9 Best Hammock Ridgeline Organizers in 2024

Last Updated on 27/08/2023

Best Hammock Ridgeline Organizer

Organizers for Your Hammock Ridgeline

A hammock ridgeline organizer is used to keep your equipment close to hand so you don’t have to climb out of your hammock. Unlike a tent, there is no internal storage in a hammock. Your organizer can be used to store phones, head torches, bear spray, glasses, and much more.

Reaching over the side of your hammock to rummage in your backpack and find your equipment is not only difficult but risks you falling to the ground. Storing equipment inside your hammock with you is uncomfortable and impractical. You often end up laying on your phone or glasses or being uncomfortable.

A hammock ridgeline organizer is an easy way to store your equipment by utilizing the length of rope above your hammock. It keeps essential items within reach and in an organized way. This article will explain what a ridgeline organizer is and why you might benefit from one.

9 Best Hammock Ridgeline Organizers

TETON Sports Cot Organizer

TETON Sports Cot Organizer; Great Camping and Hunting Gear; Perfect Companion to the TETON Sports Camping Cots; A Must Have , Black, 39 inches X 12 inches

  • WEIGHT: 7.76 oz / 220 g
  • SIZE: 39″ x 12″ / 99 cm x 30 cm
  • PACK SIZE: 9″ x 2″ x 15.5″ / 22 cm x 5 cm x 39 cm

The TETON Sports Cot Organizer is by far the most practical and well-equipped hammock organizer out there. It is designed to be used on the side of a camping cot but works just as well along the ridgeline of a hammock. There is storage for everything you could possibly need in the night including a fleece line glasses pouch and a quick release toilet roll holder.

There is a large pocket big enough for a book and your speaker or other larger objects as well as some smaller pockets for a multitool. You can keep your keys secure on the mini lanyard that will tuck into the front mesh pocket. You won’t have to get up to brush your teeth as there is the perfect size pocket for toiletries. The handiest feature though is the drink or bottle holder which makes reaching for your water or whiskey so convenient.

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Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer

Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer, Poppy Orange, One Size

  • WEIGHT: 4.4 oz / 125 g
  • SIZE: 6 x 3 x 9 inches / 15.2 cm x 7.6 cm x 22.8 cm

The Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer is a hanging toiletry bag that is so perfect for hammock ridgeline organization, I am surprised they haven’t changed the name. This has got to be the most compact hammock organizer with a tiny pack size that is perfect for backpackers and lightweight hikers. There is a single loop at the top to secure your ridgeline and even a handy mirror for signaling and looking at yourself. This is the perfect size organizer for hammock camping as well as a travel wash bag.

Two mesh pockets at the top are good for your phone, wallet, keys, power bank, cables, headphones, and those sorts of things. There is a more concealed pocket at the back which can be utilized to slot a book in with the zip open or store some toiletries and snacks. You may do things differently but we find that the pouch at the front is the best place to keep a small bottle of water.

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NICOGENA Mesh Clothespin Bag

NICOGENA Mesh Clothespin Bag, Storage Organizer with Hook, Clothes Pins Bag Holder, Black

  • WEIGHT: 4.2 oz / 119 g
  • SIZE: 8″x 12″ / 20.3 cm x 30.5 cm

The NICOGENA Mesh Clothespin Bag is our first peg bag on the list and it is perfectly designed to provide a single compartment pocket above your head while camping in a hammock. The simple design features a mesh sack with a toggle on each side attached to a carabiner. The good thing about this is you can easily remove it and hang it back on the ridgeline without having to completely undo it to take it off. There is not much more to say other than simple but effective (and cheap).

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S28esong Hammock Organizer

S28esong Hammock Organizer, Multipurpose Hammock Organizer Foldable Storage Bag for Outdoor Sports Climbing Travel, Large Space Lightweight


  • WEIGHT: 0.35 oz / 10 g
  • SIZE: 12.5″ x 4″ x 3″ / 31.7 cm x 10.1 cm x 7.6 cm

The S28esong Hammock Organizer is our number one ultra-lightweight hammock organizer that weighs in at a minuscule 10 grams. It is basically just a thin piece of Oxford polyester mesh that is tear-resistant, folded over, and sewn together. There isn’t much to it really but it is the best option if you just want somewhere to store a few small items like your phone and spectacles.

While the pockets are fairly shallow and small for a book there is a horizontal pouch at the back which can fit my bushcraft canteen or just about squeeze a 2-liter bottle in. This is a very simple product that doesn’t cost much, hardly weighs a thing, and can be stored with your hammock without noticing it’s there or having to remember to pack it.

