6 Best Canvas Tent With Stove Jack 2024 | Winter Camping With A Log Burner

Last Updated on 05/02/2024

Best Canvas Tent With Stove Jack

In this guide to the best canvas tent with stoves and chimney holes, we share the most comfortable way to camp in winter and what to look for in a canvas tent with a stove jack.

There is nothing quite like camping in a canvas tent in a remote forest while snow is on the ground and returning to your site to see smoke tricking out of your chimney. Having a canvas tent is a luxury, but adding a wood-burning stove is like a dream come true. No more long winter evenings spent huddled in your sleeping bags with all your layers on. This is winter camping at its finest.

There aren’t too many 100% cotton canvas tents with stove jacks out there, but there are a lot of polyester canvas tents to choose from. Most will do the job just fine, but if you want to avoid getting one that falls apart or doesn’t keep you dry, then check out the recommendations below.

When the temperatures drop and winter sets in, camping in thin nylon tents isn’t so comfortable. We love canvas tents for longer trips, but only when it isn’t too hard to haul the tent out – parking your car close by helps. Scroll all the way down if you want to read our guide before seeing what’s out there.

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6 Best Canvas Tent With Stove Jack

WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent Waterproof 4 Season Outdoor Camping & Hunting Tent w/Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame, Best for Large Groups, Families & Outfitters (8'x10', Water Repellent)shop outdoor gear

  • MATERIAL: 100% Cotton Canvas, Aluminum frame, Polyvinyl floor
  • WEIGHT: 357 lbs / 161 kg 
  • PACKED SIZE: 45 x 15 x 15 in / 114 x 38 x 38 cm
  • FLOOR SIZE: 16 x 20 ft / 4.9 x 6 meters
  • MAX HEIGHT: 10 ft / 3 meters
  • CAPACITY: 14 People
  • SEASON RATING: 4 Season

The WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent is by far the biggest and best canvas tent with stove jack out there. This thing is like a portable house, which isn’t even the biggest size they do! You can get an even bigger version that will sleep 16 people and a few dogs, as well as all your gear and a large wood-burning stove. If you don’t fancy hauling such a big tent to your campsite, there are also four smaller options that are much easier to carry.

Wall tents are great in winter as there is so much headroom and space to walk around that you can leave an area without a groundsheet s you can walk in with your boots and wet gear on. The tall pitched roof is also perfect for hanging a washing line across so you can dry all your gear using the heat from your stove.

STOVE: The stove jack is positioned to the inside left of the entranceway, which is perfect for venting any excess heat or smoke out. It also means you don’t have to carry wood through the tent, which may hold some hitchhiking insects you don’t want on your bed. A storm flap on the outside keeps the stove jack sealed when not in use, and the material is heat-resistant to withstand red-hot metal.

WARMTH: One of the problems with this tent is it can get too hot with a stove burning. There is very little ventilation to control the temperature other than to use the door. With the larger models, it takes a little longer to heat up inside, but once the fire is blazing hot, you can walk around in shorts and a t-shirt inside while it’s snowing outside.

PROS: The size and shape of this canvas tent with stove hole are what make it so appealing. Because it has tall vertical walls and a lot of headroom, you can really make the best use of the space and easily walk around any obstacles. The design is sturdy and perfectly designed to handle snow in winter if the guy lines are securely pegged in. The waterproofing and bug protection are very good.

CONS: The main con for me is the lack of ventilation which isn’t ideal if you are burning a stove. Of course, you can open the door, but it would have been nice to have a couple of protected vents. While it can be done alone, setting up requires two or more people to do it safely – not as easy as with a single pole tepee or bell tent.

VERDICT: The Alpha Canvas Wall Tent from WHITEDUCK is the best tent for a wood-burning stove if you want a lot of space and headroom to move about inside. You can get it in multiple sizes and choose to have additional fire retardant treatment all over for an extra fee. The larger sizes do cost as much as a family holiday, but they will last for you and your kid’s lifetime if correctly looked after.



