Levin Sol-Wing 13W Portable Solar Panel Charger Review

Last Updated on 07/03/2022

Levin Sol-Wing 13W Portable Solar Panel Charger Review

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The Levin Sol-Wing 13W Portable Solar Panel Charger is one of the thinnest, lightest and most efficient portable solar chargers on the planet.

Levin Sol-Wing 13W Portable Solar Panel Charger Review

The Levin Sol-Wing 13W Portable Solar Panel Charger is one of the thinnest, lightest and most efficient portable solar chargers on the planet and so I had to give it a go and I was not disappointed! The specifications of the Levin Sol-Wing 13W Portable Solar Panel Charger left no doubt in my mind that it would be able to charge all my phone, Go Pro, and Power Bank in the middle of nowhere, so long as there is enough direct sunlight.

I chose to buy a large panel solar charger as opposed to a pocket-sized solar charger when I discovered the Sol-Wing only weighed 425 grams and when folded flat was only 14mm deep! So, the Levin Sol-Wing 13W solar charger is lightweight, compact, durable, and extremely efficient, which ticks all the boxes I need in order to buy something.


  • Weight: 15 oz / 425 grams
  • Size (L x W x H): 12 inches X 7 inches X 0.59 inches
  • Power: High-Efficiency 13W output / 2 amps
  • 2 x USB sockets with red LED light to show power
  • Large mesh zip pocket on the back to keep all your cables and power bank when in use and as organizational storage
  • Canvas cover with velcro strap to fasten shut
  • Corner ties for fastening charger to your backpack for charging on the go
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What Will it Charge?

When looking for a portable solar charger to take on outdoor excursions, the first question most people think to ask is, “will it be powerful enough to charge all my gadgets?

Compatible with all 5V USB-charged devices, including but not limited to GPS units, iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, Tablets, and Power Banks – The Levin Sol-Wing 13W Portable Solar Panel Charger has got you covered. Compared with most other 13w solar chargers, the solar panels on the Levin Sol-Wing 13W Charger hold a 29% higher conversion rate as well as being over 40% lighter in weight.

Using premium monocrystalline silicon with a patented treatment to optimize the amount of sunlight captured and increase the conversion efficiency, the Levin Sol-Wing 13W is far superior to anything else on the market. This allows it to charge an iPhone from 0% to 100% in under 4 hours and if you carry a power bank in the mesh pocket, you can charge this during the day to give you power at night or on days with lots of cloud cover.

Levin Sol-Wing 13w Solar Charger

Lightweight and Portable

With a slimline depth of only 14mm, the Levin Sol-Wing 13W Portable Solar Panel Charger will slide neatly into the back of even the fullest of backpacks. With a factory weight of 425 grams, you can actually reduce this by about 50 – 75 grams by cutting off the closing flap (not recommended by Levin).

Now you have a super-efficient solar charger that only weighs about 350 grams and is suitable for charging larger electrical equipment if needs be. Folding down to a manageable 12 x 7 inches and 14mm deep, the Sol-Wing 13w is incredibly portable and fits snugly against the back of your backpack without any inconvenience.

Toughness and Durability

The highly efficient premium monocrystalline solar panel will give you amazing charging speed in direct sunlight and also provide a tough and flexible surface and rigidity. You can even bend the panels up to 90 degrees in half without breaking them, ideal for emergencies, backpacking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

The Mesh zip pocket on the back holds the charging points and is very handy for both keeping all your wires in one place as well as securely holding your devices while in use. There are 7 hooped loops around the corners and edges to make attaching it to your backpack during the day a simple task.

Levin Sol-Wing 13W Portable Solar Panel Charger Review

Use with a Power Bank

As the Levin Sol-Wing doesn’t include a power bank it is a great idea to get 1 or 2, regardless of whether you think you need one – trust me, at some point or another they will prove to be a wise purchase. I prefer to have 2 – 3 small power banks rather than 1 big one, just in case something were to happen to it, but a larger capacity power bank will be able to charge laptops and other appliances at least once or twice.

If you are more of an outdoor junkie than a tech geek then you might want to consider a waterproof and shockproof power bank that will fit neatly in the back pocket of the Sol-Wing.


  • Lightweight
  • Super Slim
  • Flexible
  • Super Efficient
  • Powerful Charging Abilities


  • Won’t fit in your jacket pocket or purse
  • Doesn’t include a power bank


Overall the Levin Sol-Wing 13W Portable Solar Panel Charger is everything I wanted it to be and once I removed the closing flap it was even lighter than the official 425 grams. I charged my phone, GPS, and power bank multiple times over a 6 month trip to New Zealand and found that the speed of recharging often surprised me in direct sunlight. It does struggle in cloud cover but seems to work just fine up until shortly before a setting sun.

The mesh zip pocket is a great addition that helps keep all your charger wires in one place and keeps your gear safe while charging. For short trips into the wild I often just take a fully charged power bank to recharge my phone but for anything over 3 days – I always take a Levin Sol-Wing 13W Portable Solar Panel Charger.

How much is it?


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