Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boots Review

Last Updated on 12/10/2021

Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boots Review

Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boots Review

Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boots Review

The search for the perfect hunting boot, that doesn’t break my bank account, has lead me to try out many different types and styles of boots. When I came across the Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boots, the first thing I noticed was the price. It’s no secret that hiking boots can be expensive, but do they have to be? I decided to take the risk and find out by ordering a pair as they were very reasonably priced. Irish Setter has a long history as a company, and I hoped these boots would fit the bill. Keep reading this Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boots Review to see how they faired.

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How and where have these boots been tested

The Vaprtrek boots are very athletic type boot, and super lightweight. These were both important considerations for me, as the rugged Arizona deserts can get hot, often over 100 degrees. They needed to not only breathe well, but also protect my feet from cactus, thorns, and brush. I put these boots through multiple hikes in everything from rocky canyon bottoms, to volcanic rock fields that are very rough on the feet. Besides breathability and durability, I also like to test how waterproof my boots are even though let’s be honest, I don’t really need them too often in the desert.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort and fit are two of the most important things for me when trying out new boots, so I was a little disappointed when these boots were fairly tight on the top and sides. I don’t have wide feet by any means, but think the wide size would’ve fit right out of the box a little better. Luckily with a little bit of breaking in, the tightness disappeared as the boots formed around my feet. The top of the boot, where it forms a 90-degree angle, still comes across a little tight but I actually found it favorable as it helped with ankle support and foot position.

Construction and Build Quality

My favorite part about the Vaprtrek boots is how they are made. By far some of the lightest boots I’ve ever worn, they fit and feel more like an athletic shoe than a hiking boot. After a short break-in period, they are super comfortable and provide adequate ankle support despite being made of thin, lightweight material that breathes super well. In all of my testing, none of the stitching came loose and overall seem very well built, despite their lower price point. I generally have great feet that never blister, but even buddies who always have boot problems said these are the most comfortable boots they have ever worn.

Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boot Sole Review

Grip and Soles

These boots come with RPM technology, which basically is a composite material that reduces the weight of the boot in the soles. The tread is super aggressive, and I had no problem gripping any of the many surfaces I was hiking on. The sole is flexible enough to feel great but sturdy enough to let you hike anywhere you need to. The one downside to the sole of this shoe is that it tended to wear down faster than other boots (e.g. Lowa Tibet boots) I have worn, and now after one year of use there is zero treads left on the bottom. I do hike more than your average person, so for most people, this probably won’t be an issue.

Waterproofing and Breathability

As I mentioned earlier, my boots being completely waterproof isn’t a huge deal for me, as these boots were intended for warmer, dryer climates, but I decided to check how waterproof they were just for fun. After standing in an ankle-high creek for ten minutes, my feet were still dry and I had no issues with water creeping in. Even after I have put some wear and tear on them, they still keep my feet dry. Where the Vaprtreks excel is their breathability, and that’s my favorite part about wearing them. My feet never got warm, and even a gentle breeze can cool you off with the synthetic material used. These things are great for warm weather!

Irish Setter Vaprtrek Hunting Boots Review

Any other points?

With any hiking boots, you have to pick something according to the terrain and use your plan to put them through. While I have since gone on to trying different boots, overall I was very happy with my experience with the Irish Setters and how they performed. A couple of pros and cons are:


  • Very Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Economical Price


  • Not great for heavy loads
  • Durability


Overall I have been super happy with these boots for what they are. Hiking boots can cost a fortune, and Irish Setter set the bar high by providing a quality product at a great price. While they may not be for everybody, if you are looking for a lightweight boot to get you through some warm weather, the Irish Setter Vaprtrek boots may be just the thing for you.

How much are the Vaprtrek Boots?


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Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boots Review

Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boots Review - Lightweight, waterproof camo boots for hunting and hiking in hot and humid conditions.

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