Russian-Bear Hot Tent with Stove Jack UP2-Mini

Russian-Bear Hot Tent with Stove Jack for 1-3 People All-Season for Camping Fishing Hunting Double Layer Waterproof Tent with Windows UP2-Mini Camouflage

  • MATERIAL: Oxford 300 PU 4000 fabric Outer Shell, Oxford 210 fabric PU 2000 mm Inner Tent, Aluminum Alloy B95T1 Poles
  • WEIGHT: 36.4 lbs / 16.5 kg
  • PACKED SIZE: 53 x 10 x 10 in / 134 X 25 X 25 cm
    • FLOOR SIZE: 8.9 ft diameter / 2.7 m diameter
  • MAX HEIGHT: 5.9 ft / 1.8 m
  • CAPACITY: 3 People With Stove (5 without)
  • SEASON RATING: 4 Season

The Russian-Bear Hot Tent with Stove Jack UP2-Mini is the best canvas stove tent with a stove jack for small groups of people. The fact that it pops up so fast with all the poles and internal tent pre-installed is magical and makes setting up so easy and quick. Another remarkable feature is the rigid door which sits on a velcro hinge to make coming in and out in cold weather as easy and fast as possible to keep the heat in.

STOVE: The floor has a zip-out section to place a stove that sits directly below the stove jack in the roof. A panel of fire and heat-proof material runs all the way down from the stove jack to the floor to ensure nothing gets scorched when your stove is roaring. Multiple ventilation openings let you clear out any smoke or excess heat if you need to.

WARMTH: Most canvas tents with stove jacks only have a single skin wall, but Russian-Bear Hot Tents also have an internal tent, which makes them way warmer than other options. The dual skin also means you don’t have to deal with so much condensation, which makes such a big difference in winter conditions. 

PROS: What stands out the most about this tent is that it is so warm in winter and ideally suited for a stove and three camping cots. The build quality is exceptionally high, and I believe they are all hand stitched and inspected to ensure every tent passes. You get fantastic ventilation, and the hinged door is a luxury you never knew you needed. And finally, a feature that often flies under the radar is that even though the outer is a dark camo color, the internal tent roof is bright white so that it feels light and spacious inside.

CONS: Because of the high quality and custom design, the biggest con of this tent is the price, which is over a thousand bucks. Aside from that, I have only one other problem with this tent… It isn’t made from natural canvas and instead uses Oxford Nylon, which is stronger but just not the same. 

Even though the tent pops up in minutes and requires very little assembly, the hinged door needs to be velcroed onto the tent, which is so tricky and annoying that you will hate the words double velcro for the rest of your life. The final con for me is head space. At just 5 feet 9 inches, it is not tall enough for most average men to stand up fully in.

VERDICT: The UP2-Mini Canvas Tent with Stove Jack from Russian-Bear Hot is not made from cotton canvas like most others but instead is more of a lightweight synthetic canvas that is more durable than a standard tent but not as thick as duck cotton or vinyl. The fact that it is camouflaged makes this tent so well suited for you and two buddies to go hunting in winter that it makes all other options seem weak.

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OneTigris Northgaze 2-4 Person Tipi Hot Tent with Stove Jack

OneTigris Northgaze 2~4 Person Tipi Hot Tent with Stove Jack, 4 Season Lightweight Waterproof Wind-Resistant for Camping Backpacking Hiking Hunting Fishing

  • MATERIAL: Tetoron Cotton (TC) Canvas Shell
  • WEIGHT: 15.8 lbs / 7.2 kg
  • PACKED SIZE: 23 x 8 x 8 in / 58 x 20 x 20 cm
  • FLOOR SIZE: 11.8 ft diameter / 3.6 m diameter
  • MAX HEIGHT: 6.7 ft / 2.05 m
  • CAPACITY: 2 – 4 People
  • SEASON RATING: 4 Season

The OneTigris Northgaze 2-4 Person Tipi Hot Tent with Stove Jack is by far the cheapest option and maybe even the best value. For under $300, this tent allows anyone to start enjoying winter camping with a stove. You don’t get the same amount of living space as in a wall tent or bell tent, but for you and a partner, there is plenty of space for two camp beds and a stove.

Made from a type of canvas called Tetoron cotton, which is cotton blended with polyester to decrease weight and increase durability. It feels a little bit like vinyl canvas but not quite as thick. Anyway, it keeps the rain out all year round, and the snow skirts help to shore up the sides in winter.

STOVE: The stove jack sits fairly close to the center, so if you put a wood-burning stove inside, it takes up a lot of space. I think tepee tents work best when you can fill the floor with sleeping mats to sleep as many people as possible. When you add a stove in, a camping cot works much better, but good luck trying to fit more than one inside this tent. The stove jack is also relatively small, so you will want to measure the diameter of your chimney exhaust to ensure it fits.

WARMTH: A stove inside this tent will make it super warm. So warm, in fact, that you may want to open the tent door to let some heat out after putting on a fresh log. There are two small vents in the roof to let any smoke out, but I would really like to see a window vent on the side, so you don’t have to use the door.

