your on but as a couple, this can create annoying bunches of fabric between you and your partner. The best alternative to hooded sleeping bags is one that has a flat pillowcase sewn into the bag. This allows you to both insert a camping pillow without them getting in the way.

Position the Zips at the Edges

Even when your sleeping bags are nice and warm inside, the cold from outside will transfer through your metal zip. Some premium sleeping bags have strips of fabric to cover the zip and prevent this from happening. If yours doesn’t then you should be strategic about where you place them so that you don’t get woken up by the shock of cold metal against your skin in the night.

Use a Double Sleeping Pad

One issue that you might encounter when using two sleeping bags zipped together as a couple is that keeping your sleeping pads next to each other is a challenge. It doesn’t matter which of your moves in closer to the other, you will inevitably create a gap between the two pads and end up sleeping on the cold ground. A double camping mattress or camping cot solves this issue and makes for a much better night’s sleep and an enjoyable time camping.

Have the Opening Facing the Door

When you zip both sleeping bags together you become more connected to your partner or the person you are sleeping with. That means that if you roll over in the night and pull the sleeping bag this is likely to wake the other person up. By positioning your sleeping bag opening towards the door it makes getting up in the night for a pee much easier and less disturbing to your partner. Also, who doesn’t like sleeping with the door open sp you can fall asleep in each other’s arms under the stars.

Couple zip sleeping bags together

Can you Zip Two Mummy Sleeping Bags Together?

While we have advised against zipping two mummy sleeping bags together in this guide, it can still be done. Firstly you have to accept that it is not ideal so there are some compromises. If you have tried zipping two mummy bags together before then you will know that you both have to sleep with your feet in between the foot boxes. One tip to avoid the hoods getting in the way is to use large pillows on top of the hoods to flatten them down.

What Does Mating Two Sleeping Bags Together Mean?

Mating two sleeping bags together is just a weird way some people describe zipping them together. It means the same thing. I think the reference comes from the description of inserting the male part of a zip, the top stop, into the female section of a zip. When you have zipped both sleeping bags together you have successfully mated them so that you and your partner can do some mating of your own.

We hope you found this guide for zipping two sleeping bags together for couples useful and come back to see us soon.

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