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Last Updated on 26/06/2024

Best camping hammer for tent stakes

In this guide to the best camping hammers, you will learn which have the most lightweight and compact designs and which work best for larger stakes and harder ground. We explain how camping hammers prevent your tent pegs from getting bent and whether they are actually worth it.

What is the Best Camping Hammer For Tent Stakes?

Putting a tent stake into the ground can be all fair and well when the ground is soft, but doing it on hard ground can be tough work for some. Having the right tools for the job certainly helps get the job done faster and so having the best hammer for camping is a good idea for weekend trips, overnighters, and family camping holidays.

Hammers come in handy for more than just hammering in tent pegs and can be used to lift things off a campfire, open beer bottles, or clear the ground when pitching your tent. They come in all shapes and sizes, and obviously, some are better suited for recreational camping, while others are more lightweight and ideal for backpackers. Either way, take a look down at our list of the best camping hammers and mallets and see for yourself.

8 Best Lightweight Camping Hammers

If you still fancy owning your very own camping hammer, then check out our recommendations below:

MSR Stake Hammer

MSR Stake HammerOutdoor Gear

The MSR Stake Hammer is a beautifully designed lightweight camping hammer which weighs just 11 ounces / 312 grams. The hardened steel head has been weighted to give you a perfect balance when swinging it which basically means it feels really good to hold and use.

The hollow handle is very light and durable with a lanyard eyelet for safety and the tent peg remover works a treat on deep stakes. One thing many backpackers might like as well as the lightweight is the custom bottle opener under the head, making this a truly multi-purpose item for camping.


Hikemax Lightweight Outdoor Camping Hammer

Hikemax Lightweight Outdoor Camping HammerOutdoor Gear

The Hikemax Lightweight Outdoor Camping Hammer is the ideal camping companion for weight-conscious packers. The forged high carbon steel head and hook offer all the strength and durability you would ever need and can be used for other tasks such as digging or hand tooling.

The anodized aluminum handle keeps the weight down and has a nice swinging balance in the hand. Weighing just 14 ounces and with a very reasonable price tag, this might be the best camping hammer you can get for the money.


Petzl Bongo Piton Hammer

Petzl Bongo Piton HammerOutdoor Gear

The Petzl Bongo Piton Hammer is mainly designed for use while climbing for placing and removing pitons along new routes. The reason it made the top 8 best camping hammers is that it is super tough and it works excellently for the simple task of hammering in tent stakes. It is compact and only weighs 680 grams and feels very well made. Ideal if you are into a bit of mountaineering or rock climbing as well as camping with the family.


Snow Peak Peg Hammer with Copper Head

Snow Peak Peg Hammer with Copper HeadOutdoor Gear

The Snow Peak Peg Hammer with Copper Head is designed to have the maximum impact but minimum shock for the user. The forged steel head is covered with a copper tip which helps reduce the shock traveling down the handle as well as increase the power of the strike.

Copper also slips less than steel and typically causes less damage to the pegs or items being struck. Hard and resilient natural evergreen oak wood is used for the handle that also includes a lanyard giving you an overall impression of quality.


Texsport Tent Stake Mallet

Texsport Tent Stake MalletOutdoor Gear

The Texsport Tent Stake Mallet is made from a heavy-duty molded plastic which can withstand high impact and is ideal for planting and removing tent pegs from the ground. The bright color makes it easy to spot on the ground, and the simple design is easy to hold and store away. A really cheap option that is also lighter than most camping mallets and won’t ever shatter.


NUZAMAS NEW Outdoor Camping Hammer

NUZAMAS NEW Outdoor Camping HammerOutdoor Gear

The NUZAMAS NEW Outdoor Camping Hammer is made from durable steel with a rubber handle and lanyard. The durable steel shaft is hollow to reduce weight and vibrations but is compact and strong to use with heavy hands. The drop-forged heat-treated steel head weighs 16 ounces to give you enough clout for any tent stake. At just 30 cm and a relatively small head, this will tuck inside most tent bags and backpacks.


Coleman Rubber Mallet with Tent Peg Remover

Coleman Rubber Mallet with Tent Peg RemoverOutdoor Gear

The Coleman Rubber Mallet with Tent Peg Remover is heavy enough for any tent stake and only takes a few whacks to drive a stake firmly into the ground. Rubber mallets have long been used for this purpose, as the high-impact rubber head is ideal for diffusing the force of heavy pounding. With a trusty wooden handle and tent peg remover at the bottom, this is a go-to camping hammer for putting up tents, awnings, windbreaks, etc.