PROS: The weight of this tent blows all the others out of the water and is one of the best canvas tents with a stove jack to carry by foot to a remote location – most others need to be driven to the campsite as they are so heavy. The price is also incredibly appealing and means you can spend more on a decent stove. Because it is so small it warms up very fast and gets so warm you can wear shorts and a t-shirt in freezing temperatures outside.

CONS: The stove jack could have been a little closer to the edge, giving you more space for camping cots and people to sleep. Another con of this canvas stove tent is that the ventilation ports at the top are quite small, and sometimes you may have to open the door to let smoke or excess heat out. The teepee tent style works best with camping mats but doesn’t fit many camping cots due to the low-angled walls.

VERDICT: The Northgaze Tent with Stove Jack from OneTigris is our favorite budget options for winter camping with a stove. If you are a solo camper, it is perfect for hiking into the wilderness with this and a stove for a few days of peace and solitude without ever having to suffer from a cold tent.

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KingCamp Khan Glamping Bell Tent Winter Canvas Yurt Tent with Stove Jack

KingCamp Glamping Canvas Tent for Camping Oversize Space Heavy Duty Waterproof White Large Canvas Bell Tent w/Stove Jack for Family Camping in All Seasons Cotton Yurt Tent

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  • MATERIAL: Polyester-cotton canvas, 6063 Aluminum alloy poles, PVC floor
  • WEIGHT: 98.5 lbs / 44.7 kg
  • PACKED SIZE: 35 x 18 x 15 in / 89  x 46  x 38 cm
  • FLOOR SIZE: 16.4 ft diameter / 5 m diameter
  • MAX HEIGHT: 9.9 ft / 3 m
  • CAPACITY: 8 People
  • SEASON RATING: 4 Season

The KingCamp Khan is one of the best canvas tents for winter camping with a wood-burning stove, especially in areas with biting insects. This is one of our favorites because it also performs very well in the hottest months of the year, with zip-down sides fully lined with bug mesh.

As well as choosing between a 16-foot and a 13-foot size, you can also decide between a Polycotton canvas and a 100% cotton canvas. Both have their benefits; the pure cotton canvas model is lighter and more breathable, but the PU version is thicker and better for winter camping with a stove.

STOVE: The KingCamp Khan is perfect for any kind of wood-burning stove, as it has side and roof chimney holes to suit many different sizes and brands of stoves. The stove jacks are 7 inches in diameter and sit nicely to the left of the door with a removable floor patch to put your stove. The benefit of using a side exhaust instead of through the roof is that you have more cooking space on top.

WARMTH: The sweet spot for warmth in a bell tent like this with the stove burning is to use a camping cot between 1-2 feet off the ground. Warm air rises, but if you can sleep at the same level or just above the stove, you will feel a lot of the heat radiating directly from the metal housing. With so many windows and zips, you may find this tent isn’t as efficient as others at trapping heat, but if you have a stove going, then you won’t care because it gets really warm quite quickly.

PROS: The design of this tent means it can be completely opened up in summer and sealed tight in winter for a full four seasons of use. There are two stove jacks to accommodate most stoves and stove exhaust systems, so you don’t need a specialist type or style to use it. There is a ton of space inside, even with a stove, and it has to be one of the most comfortable canvas stove tents out there ever.

CONS: Even the smaller 13-foot version might be too big for you and your buddies, albeit comfortable and spacious. It is more of a glamping tent than a portable winter hunting cabin, and I don’t have as much trust in bell tents’ durability during harsh weather as perhaps a dome or canvas wall tent with a stove jack.

VERDICT: If you want a summer canvas tent you can use in winter with a stove inside, then the Khan Tent from King Camp is one of the more impressive options available. The fact that the walls zip off for 360-degree views is not to be underrated. If you are looking for a tent for winter bushcraft and hunting, this might not be the one. But if you want to camp in style and comfort when the weather isn’t too bad, then I would highly recommend the KingCamp Khan Tent.



