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Last Updated on 13/09/2023

Best Blackout Tents

In this guide to the best blackout tent, we share the darkest tents on the market as well as which ones can also stand up to harsh weather. You will learn about the special fabric used to block out light in dark room tents and just how dark it gets inside with the zips shut. We also share the truth on whether blackout technology actually keeps you cooler in direct sunlight.

If you love camping but struggle to get a good night’s sleep because the sun wakes you up, then a standard tent might not be the best option. Blackout tents are great for light sleepers and night owls who don’t like to get up until 8 or 9 a.m., but they also have another benefit…

Light-blocking tents also keep you cooler by creating a sun barrier so that on a morning when other tents become unbearably hot, you stay comfortable. The combination of keeping your tent pitch black and cooler in the morning makes it so much easier to get a proper night’s sleep and wake up only when you are ready.

If you are trying to block heat as well as light, then check out our reviews of the best desert camping tents. This list of top-rated blackout tents will guide you through the different options available this year and hopefully make your decision to get one a lot easier.

In a Rush? Check out Our Top 3 Recommendations for The Best Blackout Tents

Need a tent that blocks out sunlight and lets you get a decent lie-in? These best blackout tents provide ultimate darkness for camping and can block out up to 99% of sunlight to make sure you get a full night’s sleep.

Best Large Blackout Tent
Best Large Blackout Tent
Coleman Octagon Tent is perfect for large groups who like to stay up late or as a central hub to stay cool during the day.
Best Blackout Tent for Backpacking
Best Blackout Tent for Backpacking
Coleman Batur 3 Blackout Tent is a lightweight and compact darkroom tent that is perfect for backpackers and hikers.
Best Pop Up Blackout Tent
Best Pop Up Blackout Tent
Quechua 2 Seconds Fresh & Black Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent is perfect for fast setup and getting a full night asleep.

Top 8 Best Blackout Tent Reviews

Coleman The Blackout Tent

Coleman Tent The Blackou


  • CAPACITY: 4 People
  • WEIGHT: 11.24 lbs / 5.1 kg
  • PACK SIZE: 22.8 x 6.3 x 6.3 in / 58 x 16 x 16 cm
  • FLOOR SIZE: 10 ft 8 in x 6 ft / 3.25 x 1.85 m
  • MAX HEIGHT: 3 ft 11 in / 1.2 m
  • BLACKOUT TECHNOLOGY: Darkroom Technology
  • BEST FOR: Most Weatherproof Blackout Tent

The Coleman The Blackout Tent provides total darkness to up to 3 people sleeping inside. The blackout technology is the same as other Coleman tents and will block up to 99% of light, allowing you to sleep through the day. The weight, size, shape, and materials make this the ultimate blackout tent for festivals. You can dance all night and sleep all day while your friends are blinded by the light.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: On hot days, you won’t feel the sun as much as in other tents because the blackout fabric also blocks more UV rays to keep you at least 5°c cooler than your friends. With UpGuard incorporated into the fabric, you are guaranteed UPF 50+ protection, which helps to stop you from getting burnt as you snooze in the morning sun.

WEATHERPROOFING: As with all Coleman tents, the water resistance is taken very seriously, and this tent has a hydrostatic head of 4500 mm, which means it can withstand that amount of rain per hour, which is a lot. Combined with the taped seams and fully sewn-in groundsheet, this blackout tent is 100% waterproof and will keep you dry in a storm.

A low-profile dome tent is one of the best defenses against wind and will withstand even the strongest gusts from any direction. The lightweight fiberglass poles are flexible and show a good response when bent in that they always return back to shape.

SPACE AND SIZE: You get a total living space of 5.5 square meters, including the porch area, which is big enough to sleep up to 3 adults with airbeds. The total pack weight is 5.1 kg and measures 58 x 16 cm when folded away into the carry bag. It can be set up in under 5 minutes because you pitch the inner first and then throw the flysheet over the top before pegging it down.

VERDICT: Our roundup of the Coleman The Blackout Tent is that it is perfect for festivals and weekend campers who want a darkened tent for a full night’s sleep. Couples will enjoy the extra space and privacy of using it alone, or if you have a young child, you can provide them somewhere dark to sleep during the day. This blackout tent is suitable for any kind of camping and will keep you protected from anything the weather throws at you.


