10 Bushcraft Gift Ideas For People Who Like Using Their Hands

Last Updated on 01/02/2024

Top 10 Bushcraft Gift Ideas


Bushcraft Gift Ideas for People Who Like Using Their Hands

Check out these Original Bushcraft Gift ideas. Everyone knows that one person who just loves using their hands, whether it is building shelters or fires, they are the first to get stuck in and get their hands dirty. I love these kinds of people because their creativity inspires me, plus they are easy to buy original gifts for.

The art of living outdoors and learning bushcraft skills to create handmade items is an age-old tradition that should be encouraged. No matter what age bracket you are shopping for, these kinds of gifts always go down well with outdoor people and are likely to last a lifetime.

10 Bushcraft Gift Ideas For People Who Like Using Their Hands

Remember, these are just ideas. There are so many ways you can go with Bushcraft Gift Ideas that you should always consider the person receiving the gift first and foremost. If you are buying for a 10-year-old, then a machete or ax isn’t going to be very appropriate from a parent’s perspective. If you are buying for a serious survivalist, then it is worth knowing that they probably already have all the tools they would ever need. Try and get them something more personalized (i.e, initials engraved in something), or a miniature version of something they already have.

Ideas for Bushcraft Gifts

Knife Making Kit

Best Bushcraft gifts knife 1   Best Bushcraft gifts knife handle

A knife-making kit is a great bushcraft gift idea for anyone who likes working with their hand in the woods. Yes, knives are sharp, that’s the point, but they are not dangerous when used safely and given the respect they deserve. For bush crafters, the fascination and appreciation of a good knife is deeply engrained in their DNA. Giving someone the opportunity to create their own knife is one of the best bushcraft gift ideas for someone coming of age or just getting into bushcraft.

Check out these Knife Making Kits for some precut blade designs like the skinner (above) as well as some nice blank handle blocks to work with (wood / buffalo horn etc). 

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Axe or Just the Head

Best Bushcraft gifts axe   Husqvarna 13-Inch Wooden Handle Hatchet

An axe is a piece of outdoor gear that no true woodsman would be without in the woods, and it can be bought in lots of different sizes. Hatchets are one of the smallest and also one of the best tools for heavy-handed bushcraft. These are also generally the cheapest type of axe, but by no means ‘cheap’, and so they are ideal for gift giving.

I like the idea of giving the axe head without a handle, as it adds an extra layer to the gift. By this, I mean that it teaches them the important and useful skill of making a new handle. Most commonly, though, you will find that axe’s come with handle included.

Gransfors make very good quality axe’s in all sizes, but I especially like the Gränsfors Bruks Hand Hatchet (left images) for bushcraft and it fits right in your bushcrafting bag. The Husqvarna 13-Inch Hatchet (right image) is a cheaper option but still a very good quality.

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Folding Camp Saw

Bahco folding bushcraft saw

When you need to fell more than 1 tree, using a small hatchet can take a lot of time and effort whereas with a saw as well, you will be done in no time. Obviously, a standard DIY saw isn’t the easiest or most convenient item to keep in your backpack. So the better alternative for camping and bushcraft is a Bahco Laplander Folding Saw (Also available with a Multi-Purpose Knife as seen above).

Read our Full Review of the Bahco Laplander Here!

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Fire Starter

primitive fire starter flint and steel    camp fire piston bushcraft tool   ferro rod for bushcraft fires

There are loads of different pocket tools that can in one way or another – create fire better than the other. I am not here to decide which is best but I will recommend three different ideas. The first is a traditional Flint Steel Striker which can be used with any flint you find on the ground. The second is a Fire Piston which can ignite an ember through rapid compression of air. The third is a Ferro Rod Fire Starter which you have probably seen a hundred times before but this one is 1/2 inch thick!

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Belt Making Kit

    leathercraft tools for people who like to use their hands   blank leather belt for bushcraft gift giving

How does the saying go, “if you give a man a belt it will keep his trousers up for a month, give a man a belt making kit and he will never go without a belt again”? Something like that. But seriously, the tools to make a belt can also be used to make other things like wallets and leather axe sheaths for sharp tools. Something most bush crafters enjoy is making their own gear, leather is a great material to do that with. Another good skill to have.

Check out the Angelakerry Leathercraft Kit for the tools and Springfield Leather Company Belt Strip for the leather (they can recycle the buckle off an old belt).


Wood Carving Tools

         Morakniv spoon and bowl carving knife     wood carving beginner tools

If you have ever seen Ray Mears carve a spoon out of a piece of tree then you know how easy he makes it look, if you haven’t seen it then give him a search on youtube. Despite how easy it looks, it isn’t at first. But it is a skill that anyone can learn with just a little bit of practice and the right tools.

A spoon or bowl carving knife is a great bushcraft gift idea for any camping enthusiast as well as some more detailed carving tools for making patterns.


Kelly Kettle

Kelly Kettle Bushcraft Gift Idea

While Kelly Kettles and Cooking Pots aren’t the most glamorous of gifts, they are very cool, and on most people’s camping gear wishlist. The Kelly Kettle is a handy portable stove that uses small bits of wood for fuel. It allows for discreet campfire cooking, is very fuel efficient, and is great for longer trips into the wilderness. You can boil 6 – 7 cups of water in just a few minutes and cook using a pan on top at the same time. Great bit of kit and if you like that then you should also check out these top 10 wood burning stoves for backpacking.


Compact Fishing Kit

hobo fishing reel     wormy compact fishing rod and reel

Unless the person you are buying for is already a keen angler, a compact fishing kit makes a great gift idea for someone who thinks of themselves as a bit of a Bear Grylls. Instead of carrying a big pole and a box full of tackle, the idea is to have the smallest possible rod with minimal fishing gear. You can get what is sometimes know as a Hobo Fishing Kit which keeps all the tackle inside and is very compact. You can also get a new Kickstarter-funded rod and reel called the Wormy Compact Fishing Rod as seen above, available from their website.


Big Roll of Paracord

survival paracord 550 big roll

There is nothing more useful than having a big roll of paracord at home or base camp to replenish your backpack supply. Paracord is one of the most beneficial items to have when building shelters in the wild, apart from having a rain tarp of course. It is strong enough to hold the weight of a human and can be opened up to reveal lots more fibers inside. You can get it in short lengths but it works out quite expensive so you are much better off getting a 1000 ft roll. Alternatively, you can get a new and revolutionary cordage called TITAN SurvivorCord, see the article below.

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Personalized or Handmade Items


Things like engraved whiskey flasks, customized leather knife sheaths always make nice personalized gifts for anyone, regardless of how much time they spend outdoors. Etsy is a great place for handmade and personalized gifts as well as just getting some inspiration. You can get some awesome little hand-forged chopping tools and I am sure that if you asked the sellers, they could customize them for you.


I hope you enjoyed reading these Top 10 Bushcraft Gift Ideas For People Who Like Using Their Hands. Subscribe Here for more lists like this or check out the related article below.

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