Elk Mountain Tents Large Canvas Waterproof Wall Tent

Elk Mountain Tents Outdoor Large Canvas Waterproof Wall Tent and Angle Kit with Screened Windows and Stove Pip Jack for 10 Person Tent - 13x20 - with Front Screen Door

  • MATERIAL: 100% Polyester Canvas, No tent poles included, Polyvinyl floor
  • WEIGHT: 95 lbs / 43 kg
  • PACKED SIZE: 30 x 20 x 20 in / 76 x 51 x 51 cm
  • FLOOR SIZE: 16 x 20 ft / 4.9 x 6 meters
  • CAPACITY: 10 People
  • SEASON RATING: 4 Season

The Elk Mountain Tents Large Canvas Waterproof Wall Tent is another ‘cabin in a bag’ that goes hand in hand with a wood-burning stove in cold weather. There are 8 sizes to choose from, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on how much space you want. The one slight downside is that you need to buy the poles separately (or make your own), which doesn’t make sense to me.

Unlike the WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent further up, this tent is made from 100% polyester instead of a natural cotton canvas, which helps keep the weight down and means that you don’t have to take as much care before storing it.

STOVE: All eight sizes come with a pre-fitted stove jack and fabric cover on the left-hand side just by the door (looking in from the outside). When you get the tent, there are three sewn-in rings on the fabric (4, 5, and 6 inches) so that you can cut your own hole to fit the size of your stove chimney. If you really want to go all out, you can also get an Elk Mountain wood burner and other accessories to make winter camping more comfortable.

WARMTH: The thinner polyester canvas is not as warm as a thick cotton canvas, which does mean it doesn’t hold the heat in quite as well. It may also suffer more from condensation if the stove goes out at night. With a few small logs on the stove, you can soon warm up this entire shelter, but the closer you sleep to the fire, the warmer it is – the coolest point being at the very back of the tent.

PROS: This is a solid tent for backcountry hunting trips, temporary shelters, and camping with small groups. The advantage this canvas wall tent with stove has over the WHITEDUCK Alpha is that it has some nice upper ventilation to help with temperature control when the stove roars. It also costs less than half the price.

CONS: The frame is nice and robust to withstand the weather of all four seasons. However, I would feel much safer with snow on the roof with additional center pole support. The poles are sold separately, which is just a minor inconvenience but needs to be accounted for in your budget.

VERDICT: This stove-compatible canvas wall tent made by Elk Mountain is one of the best canvas wall tents with stove jack out there. The top vents effectively clear any smoke or excess heat from your stove. They also help to keep you cooler in the summer heat. With reinforcements in all the right places, you will get a lot of use out of this one.

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UNISTRENGH 4 Season Large Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

UNISTRENGH 4M/13.1ft Luxury Bell Tent Waterproof 4 Season Large Cotton Bell Tent with Roof Stove Jack

  • MATERIAL: 100% Cotton canvas, PVC floor, Galvanized steel poles
  • WEIGHT: 44.1 lbs / 20 kg
  • PACKED SIZE: 44 x 10 x 10 in / 112 x 26 x 26 cm
  • FLOOR SIZE: 9.8 ft diameter / 2.94 m diameter
  • MAX HEIGHT: 8.2 ft / 2.5 m
  • CAPACITY: 4 People
  • SEASON RATING: 4 Season

The UNISTRENGH Cotton Canvas Bell Tent with stove jack is one of the best for couples or two people with a big log burner in there too. There are four larger sizes than the one above, but they start to get very heavy the larger you go – this one is manageable to carry on foot. 

Because it is made from natural cotton, it creates a pleasant climate with the stove burning as the material breaths and has that nice tenty smell. It also features small vents that help eliminate smoke or excess heat.

You won’t see many reviews of this tent or see many people talking about it, but if you know, then you know.

STOVE: The stove jack sits nicely off-center to the left-hand side of the door (looking from the outside). This is ideal for maximizing the space inside, and on the smallest model above, there is lots of room for two large camping cots and a lot of gear. The small red panel of fabric is fire retardant and is where you cut your hole for the chimney to fit through.

WARMTH: This is one of the warmest canvas tents with a stove jack in the world, thanks to its thick fabric and compact design. Even without the stove being lit, it is noticeably warmer inside the tent than outside. I find that bell tents don’t lose as much heat as wall tents when you open the door, and so long as you have a pile of firewood to burn, you’ll never feel cold in this tent.

PROS: It’s hard to put my finger on anything that really sets this tent apart from others, but it mostly comes down to durability, layout, and warmth. The stove jack is in a nice position that sits close t the outer wall so that you can take advantage of all the space.

CONS: The main cons are not specific to this tent and instead are more about the cotton canvas… It takes some maintenance, and you must be incredibly diligent when packing it away to ensure it is completely dry before storing it. If you don’t have a large undercover space like an empty garage or barn, then it can be hard to dry it out in winter fully.