Crua Outdoors Tri 3 Person Insulated Tent

Crua Outdoors Tri 3 Person Insulated Tent


  • CAPACITY: 3 People
  • WEIGHT: 48 lbs / 22 kg
  • PACK SIZE: 31 x 16.5 x 19 in / 78 x 42 x 48 cm
  • FLOOR SIZE: 6.5 x 7.8 ft / 196 x 234 cm
  • MAX HEIGHT: 5.2 ft / 1.7 m
  • BEST FOR: Winter camping during seasons when the sun barely sets

The Crua Outdoors Tri 3 Person Insulated Tent is a trail-blazing innovation in camping technology. The tent looks like many other three-person tents from the outside, but as you step inside, you realize the genius of this blackout tent. The walls are insulated with TT Insualte quilted material, which blocks out light and noise as well as provides insulation on cold nights. Surprisingly, the insulation also works to keep you cooler on a hot day, making this a true 4 season blackout tent.

In terms of weight, this darkroom tent is heavy at 61.7 lbs / 28 kg, which is due to the insulation layer, which is heavier than typical tent material. The shell material is a laminated polycotton 80/20 blend, which is hard-wearing and breathable. The ripstop weave prevents most punctures from happening, but if it does rip, then it won’t tear or spread.

In full sun, the tent doesn’t feel too hot, and the ventilation works to move air through the tent. The walls provide total light-blocking capabilities when fully zipped up, although there are 3 windows that can be rolled up if you want to look outside. The large porch area is a great place to take shade during the day and presents plenty of space to cook and store gear.

WATERPROOFING: People often wonder if blackout tents are waterproof, and the answer is yes, but some are better than others. The Crua Outdoors Tri 3-Person Insulated Tent has a hydrostatic head of 5000 mm, which makes it 100% totally waterproof. The insulation also has special Dura-BreatheTM Tough technology to keep condensation to a minimum and stay dry.

WIND PROTECTION: Built to withstand 60 mph winds, the Aerospace-grade aluminum poles are extremely durable and reliable for 4 season weather. There is an abundance of tie-off points around the tent so that when properly pegged down, you can rest easy knowing that your tent won’t blow over in the night. The shape of this shelter gives you ample wind protection for cooking on the porch, which helps save fuel and time wasted.

VERDICT: The Crua Outdoors Tri 3-Person Insulated Tent we reviewed is built to last many years and provide premium comfort when outdoors. The insulation is amazing for temperature control and works a treat for blocking sunlight. The extra porch space comes in very handy during the day, and the tent is extra robust to support the extra weight. We recommend this for light sleepers who want the best blackout tent for comfort.


Coleman Octagon Blackout Tent

Coleman Tent Octagon


  • CAPACITY: 8 People
  • WEIGHT: 45.6 lbs / 20.7 kg
  • PACK SIZE: 33.5 x 11.8 x 11.8 in / 85 x 30 x 30 cm
  • FLOOR SIZE: 13 x 13 ft / 3.96 x 3.96 m
  • MAX HEIGHT: 7 ft / 2.15 m
  • BLACKOUT TECHNOLOGY: Darkroom Technology
  • BEST FOR: Best 8 Person Blackout Tent

The Coleman Octagon Blackout Tent will fit up to 10 people to sleep in but feels less crowded with 6-8 people. The XXL blackout bedroom prevents 99% of daylight from penetrating the material and lets everyone inside sleep past sunrise when things start to get bright outside. Perfect for large camping groups or festivals where having a large tent is integral to social activities in extreme weather.

The blackout technology works to keep you cool when the sun is beaming directly onto it and keeps you around 5°c cooler on a hot day. It also keeps you slightly warmer on a night, which I still can’t get my head around. You stay completely safe from UV rays all day long and can sleep past sunrise until you hopefully get awoken to breakfast and coffee.

The ventilation mesh runs around the outside of the inner tent, like large window panes, to keep air circulation flowing out. This gives you a 360-degree view of your surroundings with the curtains open and is key when you can have up to 10 people sleeping inside the same tent.

WEATHERPROOFING: When it rains, the Coleman Octagon Blackout Tent can be fully zipped up and secured to provide rain protection with an HH rating of 4500 mm. The peaked dome design stops rain from pooling up anywhere and deflects 100% of water to keep you totally dry all day and night. As for wind resistance, you don’t have to worry when sleeping in the darkness of this tent because it will withstand strong gusts from all angles.

PORTABILITY: At 20 kg in weight, you might need a helper to carry this over long distances, and with a pack size of 85 x 30 x 30 cm, the only type of bag this might fit in is a duffel bag. But the benefit of having such a large one-bedroom tent is that it is far more social, and you have loads of space to stand up and move around.

VERDICT: After writing this short Coleman Octagon Blackout Tent review, we would highly recommend it to large groups or for extended camping trips. Even if you don’t sleep in it, this blackout screen tent makes the perfect living space to relax and enjoy others’ company in the comfort of this shaded tent.