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Deuter Wash Bag with Hanging Hook

Deuter Wash Bag I (Kiwi-Arctic)

  • WEIGHT: 3 oz / 85 g
  • SIZE: 6″ x 8″ x 2″ / 15.2 cm x 20.3 cm x 5 cm

The Deuter Wash Bag with Hanging Hook is similar to the Osprey Roll Organizer but only features 3 compartments and is slightly more lightweight. The top two pockets are made of mesh and allow you to still see your phone screen to check the time or notifications. The bottom pocket is where I would keep toiletries and maybe some water but the pockets just don’t seem very accommodating for anything bigger than a phone.

There are three things that would make us choose the Osprey bag over the Deuter are; the smaller pocket openings, the lack of a fourth pocket, and the lower storage volume. We do prefer the metal hanging hook on this but overall would pick the Osprey toiletry bag above nine times out of ten.

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FUNYU Hanging Bedside Storage Caddy

Bedside Storage Caddy, FUNYU Hanging Storage Organizer Bag with 8 Pockets for Bunk Dorm Rooms, Hospital Bed Rails, Baby Bed, Camp (Grey)

  • WEIGHT: 10.6 oz / 300 g
  • SIZE: 19.2″ x 11.4″ x 3.9″ / 48.8 cm x 29 cm x 9.9 cm

The FUNYU Hanging Bedside Storage Caddy is designed to be used on a bed or chair but it also works a treat on your hammock ridgeline. There are 3 velcro straps for extra stability and less sagging but realistically you chop the middle one off to save weight. Featuring an abundance of different-sized pockets this is an easy way to get organized fast.

The large pockets at the back are so big that you can fit a 2-liter water bottle in it or even a flask of hot chocolate. You can easily store books and toiletries but there is only one mesh pocket to designate for your items. The weight is fairly high for something that is not completely necessary but if you want larger pockets and lots of them then this might be the camping cot organizer for you.

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Whitmor Canvas Clothespin Bag Hanging Storage Organizer

Whitmor Canvas Clothespin Bag Hanging Storage Organizer

  • WEIGHT: 4 oz / 113 g
  • SIZE: 10.5″ x 12.5″ / 26.7 cm x 31.7 cm

The Whitmor Canvas Clothespin Bag Hanging Storage Organizer is obviously just a traditional clothes peg bag designed to be hung on your washing line outside. The beauty of it for organizing gear above a hammock is the large pouch that things don’t fall out of. You can fit a book, water bottles, valuables, and toiletries all in together and just reach in and grab what you need. The simple clothes hook design couldn’t be easier to get on and off or even secure to the rope if you don’t want it to be mobile.

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DutchWareGear Ridgeline Organizer

DutchWareGear Hammock Ridgelinge Organizer

  • WEIGHT: 0.21 – 0.28 oz / 0.6 – 8 g
  • SIZE: 9″ x 12″ / 22.8 cm x 30.5 cm

The Dutchware Ridgeline Organizer is the lightest hammock ridgeline organizer which is made from a choice of Nano Noseeum bug net or ARGON 90. There are two shallow pockets for valuables and small items and an open-ended tunnel pocket at the back which can fit a small water bottle. Available from their website here.

Hammock Gear Ridgeline Organizer

Hammock Gear Ridgeline Organizer

  • WEIGHT: 0.75 oz / 21.2 g
  • SIZE: 9″ x 17″ / 22.8 cm x 43.2 cm

The Hammock Gear Ridgeline Organizer is very similar to the S28esong Hammock Organizer above but with an extra-large back pocket for a book or map. You thread the ridgeline through the entire length of the pouch which helps improve stability and eliminates sagging. The only problem is this is more than double the price of the S28song option and is only available on their website. Made by hammock people, for hammock people. which is a reason to support them.

S28esong Hammock Organizer, Multipurpose Hammock Organizer Foldable Storage Bag for Outdoor Sports Climbing Travel, Large Space Lightweight

What is a Hammock Organizer?

A hammock organizer is a pouch that can be strung directly to your hammock ridgeline. These lightweight pouches usually have separate compartments to fit phones, torches, or similar, so you can easily find your equipment. They are designed to be packed away into your backpack and fit easily into your camping system.

Benefits of Hammock Organizers?

Now that we know what a hammock organizer is, why are the benefits to them?