VERDICT: The Cotton Canvas Bell Tent from UNISTRENGTH has no innovative new design features to set it apart from the rest. Instead, it does all the basics above average and is very reliable and foolproof. If this is your first ever cotton canvas hot tent with a stove, then you will be delighted the first time you take it out for a spin.

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Canvas Bell Tent With Stove Hole

Is It Safe to Put a Stove Inside a Tent?

While having a fire inside a tent might sound like a recipe for disaster, if it is contained in a stove and you are careful, then it is just like having a fireplace in your living room. All the best canvas tents with stove jacks are made from fire-resistant fabric in any area that comes into contact with heat. They also have removable floors so that you can’t set fire to the floor beneath your stove.

You should always keep a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector inside your tent when using a stove for safe measures. This will alert you to any harmful gasses you can’t see and wake you up if anything catches fire.

My biggest fear when camping with a wood-burning stove inside a canvas tent is not about burning the tent down. Instead, I fear that I will melt my sleeping bag, pop my inflatable camp mat, or burn myself on the hot metal of the stove. Or even worse, knock the stove over by accident and burn my feet.

Are Canvas Tents Safer for Stoves?

Cotton canvas tents are undoubtedly safer than nylon or polyester tents to have a stove in. Cotton canvas is often treated with fire-resistant chemicals, which make it very hard to catch alight. Canvas tents with stove holes are more breathable than synthetic material and often feature more extensive ventilation. This prevents the build-up of harmful gasses.

Cotton canvas tents are safer for wood-burning stoves because they are much more resistant to sparks and high temperatures, especially if treated. Whereas synthetically made tents can melt from a single spark and easily catch fire. And you don’t want melting polyester dripping on you or inhaling the toxic smoke that comes off.

10 Tips for Camping with A Stove in Your Tent

You should follow a few simple rules when using any kind of stove inside a tent, even a small portable gas burner. These may seem like overkill, but they may save your life, so it’s not too much hassle to follow them.

  1. Don’t Knock the Stove Over: Rule number one, don’t knock the stove over! If all the embers fall out and the chimney caves your roof in, you can only get out as fast as possible and try to save as much gear as possible. The tent is often totaled if the stove falls over inside the tent.
  2. Use a Smoke Detector: If it keeps going off, don’t just take the batteries out! Fix the leak where smoke is escaping or increase the ventilation.
  3. Use a Carbon Monoxide Detector: Cooking on gas stoves inside tents has killed numerous people. A simple carbon monoxide detector hung from the frame of your tent could save your life.
  4. Open Ventilation Ports or The Door for Fresh Air: Most stove jacks are located close to the door so that you can get a lot of ventilation straight to the source. If there are vents and windows that open, then use them to flush out any smoke or fumes created by your stove.
  5. Stay Alert for Any Embers that Fall Out: When putting fresh logs on the fire, ensure you don’t let any embers fall out, as treading on one of them in bare feet could leave a permanent scar. Little embers cause big fires, so always be mindful when feeding the fire.
  6. Watch Where You Sleep: Although it can feel nice to be not just warm but hot inside a tent while it snows outside, don’t sleep too close to the fire. If you roll over in the night, you can easily burn a hand, foot, or face if you aren’t careful.
  7. If It Falls, Let It Go: If you tried to follow rule number one but fail, never try to catch a falling stove. If it falls, just let it go. If you try and stop it with your bare hands, you will end up with third-degree burns all across the palms of your hands.
  8. Dry Firewood Underneath and By the Sides of The Stove: If it is wet outside, as it often is in winter, then keep a steady supply of firewood stocked by the fire to dry out before being put on. This will help to reduce smoke when it does burn.
  9. Use a Pair of Fireproof Camp Gloves: Campfire gloves can save you endless burns to your hands and come in handy for other jobs like chopping and carrying firewood back to camp.
  10. Store Water, Sand, or Dirt Close by For Emergencies: Nature’s fire extinguishers are water, snow, sand, or dirt. Water is the best thing to have a bucket close by as you can drench your tent in one go if, for any reason, it does catch fire. If you are camping on snow, then you don’t have to worry about keeping a quantity close by for emergencies.

These are not laws, just some simple tips that will help you stay safe while camping with a stove in your tent.

Camping with a stove in winter

Benefits of Canvas Tents With Stove Jacks

The benefits of using canvas tents with stoves soon stack up. Some of the advantages come from the tent being made from canvas, and others are because you can use a stove for warmth.

