How Much Does A 4 Person Tent Cost?

Last Updated on 15/12/2021

How Much Does A 4 Person Tent Cost

How Much Does a Four-Person Tent Cost?

Just how much does a 4 person tent cost? The usual range of cost for a 4 person tent is somewhere from $50 – $250, but they can easily stretch as far as $1500. Cheaper tents may be fine for festival-goers or occasional campers, but if you want a lightweight, four-season tent that will stand up to the elements, you will be looking more towards the higher-end mark.

Camping in a solo tent has its merits but sharing with friends and family is much more fun. Perhaps you’re going camping with a few other people, or maybe you just like the space that a 4 person tent offers. Either way, a larger tent is really popular with beginners to those on a multi-day expedition.

These 4 person tents come with a load of different options, as well as a wide range of prices. We’re going to explore how much a 4 person tent costs and the reasons why.

How Much is a 4 Person Tent?

So how much is a 4 person tent? Well, unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as us just giving a price for a 4 person tent. We have divided the tents into four different categories, each with a price range and certain features.

Budget 4 Person Tent Cost – $50 – $100

Coleman Cold Springs 4 Person with Front Porch Dome Tent

You can get tents for cheaper than $50, but even if you’re looking for a budget model, we recommend that you have $50 as a starting point for your 4 person tent.

A budget 4 person tent is likely to have some of the features of a higher-end model. It should have a double wall and a bathtub floor. You can buy these budget options in up to three-season warmth, too.

These tents are cheaper for a reason though. They don’t feel as secure, especially in the wind, and the fabric is usually weaker. This makes them more likely to tear or get worn quickly in UV or harsh weather.

Budget tents don’t pack down as well as higher-end tents, either. They are often bulky, heavy packages that you won’t want to pack into your hiking backpack.

Intermediate 4 Person Tent Cost – $100 – $200

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent, Clay/Rust

Between $100 – $200 is a price range that suits most people. Intermediate 4 person tents are still likely to be bulky compared with professional tents, but you will be able to carry these on short distances into camp. They will also stand up far better to changing weather.

These tents are likely to have more features like vents to prevent condensation, and guy lines to lash your tent down in stronger winds. There’s also a good chance that your intermediate model will have a porch, so you have space to store your equipment and to take your boots off.

There are small changes when you get to this level, too. For example, the inner, or fly, of your tent may have ventilation panels and double zips. Internal pockets and storage become an option, too. These might not sound important, but these small features can make all the difference to your trip.

Professional 4 Person Tent Cost – $200 – $400

Eureka Timberline 4 Person Tent Green

If you spend between $200 – $400, you will get a 4 person tent suitable for regular camping and hiking trips. These tents tend to be either three or four-season and are often a lightweight design.

Lightweight models in this range are designed to be packed away into expedition backpacks and carried long distances. Although lightweight, these tents are still durable and designed to stand up to all types of weather.

Other options in this price range are likely to be four-season tents. These aren’t going to be as lightweight as the expedition-style tents, but can still be carried a reasonable distance. These tents are warmer and tend to be either fully, or semi-geodesic, with a freestanding structure to withstand strong winds.

Elite Expedition 4 Person Tent Cost – $400 – $1500+

Fjallraven - Abisko Endurance 4 Tent, UN Blue

Expedition 4 person tents are built to survive extreme temperatures and strong winds. These are the most expensive tents for a reason. The structure is usually fully geodesic, meaning it is freestanding and designed to withstand strong, blizzard-style winds.

Unless you’re heading out in extreme conditions, you aren’t likely to need to spend this much on a four-person tent. These will pack down to a reasonable size and can be carried comfortably, though they aren’t ultra-lightweight like some tents. These expedition tents focus on strength and durability, designed to be used in conditions where a snapped pole or a torn tent can be the difference between life and death.

How Much Should You Spend on a 4 Person Tent?

With all the different options, it can be difficult to decide how much you should spend on your 4 person tent.

Beginners, Festival Goers, First Timers

Budget tents are an ideal choice for beginners who are new to camping. These tents are suited to calm environments and mild weather, the usual choice of beginner campers. These budget tents are also suitable for festival-goers, where everything is likely to get covered in dirt.

Budget: $50 – $100

Weekend Campers, Intermediate Campers

If you go plan to head out regularly, but don’t need to carry your tent long distances or camp in remote locations, then intermediate tents are suitable. These are a step up from beginner models in their durability and waterproofing, but still not suited to hiking or strong winds.

Budget: $100 – $200

Backpackers, Multi-day Hikers, Camping Enthusiasts

Professional tents are either lightweight or have a more durable four-seasons design. The lightweight-style tents are designed to pack down small and fit into your hiking backpack for long treks. Durable, four-season models suit camping enthusiasts who head out whatever the weather, but who are willing to carry a little extra bulk.

Budget: $200 – $400

Gear Addicts, Professionals, Expeditions, Winter Camping

Expedition tents are unnecessary for most people. They are suitable for sheltering in extreme temperatures and strong winds. Expedition tents are used in the most extreme environments in the world, including Everest base camp. They are the best in the business and if you camp regularly then owning one might be your pride and joy. The Ferraris of the tent world!

Budget: $400 – $1500+

Why Are 4 Person Tents So Expensive?

You might think that these all seem quite expensive, but that’s not without reason. For a start, your paying for the materials. Expedition and professional-grade tents are made from durable and lightweight materials, which don’t come cheap.

Then there’s the design and technology involved. Making tents lightweight and still having the strength to withstand strong winds and harsh weather requires careful technical design. In short, the more you pay for your tent, the longer is likely to last thanks to the research and technology that has gone into it.

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