15 Best Hiking Sandals For Women 2024

Last Updated on 26/06/2024

Best Hiking Sandals For Women

Which are the Best Hiking Sandals For Women?

In this guide to the best women hiking sandals, you will learn which are the comfiest for hiking in and which are the most protective for your toes. You will also discover the different types of straps and how they work to prevent rubbing, as well as how important grip is.

Hiking is fun, and it is one of the best ways to relax and break away from the busy life of the city. When we think about hiking, we generally think about ankle-high hiking boots that will keep everything out while providing us with maximum comfort. However, hiking sandals for women might not be the most stylish, but they are perfect for hot days, and they offer great ventilation and comfort for your hiking trip. The best hiking sandals for women are also affordable and easy to wear.

We have decided to look at the best hiking sandals for women and how they could potentially benefit you on your next hiking expedition. We have also included a thoroughly researched buyer’s guide to ensure that you are not caught with fakes, and you will only be left with the very best on the market today. Jump to the best hiking sandals for women using the quick links below.

Best Hiking Sandals For Women Reviews

KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal

KEEN Women's Whisper Sandal
  • Materials: Textile and synthetic
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Special features: metatomical footbed design, machine washable, Cleansport NXT odor resistant

The KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal and these sandals are stylishly designed for the fashionable woman. They are lightweight and constructed from synthetic and textile materials, and they can be washed in your washing machine.

Cleansport NXT technology has been added to reduce any potential odors that might cause some problems, and the metatomically designed footbed will definitely form to the shape of your feet. These sandals are quite expensive but should make a perfect present and encouragement to get your wife on those hikes with you.

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Chaco Women’s ZX2 Classic Athletic Sandal

Chaco Women's ZX2 Classic Athletic Sandal
  • Materials: Fabric
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Special features: Non-marking ChacoGrip rubber outsole, stylish webbed upper, thicker sole

The Chaco Women’s ZX2 Classic Athletic Sandal is designed for active women. It is lightweight and has been constructed from fabric materials. While it might lack some durability, it is easier to break in.

The outer rubber sole includes new ChacoGrip technology to give you maximum traction. The sandals are comfortable to wear, and with less webbing than many others, it has the ability to wick away moisture much faster. These sandals are designed for comfort, and we would recommend them to athletic women. See our full guide to Chaco hiking sandals here.

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Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandal

Teva Women's Hurricane XLT Sandal
  • Materials: Textile
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Special features: lightweight, available in multiple colors

The Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandal is one of the cheapest models, and it is designed to help women get into hiking and walking. It features a lightweight combination of synthetic and textiles; however, the synthetic sole might not offer as much traction as rubber. ShocPad technology is also added to the heel of the shoe for more comfort and to reduce the strain placed on your feet from walking.

This pair of sandals is really affordable, and we would definitely recommend it to all female hikers.

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KEEN Women’s Clearwater CNX Sandal

KEEN Women's Clearwater CNX Sandal
  • MaterialsTextile/Synthetic
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Special features: Cleansport NXT™ natural odor control, 4mm midsole drop, Contoured arch, Metatarsal ridge, Multi-directional flex grooves, PFC Free materials, Proprietary lightweight PU midsole compound, Secure fit lace capture system, TPU stability shank

The KEEN Women’s Clearwater CNX Sandal is lightweight and comfortable for everyday use but rugged enough to wear for hiking and in water. The sole is thinner than on the Newport H2’s, and so offers better flexibility and improved ground contact.

The fit is very comfortable and easily adjustable with the bungee lacing system. And with the contoured mid arch offers extra support underfoot and encourages a natural stride and stability. 

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Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Web Sandal

Merrell Women's All Out Blaze Web Sandal
  • Materials: Fabric and mesh
  • Sole: Vibram® TC5+ Rubber
  • Special features: Neoprene lining, EVA footbed, Antimicrobial treatment, UniFly™ midsole, 3 mm lugs

The Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Web Sandal is one of the better-looking sandals on this list, and the Vibram sole certainly helps set them apart from the others. Dual top and back strap closures make adjusting the fit fast and simple, although it is important to line up the velcro neatly to avoid irritation.

The front curls up slightly to provide some toe protection and debris resistance, while the heel works to absorb shock. For me, the main selling point of these women’s hiking sandals is the Vibram soles which provide a 10/10 grip with an efficient tread design.

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Chaco Women’s Zvolv X2 Sport Sandal

Chaco Women's Zvolv 2 Sport Sandal
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Sole: Non-marking EcoTread™ 25%-recycled rubber compound
  • Special featuresWomen’s specific LUVSEAT PU midsole, 3mm lug depth, Vegan-friendly construction

The Chaco Women’s Zvolv X2 Sports Sandals are ultra-lightweight and comfortable for hiking without socks. The double strap design allows the straps to better match the contours of your feet for a more customizable fit.

