DD Hammocks Tarp 3 x 3 Review

Last Updated on 12/10/2021

DD Hammocks Tarp 3 x 3 Review

DD Hammocks Tarp 3 x 3 Review 2018

DD Hammocks Tarp 3 x 3 Review

This DD Hammocks Tarp 3 x 3 Review comes after years of testing in all 4 seasons around the world. I have done the Coast to Coast with it and taken it to multiple music festivals and apart from a few small holes where sparks from a fire got too close, it is as good as new. I often rotate between tents, hammocks and sleeping pads but the DD Hammocks Tarp is a staple bit of kit in my camping bag.

DD Tarps are highly durable and easy to use which opens the door for you to be more creative in the way you build your home for the night. With a just a little skill/practice it can serve as your sole shelter and be set up in under 5 minutes with two hiking poles and some guy lines. The DD Tarp 3 x 3 can be set up in hundreds of different ways to suit your environment and pitching site thanks to the generous size and multiple attachment loops. Yes, this waterproof rain sheet is hard to beat but before we jump into this DD Hammocks Tarp 3 x 3 Review, let’s have a look at the specifications.


DD Hammocks Tarp 3 x 3 Reviews

  • Size: 3 m x 3 m
  • Weight: 790g (excl. pegs & guy lines)
  • Pack size: Approx 24cm x 14cm x 4cm
  • Attachments: 19 tough reinforced attachment loops – 16 around the sides and corners, 3 along the center ridgeline
  • Colours: Olive Green, Coyote Brown, Jet black, Maroon red, Sunset orange
  • Includes: 4 pegs and guy lines included in their own bag, stuff sack with drawcord closure
  • Material: 190 T polyester with PU 3000 mm waterproof coating, central taped seam

Setting Up

Of all the camping tarps we have tested, the DD Tarp 3 x 3 has more attachment points than any other, including 3 along the ridgeline which is great for hammock campers. With a total of 19 reinforced fabric loops, you are almost spoilt for choice in the ways you can set up – from the basic lean-to or A-frame to domes and hexagonal tepees. I personally like to make an A-frame structure where possible but will happily settle for a modified lean-to when I don’t have access to hiking poles or suitable wood. With an A-frame, you simply need 2 poles of similar height and some paracord to create your traditional tent shaped space. If you don’t have any poles look for a tree/rock/dry stone wall to which I can improvise an anchor point for a lean-to shelter.

how to pitch a camping tarp in different ways

how to pitch a camping tarp in different ways


I bought my first 3 x 3 DD Tarp well over 5 years ago now and have always been very happy with the waterproofing. I think I treated once if at all during that whole time (and not because it needed it). So long as you set it up with enough tension and at a reasonable angle then any rain will simply flow down and away leaving you completely dry underneath. The PU coating is rated to withstand 3000 mm of water and has held up very well over the year even when not properly folded or rolled. Whether you are using the DD Tarp for a ground shelter or with a hammock, you can be sure that you will stay dry with a roof like this over your head.

DD Tarp 3 x 3 Review

Size and Shape

Having tested many tarps and hammock rain fly’s over the years, I have always found the simple square shape to be the most versatile and easy to get along with. The large 3 x 3-meter canopy is big enough to sleep nearly half a dozen people under at a push which makes it ideal as a base camp shelter/kitchen when set up as a basic fly roof. The square shape, an abundance of attachment points, and spacious dimensions lend the DD Hammocks Tarp very well to A-frame structures which will comfortably sleep 2 -3 people. If you want to get up off the ground and sleep in a hammock then pitching the DD Tarp diagonally will give you the best protection and cover. As a solo shelter, I wouldn’t want to go any larger than 3-meters so this really is the perfect shape and size for me.

Weight and Pack Size

At just under 790 grams, the DD Hammocks 3 m Tarp is not the lightest tarp on the market but it does have all those useful attachment points as well as a highly rated waterproof treatment which do add weight. In terms of how robust the material is the tarp is still relatively lightweight and certainly lighter than carrying a tent. I do feel like this tent is not aimed at the ultralightweight backpacker but more towards the wild camper, survivalist, or hammock sleeper that care more about coverage and protection than they do saving a few hundred grams. The pack size is a very generous 24cm x 14cm x 4cm and is plenty big enough to add in extra ropes and pegs. You could also get away with using a smaller stuff sack but again, only if you are really looking to save small amounts of space in your backpack.

DD Hammocks 3 M Tarp Review


The DD Hammocks Tarp is probably the most robust camping tarp I have ever tested and is designed to perform in the harshest conditions without fail. You don’t have to worry about being too precious with this tarp like worrying it will rip by brushing against a bramble or tear loose from the anchor points on windy nights. This thing is super hardwearing for a lightweight tarp and easy to set up once you know what style of shelter you want. If you have 2 hiking poles (or lengths of scavenged wood), 2 short lengths of paracord and 6 tent pegs then you can set up an A-frame structure in around 5 minutes. If you are willing to carry more than 6 tent stakes then you can really anchor this thing to the ground by taking advantage of all the multiple attachment points and battening down the hatches as it were.


The DD Hammocks Tarp 3 x 3 is the ultimate all-rounder tarp that is big enough to cover you, your friends, and all your gear with ease. The material is super tough and waterproof to make sure you stay dry whatever the weather. What really makes this tarp stand out amongst the rest is the impressive number of reinforced attachment points which allow you to set the tarp up in so many different ways it is almost impossible to try them all. The square shape and 3-meter dimensions make this tarp incredibly useful for so many things and can be set up in minutes. Made to meet the high British standards for quality and construction, I would recommend this tarp to anyone looking to ditch the tent for a more authentic wild camping experience as well as experienced outdoors people (who probably already have 1 or 2).

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DD Hammocks Tarp 3 x 3 Review

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