Keeping things close to hand

Ridgeline organizers can be kept within reach, so you can easily stretch out from your hammock and grab what you need. Overnight, you need to have quick access to things like bear spray and headlamps. Other items like your multi-tool, or phone, are useful to have close to hand too.

Avoid getting out of the hammock

Once you’re in your hammock you never want to get out unless you really have to. This means that you want more than just the essentials close to hand. Snacks, water, phone chargers, books, and other creature comforts can be stored in your hammock ridgeline organizers so they’re within reach.

Store valuables while you sleep

Regardless of where you’re camping, there are certain valuable items you want to know the location of at all times. Storing your phone, wallet, glasses, and other valuables in your hammock ridgeline organizer keeps them off the ground and nearby. You can also rely on not laying on your phone or glasses, or scratching them in your sleep.

Prepare things you need to sleep

As soon as you get into camp and set yourself up, you should prepare all those things you need while you are sleeping. You can load up your hammock ridgeline organizer with earplugs, eye masks, a warm hat, or anything else you may need once you get into your hammock. Many of these can be stored in your ridgeline organizer in your backpack while you hike.

Avoid sleeping on your possessions

Inside a hammock, there is no internal organization. This means that if you store items like your glasses or phone inside your hammock, you can end up rolling on them and breaking them. Even if you don’t break anything, it’s going to be difficult to get comfortable if you’re laying on top of your possessions.

Storing all of these items in a hammock ridgeline organizer stops you from rolling on breakable items overnight.

hanging on hammock ridgeline

What to Look for in a Hammock Ridgeline Organizer

So how do you pick your perfect hammock ridgeline organizer?


The size of your ridgeline organizer is going to depend entirely on how much you want to store in it. If you plan to store a lot of items in your hammock ridgeline organizer, you will need to make sure you have a strong ridgeline. Organizers range from around the size of a couple of phones, to being large enough to store almost half your pack.


The main difference in shape is whether your organizer is rounded, or squared off. Some organizers are rectangular and the long section runs along the ridgeline. Others are short along the ridgeline but hang lower.

Each shape has benefits and drawbacks. For example, organizers that hang lower can be easier to reach but are more affected by wind.


Everything you want to take on your camping trip will need to fit comfortably into your pack and be easy to carry. Ridgeline organizers are rarely especially heavy, but when every pound counts, you may benefit from a lightweight option. Heavier duty models are going to be harder wearing and more capable of withstanding rough weather.


How does your organizer attach to your ridgeline? Does it use clips, velcro, ropes, or carabiners? Clips and carabiners are heavier, but more durable, while velcro is lighter weight but may come unstuck long term.

Other ridgeline organizers are designed for you to thread your ridgeline through the top of them. These are the most secure and often lightweight style, but they are more difficult to thread and can be hard to keep in place.


The internal organization of your ridgeline organizer is important. The pockets you need will depend on what you want to store in your organizer and how you want to organize it. Some of these pockets are secured with velcro or toggles which can keep your items more secure.


The choice of material is going to affect the robustness and weight of your hammock ridgeline organizer. A pure mesh organizer is lightweight and packs down very small. If you want a more durable organizer, though, fabric models can withstand more use and abuse.

Hammock Organizer Alternatives

If you don’t want to carry a ridgeline organizer, or if you just don’t have one at the time, there are makeshift alternatives you can use.

Stuff sacks or dry bags can be filled and hung from your ridgeline. These are not as streamlined as proper organizers and you will have to take down the whole thing to reach most of the items. They can be attached with a carabiner, or clipped straight to the ridgeline.

A popular alternative is to use a toiletry bag. These can be opened up and secured to your ridgeline with a carabiner. Often, toiletry bags have internal pockets and organizers so you can store your items separately.

Another less popular choice is using a clothes peg bag designed to hang on a washing line and hold pegs. These are pretty well adapted to the purpose of hanging on a ridgeline but you may need to secure them in place to stop them sliding to the center of your rope.

How to Make Your Own Hammock Ridgeline Organizer

Another alternative to buying is to make your own ridgeline organizer. You’re aiming to make an organizer with pockets that fit items such as bear spray, phones, or glasses. These need to be secured to your ridgeline either by threading your ridgeline through or by attaching clips or velcro.

You will need to have some fabric that is strong enough but easy enough to work with. Most people choose to use nylon, ripstop, mesh, or a combination of all of these to make their organizer. You will also need some ability with a sewing machine and a design or a plan.


Thanks for reading this guide to hammock ridgeline organizers, we hope you found it useful.

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