An airy PU compound midsole is 20% lighter than the classic Z sandals and arguably softer underfoot. The mixed pattern on the soles, along with 3mm lugs, gives you plenty of traction for walking on all kinds of surfaces. If your feet get hot in hiking boots, then these are an excellent alternative to take backpacking.

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ECCO Women’s Biom Delta Offroad Sandal

ECCO Women's Biom Delta Offroad Sandal
  • Materials: Leather/Textile
  • SoleRubber
  • Special features: Protective PU toecap, Easy close, and adjustable lacing, TPE footbed, PU midsole

The ECCO Women’s Biom Delta Offroad Sandal has a supple nubuck leather upper with bonded textile lining for a comfortable fit. These are possibly the best hiking sandals for women that keep out debris thanks to the side panels which rise from the sole.

While you do sacrifice some ventilation with the extra material, they are still very breathable and comfortable to wear without socks. The midsole is luxuriously cushioned for long-distance walking and remains flexible for nimble footwork like scrambling.

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Teva Women’s W Terra Fi 4 Sandal

Teva Women's W Terra Fi 4 Sandal
  • Materials: Textile
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Special features: Water-resistant webbing, stylish design, molded PU cushioning

The Teva Women’s W Terra Fi 4 Sandal is designed for the outdoor lover, and it features a stylish design. The sandals are designed from lightweight textiles and include a durable rubber outer sole to provide you with maximum traction. The molded PU footbed is comfortable and should be the shape of your feet if you buy the right size.

Teva‘s coveted ShocPad has also been added for comfort, and the webbing is made to dry out quickly if you encounter water. These sandals are well-priced and perfect for hiking long distances.

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Ahnu Women’s Tilden V Sport Sandal

Ahnu Women's Tilden V Sport Sandal
  • MaterialsWaterproof leather and synthetic mesh
  • SoleRubber
  • Special featuresAegis anti-microbial treated, Ethylene vinyl acetate midsole, Seam-sealed construction, Eco-friendly materials

The Ahnu Women’s Tilden V Sport Sandal provides the durability of a shoe with the breathability of a sandal. The seam-sealed synthetic lining is soft and not in short supply. The heel strap is extremely comfortable for those women who get blisters there in particular.

These sandals can actually be used for jogging as well as hiking and feature the pioneering Numentum Technology, which encourages your foot’s natural biomechanics. Rugged outsoles will bite into any trail, and the fabric dries out fast if you walk through some water. Definitely a top contender for the best hiking sandals for women.

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KEEN Women’s Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN Women's Newport H2 Sandal
  • Materials: Water-resistant leather and washable polyester webbing upper
  • Sole: Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Special features: Compression-molded EVA midsole, Hydrophobic mesh lining, Metatomical EVA footbed

The KEEN Women’s Newport H2 Sandal is ideal for hiking due to the superior traction and protection. The washable and durable leather/synthetic uppers are super soft and comfortable against the skin.

Whilst the uppers make you feel like you’re wearing a sandal, the soles feel far more like those on a hiking shoe. The multi-directional lugs provide excellent traction, and you don’t have to worry about stubbing your toes thanks to the signature toe protection by KEEN.

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Teva Alp Premier Women’s Sandal

Teva Alp Premier Sandal
  • Materials: Water-ready polyester webbing upper
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Special features: Contoured EVA footbed, Quick to dry, multiple adjustment points

The Teva Alp Premier Women’s Sandal is inspired by their famed 1990’s sandal because comfort never goes out of style. The tough rubber outsoles last for ages and are very comfortable, although they have little traction on loose ground and don’t offer any toe support.

One thing I like about these women’s hiking sandals is that once you make the adjustments to your custom fitting, you never have to mess with the straps again (set and forget). The quick-drying fabric makes these a popular choice for watersports enthusiasts as well as hikers, and if you prefer a retro-looking sandal, then these might be for you.

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KEEN Women’s Venice H2 Sandal

KEEN Women's Venice H2 Sandal
  • Materials: Fabric
  • Sole: Non-marking rubber
  • Special features: Multi-directional lug pattern, PFC Free materials, Razor siping, Secure fit lace capture system, TPU stability shank

The KEEN Women’s Venice H2’s are an all-terrain sandal with exceptional grip and ventilation. The open strapping and elasticated pull toggle lacing system hold your feet in place in all the right places with minimal straps.

The polyester webbing improves ventilation to give you a very breezy sports sandal which is perfect for hiking in hot climates. The thick and rugged sole has multi-directional lugs with razor siping for expert traction and grip on all kinds of surfaces.

