Lansky QuadSharp Review – Multi-Angle Pocket Knife Sharpener

Last Updated on 12/10/2021

Lansky QuadSharp Review

Lanksy QuadSharp Knife Sharpener Review

Lansky QuadSharp Review

The Lansky QuadSharp is the smallest and most convenient multi-angle knife sharpener in the world. With 4 pre-set grinding angles and a ceramic benchstone, you take away the guesswork of maintaining a precision edge on all your different blades. A tough metal case adds some weight to the pocket tool, but also makes it feel great in the hand and easy to work with. But before we dive into this Lansky QuadSharp Review, let’s have a look at some of the features.

Features and Specifications

Lansky QuadSharp Review - Multi-Angle Pocket Knife Sharpener

  • Weight: 4 oz / 113 g
  • Dimensions: 10.8 x 1.3 x 5.7 cm
  • Four Sharpening Angles: 17º, 20º, 25º, and 30º
  • Ceramic benchstone for fine polishing and serrated blades
  • Carbide slots sharpen in 3-4 strokes
  • Pocket size with keyring loop
  • Rugged metal construction
  • 100% compatible with all Lansky Kits and accessories
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How to use a Lansky Knife Sharpener?

If your blade has some dings in it then you should reset the edge with the carbide V-groove slots before going near the ceramic finisher. Carbide is extremely aggressive and so it only takes 3 – 4 strokes of the blade to set the edge. You can see our guide on sharpening pocket knives here for more information on technique.

Using your dominant hand to hold your knife and your other hand to support the QuadSharp, start near the handle and pull the knife through the slot with moderate pressure. Rinse or clean your blade before finishing with the ceramic benchstone for the best results and I always like to test the blade on some paper to make sure it is sharp.

Lanksy QuadSharp Review

Initial Thoughts

Made from a rugged metal casing it handles really well and fits in your hand nicely. There are no sharp edges or moving parts to bother with and it can be easily attached to your keys or backpack for safekeeping. The dimensions allow you to work comfortably and the textured grip improves safety. The first stroke of your blade can sometimes feel a little rough but by the second and third pull, you feel very little resistance as the edge is almost instantly shaped to the perfect angle.

Multiple Angle Carbide Slots

Unlike most slot style pocket knife sharpeners, the Lansky QuadSharp has multiple carbide angles for a variety of different blade styles. When you carry or use more than one knife on a regular basis then this extra selection is just what you need. If you have been put off using v-slot style sharpeners in the past, it may have been due to a lack of versatility. Now there can be no excuses not to give these pocket size multi-sharpeners a try.

Lanksy QuadSharp Pocket Knife Sharpener

What can Each Angle on the Lanksy QuadSharp be Used for?

The handy little guide booklet included in the packaging does a good job of explaining how to use the knife sharpener and select the correct angle. As you might expect, the steeper the angle, the finer the edge. Here are Lansky’s recommendations which I personally agree with and adhere to.

  • 17º Angle – This super fine angle should be saved for extremely sharp but delicate blades like filleting knives, cut throat razors, and other similar tools.
  • 20º Angle – A commonly used angle for slicing knives and high-quality chopping blades, great for kitchen tools and thinner pen knives like the swiss army collection.
  • 25º Angle – Recommended for most outdoor and hunting knives, you get a sharp, durable edge that is less vulnerable to dings and dulling.
  • 30º Angle – A favorite angle for knives that see heavy duty use for cutting and carving, you probably won’t be shaving any hairs off your arm with this type of finish.

Ceramic Benchstone

The Ceramic polishing benchstone is just under 2 inches long and is my favorite part of the QuadSharp pocket tool. The 800 (medium) grit ceramic strip is harder than steel and will never wear out. Used free hand like a regular bench stone or butchers steel, I find myself using this element more than any other on a regular basis. The tapered edges will work great on your serrated knives and gives you some leverage for working on curved or thicker blades.

Lanksy QuadSharp Review Knife Sharpener

Sharpening Serrations

For serrated blades and partially serrated, each groove requires individual attention. The tapered ceramic benchstone can be pulled against the groove of smaller serrations or used in a rolling motion to sweep the curves of larger serrations. Repeating the process until every single serration is sharp takes a little bit of time, making a mindful way to pass the time around a campfire.


  • Multiple angles for a variety of blades
  • Polishing benchstone is incredibly useful
  • Easy to handle and comfortable to use
  • Fast and effective
  • Portable and pocket-friendly
  • Tough and versatile


  • Rugged metal casing adds weight
  • Quite large to keep on your everyday keys


In this Lansky QuadSharp review, I enjoyed sharpening a range of different knives, some of which looked like crap to start with. I am not sure whether this is recommended or not but this is how I worked on the worst edges ==> I started with a 30º angle to get rid of the pits and then went down to the 20º angle to re-profile. Finishing with the ceramic bench stone and testing on paper is both satisfying and effective to ensure the best finish.

Using nothing but the QuadSharp, I was able to get a razor-sharp finish every time. Kitchen knives, pen knives, bushcraft knives, and a machete all came out sharp and looking great. I would recommend this little pocket tool to anyone who considers themselves a bit of a knife connoisseur. Hunters and fishermen will find the Lansky QuadSharp particularly useful for their different skinning, filleting, and deboning knives.

How much is it?

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Lansky QuadSharp Review - Multi-Angle Pocket Knife Sharpener

Lansky QuadSharp Review - The Multi-Angle Pocket Knife Sharpener from Lansky is perfect for multiple blades and getting a precise angle on your blade every time.

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