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Last Updated on 10/08/2023

Lowa Tibet GTX Boots Review

Lowa Tibet GTX Boots ReviewOutdoor Gear

This Lowa Tibet GTX Boots Review is based around using the boot frequently for a number of months, and they are yet to let me down. If you are serious about hiking, hunting, or exploration in general, then you know how important your choice of footwear is when you are walking 20+ miles a day or carrying a lot of weight on your back.

The Lowa Tibet’s provide great ankle support for carrying heavy backpacks, and the rigid sole is cushioned to provide mile after mile of comfort. Still crafted by hand in Germany to this day with high attention to detail and top-quality materials, the Lowa Tibet’s are a solid pair of hiking boots with lots of support for long-distance walking.


  • 1,800 g (size 9)
  • High-grade 2.5 mm nubuck leather upper
  • Seamless waterproof GORE-TEX lining
  • Vibram Masai outer sole with self-cleaning lugs
  • FlexFit System allows an easy, natural motion of the ankle
  • The tongue is extremely soft and well padded for flexible comfort
  • Lace Loop technology and the patented I-Lock locking hooks with two-zone lacing system
  • Strap-on crampon compatible

First Impression

When I first purchased these boots, I didn’t know the exact weight and was worried they would be too heavy due to their rugged look, but I needn’t have been. Tightening the laces using the I-Lock system really makes the boots feel like part of your feet and they actually feel very lightweight for such a solid structure. They were comfy from the moment I laced them up, breaking them in over a week of short walks with no blisters or rubbing. At no point did they feel heavy or cumbersome, and they have performed well in rain, sleet, snow, ice, difficult scree, gravel paths, and mountain tracks.

Lowa Tibet GTX Boots Review

Hand Crafted

Super supple nubuck leather is also incredibly rugged for long-lasting reinforcement and is easy to care for with some boot wax, still looking as good as new after eight months of use! I have worn these boots for full-day hikes in winter on the Lake District fells, a speed trek up Ben Nevis, and two multi-day hikes with heavy packs as well as walking the dogs on wet days, and these boots have not let me down. They feel like they give my feet, ankles, and legs the support they need to help my back carry a heavy rucksack. When you lace them up the right way, they really do feel exceptionally well made and very sturdy but not clumsy in any way.

Lowa Tibet GTX Boots Review

Grip and Soles

The tread pattern on the Lowa Tibet GTX Boots grips wet rock and muddy slopes ferociously and seems to throw scree and gravel from underfoot. A 1 1/4″‘ rand protects your feet from water and rock damage, and a good size rubber toe protector will never stop defending your toes from knocks from loose rocks whilst hiking. It really feels like you can get a grip at any angle, whether it is digging in your toe to get a leg up or using your heel to descend steep or snowy routes. Overall a well-cushioned heel, and padded midsection with a stiff and rugged outer sole, allow just enough flex to make carrying heavy packs on long-distance walks a little more bearable.

Waterproof and Breathability

With extra comfy ankle support perforated for breathability, the full Gore-Tex lining does a great job at wicking sweat away from hot points on your feet. For this Lowa Tibet GTX Review, I have had plenty of time to test the boots in all manner of foul conditions and treacherous terrains, and so far, I am very impressed. My feet stay dry ALL THE TIME, and the seamless lining has no rough edges to rub and gives you blisters over long-distance treks. Sometimes it is not the rain that gets your feet wet, walking through wet grass for hours on the farm is no problem for the Tibet’s – they work like gumboots.

Lowa Tibet GTX Boots Review

Lacing System

An interesting feature of the Lowa Tibet GTX Boots is the lacing system, which locks the laces in tight by trapping them in a cup and ball eyelet across the lower foot, and employs a central locking plate on the tongue at the ankle to keep everything in place. This is a great addition to the hiking boot design and reduces the need to keep re-tying your boots during the day. It really feels like it is pulling the boot in and around your entire foot and heel to then tie off above the ankle for an undeniably custom fit.


  • Well made and solid construction
  • Totally waterproof
  • Rigid, cushioned sole for heavy packs and long-distance walks
  • Seamless GORE-TEX lining
  • Flexible ankle support



  • Not lightweight – for more lightweight hiking boots click here
  • Very little flex in the soles
  • Soles are designed to be replaced



In summary, well-designed and very high-quality materials make this boot a winner for us, standing head and shoulder over many of its nearest rivals. Ideal for full on cross-country walks with heavy packs, multi-day hikes, and long hunting trips through any kind of terrain you like. You get lots of support and the waterproofing is top notch. Everything feels very well well made and reinforced to give you blister-free comfort and rigidity needed for ultimate reliability in the wild. The Lowa Tibet GTX Boots are a great choice for serious hiking and technical mountain climbing, and you really get your money’s worth with the materials and build quality.

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8.2 Total Score
Rock Solid

Lowa Tibet GTX Boots Review is based around using the boot frequently for a number of months and they are yet to let me down. Hiking, Hunting, Exploring...

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