Kong Speleagle Hammer

Kong Speleagle HammerOutdoor Gear

The Kong Speleagle Hammer is specially designed for extreme outdoor pursuits such as mountaineering, caving, climbing, and rescue. This does make it a little pricier than your average camping hammer, but it also makes it very compact and lightweight for backpackers with limited space. It can be used to tighten 13mm and 17 mm nuts, which you won’t ever need for your tent, but good to know.


tent stake hammer for camping

Can You Use a Regular Hammer for Tent Stakes?

All types of hammers can be used for tent stakes when camping. Metal hammers provide the best contact for metal pegs but are also very heavy when compared to camping hammers which are lightweight. Wooden and rubber mallets work well too, but these are quite bulky and sometimes heavy too. Wooden mallets don’t last very long if you use them on metal tent stakes. Sledgehammers are going a bit too far.

Are Camping Hammers Worth it?

Hammers may seem like an unnecessary item to pack if you are hiking your gear tours your campsite. They only get used to one thing, and you can often do without or use something lying around. I personally always use my feet, a rock, or a piece of wood, but there are times when I wish I had packed my camping hammer. If you aren’t carrying your camping gear up and down mountains, then a camping hammer is an excellent tool to pack.

The truth is that camping hammers are very lightweight and compact and often come in handy for lots of different things. They don’t cost much, and if you struggle with bent tent pegs or not being able to push tent pegs all the way into the ground, then camping hammers are worth it.

Is a Camping Hammer a Good Survival Tool?

A camping hammer is a great survival tool and companion to a knife or axe. It can be used for lots of different bushcraft tasks as well as be used as a weapon in a survival situation. You can break things, open things, nail things, throw the hammer, or sharpen the back like a pickaxe. You can use an ice axe as a camping hammer, but the price difference between the two is massive and so is unjustified unless you already have one.

camping hammer for tent stakes

Things You Can Use Instead of A Camping Hammer for Tent Stakes

What to use to hammer in tent stakes? There are lots of makeshift items you can use so long as they won’t be damaged easily and don’t matter too much if they do get damaged. Here are four alternatives to camping hammers for driving your tent stakes:

Using Your Feet to Drive in Tent Stakes

Stepping on a tent peg is an age-old method but can lose its effectiveness on hard ground. The problem with using your foot to plant tent stakes is that it is the easiest way to bend your pegs. Make sure you apply pressure straight down the spine of the tent peg and stop if you meet major resistance to avoid this.

Using Wood to Hammer in Tent Pegs

Using a tree branch is probably the safest way to hammer in tent pegs without a hammer or mallet. Greenwood, about half the size of a baseball bat, is ideal, and if it is shaped like a club, all the better. Hardwood is better than softwood, and rotten wood won’t work, but as long as there is at least some weight to it, wood can be used as a camping hammer.

Using the Back of A Hatchet like a Hammer for Tent Pegs

If you have a hatchet in your backpack, then carrying a mallet for tent stakes would be dead weight. The back of a survival hatchet is pretty much a hammer already, and if you plan on having a campfire, then you will want one of these in your kit anyway.

Using a Rock to Hammer in Tent Stakes

Using a rock should really be a last resort, as it is the easiest way to injure yourself. On more than one occasion, I or somebody I know has either trapped a finger or received a cut when the rock split. That being said, if you are careful and choose a good rock, then it will work very well for hammering in tent stakes.

using a camping hammer to peg out tent

Are Camping Hammers Worth it?

If you don’t want to struggle to put your tent pegs into the ground using your hands, a rock, or a short length of wood, then a hammer solves your problems. If you are resourceful and don’t want to carry any unnecessary gear or dead weight, then leave the hammer at home.

You don’t need a hammer for soft ground as you can use your hands to push it in. For medium-hard ground, you can often use your body weight and your foot to drive in your tent sakes. On hard ground, you find a rock or piece of wood to use as a hammer.


I hope you found this list of the 8 Best Camping Hammer For Tent Stakes useful. Be sure to subscribe and leave a comment below.

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