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Teva Women’s Omnium Sandal

Teva Women's Omnium Sandal
  • Materials: Synthetic leather and polyester mesh
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Special features: Polyester microfiber top sole, Molded EVA Midsole, Closed toe, Drawcord, and forefoot strap closure

The Teva Women’s Omnium Sandal gives you lots of coverage for extra protection and durability. The synthetic leather and polyester mesh lining dries very quickly if it gets wet, and the buckled strap helps keep them glued to your feet in deep water.

A Microban® zinc-based treatment on the microfiber top soles provides antimicrobial protection to keep them smelling fresher for longer. The midsole is nice and soft, with extra padding in the heel for shock absorption on the trail.

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Chaco Women’s Zcloud 2 Sport Sandal

Chaco Women's Zcloud 2 Sport Sandal
  • Materials: Polyester jacquard webbing
  • Sole: ChacoGrip rubber
  • Special featuresWomen’s specific LUVSEAT PU midsole, Antimicrobial treatment, biocentric footbed, 3mm deep lug

The Chaco Women’s Zcloud 2 Sport Sandals are well known in the hiking sandal community to be comfortable over longer distances and improve with age. Featuring their signature adjustable strap system, which runs through the midsole for a customized fit.

The toe loop keeps the front of the sandal from coming away from your foot, which would let in more debris. The PU LUVSEAT footbed is podiatrist-certified, which guarantees you all-day comfort and support while hiking.

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Skechers Women’s Reggae Misty Morning Sandal

Skechers Women's Reggae Misty Morning Sandal
  • MaterialsTextile and Synthetic
  • SoleRubber
  • Special features: Dual front and ankle adjustable straps, 1-inch heel

The Skechers Women’s Reggae Misty Morning sandals are your classic river walking choice with fast-drying fabric and durable triangle-shaped connectors. The smooth braided straps are soft against the skin and feature faux leather tip protectors.

A contoured footbed with arch cushion and toe ridge provides excellent underfoot support and is lightly textured for added grip. An easy-going sandal you can wear just about anywhere that is pretty good value for money.

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Hiking Sandals for women

The Most Important Features to Consider when Buying Hiking Sandals

Sandals vary quite a bit from the common boots that you might know. Having the right features will make your sandals feel like they have been tailor-made to fit your needs. These features are by no means all of the features, but we feel they are the most important when it comes to buying your next pair of hiking sandals.


One of the most important features you will look at will be the materials, and hiking sandals are generally found in either leather or synthetic materials. Both of these materials are fine for hiking, and while leather is more expensive, it is also more durable. Leather will be the best choice for hot days, and it evacuates moisture much better.

Synthetic sandals are cheaper, and they are much more common. They tend to dry out much faster and will be perfect for wetter conditions. The synthetic also tends to hold up in water much better over a long period than the leather.


We feel that the sole is the most important part when it comes to buying the top hiking sandals, and rubber is generally a great choice. Rubber is quite durable on any surface, and when you encounter a slippery environment, the rubber will stick and offer you decent traction. The sole should also be balanced and rigid, and you might encounter sharp rocks that could try and penetrate through the sole to reach your feet.


The footbed is the area of the sandal that your foot will be in most of the time. This should be contoured, and unlike many other shoes that offer you the freedom to move and wiggle your feet, with sandals, this is something that you should try to avoid. The contoured shape should be ideal for your feet and keep your feet securely in place to ensure that you are not hassled by slipping on the inside while on those slippery rocks.


The straps will keep your feet in place and ensure that they cannot move around. This offers you more control over the sandals, and you could move in move volatile and slippery areas. You should be able to adjust the strapping to your needs and get a secure base when you put the sandals on. These straps should also be abrasion resistant, as nothing g can be more frustrating than having to deal with constant abrasions as you are walking prolonged distances.


If you plan to use sandals for more than hiking, you should consider looking at the design. A stylish design will fit any summer wardrobe, and this offers you more versatility when wearing them. If the sandals are stylish, you will have the ability to wear them when going to the shop or when walking down the streets on hot summer days. Multifunctional use is a great way to save money on different types of shoes.


The final thing you should look out for is weight. If the sandals are too heavy, they might hold you back and cause some fatigue. Rubber is generally light, and since most of the sandals will be made from rubber, we would recommend looking for a good-quality rubber sole. If you manage to find small vents underneath, these will be beneficial when walking through wet environments and will make the draining of the sandals that much better.

What are the Best Hiking Sandals for Women on The Move

Now that you have a better understanding of which features are the most important, you might wonder which sandals are the best. Luckily, we have done all the legwork to find the top-rated hiking sandals and to ensure that the next pair of sandals you buy are made from quality materials and will offer you maximum comfort at a reasonable price.

For a more relaxed pair of sandals, you should check out the Sanuk Vagabond’s but for now. here are the best women’s hiking sandals on the market today.

We hope you have enjoyed these Top 15 Best Hiking Sandals For Women, be sure to give us a like and subscribe here if you did.

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