  • Stay warm
  • Dry your gear
  • Cook food
  • Long-term base camp
  • Keep your boots on
  • Walk around
  • Space to store gear
  • Better for camping cots
  • Strong enough to handle snow
  • Makes the long winter nights more bearable

I could keep going, but that’s enough for now.

Are Canvas Tents Flame Resistant?

Not all canvas tents are flame resistant. Some just have small square panels of heat-resistant fabric around where the stove exhaust comes through, while the rest of the material is untreated. Some tents, like those made by WHITEDUCK, have the optionality of both heat-resistant or untreated canvas – both are still 100% waterproof.

That said, if you drop hot coal onto flame-resistant canvas, it will still burn a hole straight through. It just won’t (hopefully) spread and burn down the entire tent.

Guide to the Best Canvas Tents with Stove Jacks

This is where we break down what makes these six tents the best in the industry and how we choose which ones to feature.


You can find canvas stove tents in around three different types of canvas, and they all have their benefits. So here is a quick rundown of the different types of canvas used in the best wall tents:

Cotton Canvas

Cotton is possibly the heaviest and most durable type of canvas used for stove-compatible tents and is desirable for its comfort, durability, and maintainable properties. It is not naturally weatherproof but absorbs treatments incredibly well to become 100% waterproof with a single treatment. It requires you to ensure it is completely dry before storing, but if cared for properly, it will last a lifetime.

Poly-Cotton Canvas

Poly-cotton canvas is a blend of polyester and cotton, a hybrid aiming to take the best of both worlds. They are lighter and require less maintenance than cotton canvas tents but aren’t as suitable for stove camping because they suffer from condensation on the walls.

Polyester Canvas

The main difference Vs. cotton is that polyester canvas is less susceptible to mildew and so easier to store; it requires less maintenance, is cheaper, and is perhaps more lightweight. The downsides are that it is less breathable and may not be as maintainable in the long term as a cotton canvas is.

Camping stove tent canvas material


Because wood-burning stoves take up so much space, the shape of your tent can impact how many people can sleep in it.

Wall tents are my favorite type of tent to use a stove with, as you can tuck the stove in a corner near the door and still have a large amount of usable space. Bell tents are good, too, but they don’t have as much headspace to walk around in. Tipi tents are ok if you are on your own or with one other person, but because the sloped walls go all the way to the ground, you have to position your stove almost in the middle of the tent.


When thinking about the capacity of a tent, you sometimes have to count a wood-burning stove as one or two people. So a ten-person tent may only fit eight people if you have a big log-burning stove in there. Another consideration is that the bigger the tent, the more heat it will take to keep it warm, so don’t get a massive 16-person tent if it’s just you and two buddies using it.

Stove Jack Location

Most of the tent’s stove jacks in this guide are in different positions. One common theme is that they are located very close to the door. This is so that you can easily fumigate the tent if it fills with smoke.

The position of the stove jack should ideally allow you to have your stove tucks as much out of the way as possible. In wall tents, this is easy because you can use the corner, but in circular tents, they are a bit more central. You can get the stove pretty close to the edge in a bell tent where the walls are at least four feet high.


A wood-burning stove will add warmth to any tent; however, when the stove goes out, a thick canvas tent provides warmth that a thinner synthetic tent cannot. Tents with a lot of zips, windows, and vents tend to let a lot of heat out, so we like to see storm flaps, sealed windows, and other features like that.

canvas tent with wood burner stove


Ventilation is very important in a tent with a stove in it. A leak in the chimney flue, smoke escaping when you open the door to add wood, or toxic fumes released from smoke can all cause serious health risks, and deaths are not unheard of from inhaling poisonous smoke. Vents should always be open when cooking or boiling water to avoid condensation build up too.

The door is normally the largest vent, and you can easily clear a tent of smoke in a few seconds by giving the door a waft.


Canvas tents are heavy, so the frames are always heavy-duty and built to withstand winter weather like wind, heavy rain, and snow. You still can’t let the snow on the roof build up too deep, and you may need to reinforce wall tents in the middle. Many canvas tent frames are strong enough for a grown man to hang from, not that you should do that.

Are Canvas Tents With Stoves Worth It?

If you plan to do a lot of winter camping, go hunting with the boys, or take frequent family camping vacations all year round – canvas tents with stove capabilities are the best. You need to buy a stove separately, but once you try it, you’ll be hooked. Canvas tents also happen to perform incredibly well in the heat too, so it is a win-win.


We hope you enjoyed reading this guide to the best canvas tent with stove jack and maybe even learned a thing or two along the way. Let us know in the comments below.

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