CORE 6 Person Tent with Block Out Technology

CORE 6 Person Tent with Block Out Technology

  • CAPACITY: 6 People
  • WEIGHT: 16.25 lbs / 7.4 kg
  • PACK SIZE: ‎27.5 x 8.75 x 8.7 in /  cm
  • FLOOR SIZE:  11 x 9 ft / 3.35 x 2.74 m
  • MAX HEIGHT: 66 in / 168 cm
  • BLACKOUT TECHNOLOGY: H20 Block Technology
  • BEST FOR: Best 6-Person Blackout Tent

The CORE 6-Person Tent with Block Out Technology is one of the new contenders, and it has done an excellent job at making sure almost all light is blocked with the black out liner. When you need to let some light in, you can simply open the upper window. The description makes this out to be a 4-season tent, but without a full rainfly, I would not use this in winter.

The tent definitely feels cooler in full sun than a tent with more translucent fabric. For six people, you have to really squeeze up close to each other, and there isn’t any porch space, so I would suggest this is better for a spacious five-person tent than for six people. Short people may be able to stand up fully in the center however, most will have to crouch slightly.

WEATHERPROOFING: The hydrostatic head rating isn’t available, but it does not leak in heavy rain, and all the seams are sealed and taped on the inside for total waterproofing. The floor material is twice as thick as the wall fabric for increased durability and protection from ground moisture. Domed-shaped tents like this one are very good at standing up to wind from any direction, and I would not be worried in blustery weather.

VENTILATION: With the outer shell of the tent sitting so close to the blackout liner tent, you might think ventilation could be an issue. Well, it turns out there are lower vents and an upper roof mesh that works simultaneously to circulate air through the tent. This lets warm air and moisture escape while allowing fresh air in at the bottom. I wasn’t expecting such a thoughtful system on what is primarily an all-black tent on the inside.

VERDICT: The CORE 6-Person Tent with Block Out Technology is an excellent alternative to the Coleman Dark Room Skydome Tent, which previously held the fourth position in this guide. It is excellent value, very dark inside, and durably built for any kind of weather. I also nearly forgot to mention how easy this tent is to pitch and take down, which is perfect for casual campers.


Coleman Dark Room Skydome Tent

Coleman Dark Room Skydome Tent


  • CAPACITY: 4 People
  • WEIGHT: 11 lbs / 5 kg
  • PACK SIZE: ‎25 x 9.5 x 6.5 in / 63.5 x 24 x 16.5 cm
  • FLOOR SIZE: 8 x 7 ft / 2.4 x 2.1 m
  • MAX HEIGHT: 4 ft 8 in / 1.4 m
  • BLACKOUT TECHNOLOGY: Darkroom Technology
  • BEST FOR: Best 4-person blackout tent

The Coleman Dark Room Skydome Tent comes in 4, 6, or 8-person options to suit your group or family requirements. It offers complete darkness inside, even on a bright sunny day, thanks to the darkroom technology, which is effective to around 90%. This unique blackout tent design uses an outer shell to cover the top 3/4s of the tent and then has a tub floor with waterproof walls.

This double-layer concept allows excellent ventilation and blackout capabilities as well as being waterproof and rated for 4-season use. The tent fabric blocks out most sunlight to keep you safe from UV rays. This same darkroom material also keeps you cooler in direct sun, warmer in the cold, and provides better shade than your average tent.

WEATHERPROOFING: Tested in 35 mph winds, the fiberglass poles come preattached and will stay strong in gale force winds without being too noisy. The material on the flysheet and on the inner is 100% waterproof and has welded corners and inverted seams to help keep you dry,

SPACE: The dome-shaped structure has been extended taller to give you around 20% more headroom than traditional Coleman dome tents. This extra space makes getting changed and moving around inside much easier and makes more of a difference than you might expect. This helps when the blackout material makes it so dark inside the tent.

VERDICT: The lightweight and packable construction allows you to pack this tent down into a handy carry bag with everything included. You can fit four sleeping pads side by side without struggle, and the blacked-out sides really help you get a better night’s sleep. For a simple blackout tent for camping with, this is a nice budget option.


