6 Items of Essential Motocross Gear you need to get started

Last Updated on 24/05/2021

6 Items of Essential Motocross Gear you need to get started

Essential Motocross Gear Reviews

Essential Motocross Gear You Need to Get Started

Taking up Motocross as an adult is not the cheapest of hobbies to get into, but is one of the most fun and adrenaline-fueled. Whether you are completely new to the sport, getting back into it after a couple of years off, or are simply looking to upgrade your equipment. There is no getting around the need for these 6 items of Essential Motocross Gear.

Obviously, you need a motorcycle before you need any kind of motocross gear, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared before you buy one. A helmet is given for most people but what about all the other stuff?

If you already have a motorbike then no doubt you know exactly what you need and are just looking around for the best price (see link at the bottom of the page). If you are new to motocross, you are undoubtedly looking for advice and putting together a list of everything you need to get started. Either way, make sure you are prepared with these 6 items of essential motocross gear before you kick start that engine.

The problem is…

With so many advancements in motocross bikes today, we now have people using super modern and high-performance motorbikes but still using helmets and protective gear from the past. Some people even think that wearing protective gear from another sport like hockey or skateboarding will protect them from motocross falls. It won’t. Too often are protective gear and proper motocross clothing overlooked or brushed aside as unimportant.

When you have spent – however long you have – saving up for a new motocross bike, the last thing you want to do is wait another month to get all the protective gear you need, you just want to ride the damn bike! I don’t blame you.


Whether you plan on taking on big jumps or generally just shredding through dirt wherever you find it, you need to protect your vital organs. Without sounding like a Debbie Downer, it is no longer considered “cool” to ride without a helmet and other essential motocross gear.

Helmets need to be replaced at least every five years and if you take a big spill or you drop your helmet, you should seriously consider an immediate replacement. Gloves, boots, and protective clothing are also essential, but then you might ask yourself, are all the specific armor sections necessary?

Just be Safe

Obviously, some styles of motocross are more dangerous than others and thus, require more protection. In general though, the safer you are the better. If you are serious about getting into motocross and are cheap on your protection – you might never have the chance to build up to those big jumps you see on TV. Just be as safe as you can and have fun learning slowly.

6 Items of Essential Motocross Gear to get started

Motocross Helmet

Essential Motocross Gear

Road bike helmets and off-road motocross helmets are two different things. If you don’t have a motocross helmet already then check out the Shoei VFX-W Capacitor Helmet which is aggressive but comfortable as well as very lightweight.

Motocross Boots

Essential Motocross Gear Boots

Motocross Boots are second on the priorities list and are the best way to protect your feet, ankles, shins, and calves from injury. As with all footwear, a good fitting motocross boot comes down to your own personal requirements and preference. The O’Neal Rider Boots are a steal at under $100 but are unfortunately not waterproof.

Motocross Gloves

Essential Motocross Gear Gloves

Gloves, similar to boots, come down to personal preference. You can get long gloves which cover your wrist or short gloves with lots of protection on top. I personally like the Icon Hypersport Short Gloves which are also available in a long version.

Motocross Jacket

Fly Terra Trek 4 Motorbike Jacket

Your jacket should be waterproof, breathable, tough, and reinforced where you need it the most. The Fly Terra Trek 4 Jacket is ideal for all kinds of motorbike and motocross adventure – on the road and off-road – with CE-approved armor in the elbows, shoulders, and a PE back / spine protector.

Motocross Pants

Essential Motocross Pants

Like biking jackets, motocross pants cover large areas of your body, protecting you from painful skin injuries if you come off. Like the Fly Tie-Dye Lite Hydrogen Pants, a decent pair of motocross pants will allow you to slide along the ground until you come to a stop should you come off at high speed. Even if your pants have reinforced protection on the knees, I always recommend wearing knee protection underneath your clothes.

Motocross Goggles

Essential Motocross Gear Goggles

If you took my advice about getting an off-road motocross helmet then you are also going to need some goggles to keep the dirt, sand, and bugs out of your eyes. I like the Thor brand as they are good value for money and the Thor Enemy Goggles are all you need.

Ultimate Motocross Gear

How Important is Protective Motocross Gear?

If you are not planning to make any Evel Knievel style jumps shortly, you may not see the following Motocross Gear is essential. This might be true but ask yourself this, wouldn’t you feel safer knowing that your spine is protected?

Trick question, of course, you would. Some of your clothing might have wrist, ankle, or shoulder protection already built-in but I always recommend thinking carefully about just how protected you are. Especially on vulnerable areas of your body.

What kind of Protective Gear do you need for Motocross?

Protective armor should be worn whenever possible and if you are really serious about the sport of motocross then it should be worn all the time. Here are some of the basic items you might need:

  • Spine Protection
  • Chest Protection
  • Elbow Protection
  • Knee Protection
  • Neck Guard
  • Wrist Protection
  • Shoulder Protection
  • Ankle Protection

All available from BikeBandit.com

Thanks for reading this post about the Essential Motocross Gear you need to get started in the sport. Stay tuned or subscribe here for future Motocross articles.

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  1. I really like what was said about how expensive it is to start up motocross. This is a good thing because you are buying a lot of things to keep your body safe during such an extreme sport. I remember a couple of years ago I got into an accident because I wasn’t wearing the proper gear so I can attest about how important a good investment in safety equipment is. I would always recommend Alpinestars!

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