GEERTOP Darkroom Tent

GEERTOP Blackout Instant Cabin Tent 6 Person for Camping Darkroom Tent Water Resistant Windproof Dark Instant Tent for Family Camp Travel, Picnic, Yard Outdoor Activities

  • CAPACITY: 4 People
  • WEIGHT: 8.15 lbs / 3.7 kg
  • PACK SIZE: 25.6 x 7 in / 65 x 18 cm
  • FLOOR SIZE: 10 x 9 ft / 3 x 2.7 m
  • MAX HEIGHT: 78 in / 2 m
  • BLACKOUT TECHNOLOGY: Dark Room Technology
  • BEST FOR: Best Lightweight Blackout Tent

The GEERTOP Darkroom Tent is one the best dark tent for backpacking as it is so lightweight and compact. It is also suitable for 4 seasonal use, which makes it incredibly robust and able to keep all the elements at bay. This includes sunlight, which the blackout bedroom technology blocks out 99% of to give you an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

The dark material on top is not the best for deflecting sunlight, but the blackout material does help by keeping the tent 5°c cooler than an average tent. When sealed, the tent has two ventilation points, and the mesh liner will prevent biting insects from getting in at night.

PORTABILITY: The GEERTOP Darkroom Tent weighs just 3.7 kg which can be shared between two people by separating the poles from the flysheet and inner. The pack size is just as appealing as the weight. At just 65 x 18 cm, you can easily strap this to the side of a backpack for storage.

WEATHERPROOFING: We really like the two-pole system for its simplicity and ease of use, and we find it to be one of the best shapes to deflect wind and rain. With an impressive 2000 mm hydrostatic head rating, you can be sure this tent will keep you dry in torrential downpours. Another benefit of this sun-blocking tent is that it has a tonne of headroom with close to 1.5 meters in the center. 

VERDICT: If you are traveling to some extreme places and need a dark room to get a night of good sleep, we recommend this as the best blackout tent for backpacking.


Snugpak Bunker 3-Person Tent

Snugpak Bunker 3 Person Tent
  • CAPACITY: 3 People
  • WEIGHT: 7.14 lbs / 3.24 kg
  • PACK SIZE: 18 x 8 in / 45 x 20 cm
  • WATERPROOFING: 5000mm Hydrostatic Head
  • FLOOR SIZE: 8.2 x 6.7 ft / 2.5 x 2 m
  • MAX HEIGHT: 3.4 ft / 1 m
  • BEST FOR: Most Durable Blackout Tent

The Snugpak Bunker 3 Person Tent does not have any of the fancy darkroom tech or patented blackout fabric, but it is very nice and shaded inside. A combination of dark colors and heavy-duty materials is what makes this tent better than others at blocking out light. Appropriately named the Bunker, you enter this bomb-proof tent through a relatively small entrance into a spacious 3 person sleeping area.

WEATHERPROOFING: Snugpak has a strong reputation around the world for quality camping gear, and this is no exception. The ripstop 210T polyester fabric has a 5000mm hydrostatic head and PU coating to provide the ultimate waterproofing you need in a storm. The crossing pole design provides excellent performance in the wind, helped by the DAC Featherlite NSL anodized poles, which are incredibly durable and weigh next to nothing.

The Snugpak Bunker 3-Person Tent is not quite as cool in the hot sun as some of the other options, and the vents are kind of small, but you can still get a good lie-in in the morning with the door open.

VERDICT: At just 3.24 kg, this is one of the lightest blackout tents on this list, but that may be because it doesn’t have any additional blackout fabric like the others. If having total darkness is not that important to you, then this should definitely be on your radar for darker-than-normal camping tents.


Quechua 2 Seconds Fresh and Black Tent

Quechua 2 Seconds Fresh & Black Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent


  • CAPACITY: 2 People
  • WEIGHT: 7.3 lbs / 3.3 kg
  • PACK SIZE: 25.6 x 3.5 in / 65 x 8.9 cm
  • FLOOR SIZE: 5 ft 9 in x 6 ft 9 in / 1.75 x 2.05 m
  • MAX HEIGHT: 3 ft 4 in / 1 m
  • BLACKOUT TECHNOLOGY: Dark Room Technology
  • BEST FOR: Best Pop-up Blackout Tent

The Quechua 2 Seconds Fresh and Black Tent is our one and only blackout pop up tent recommendation you need. It is an instant pitch 2-person tent with darkened walls designed to provide total darkness inside and perform in all conditions. The double-wall design prevents condensation drips and helps to improve ventilation on a hot day.

UV PROTECTION: The exterior shell has a patented exterior fabric that blocks out 99% of sunlight to provide total darkness inside. This is especially useful if you are a light sleeper or are camping in the Northern Hemisphere, where you might not get much darkness at all. This pop-up blackout tent not only keeps your tent 5°c cooler on hot days but will help keep you warmer by 1°c on cold nights.

The light-colored outer shell helps to deflect heat and sunlight, providing UPF 50+ UV protection. This is compounded by the patented blackout material, which creates a light barrier to stop the sun from entering your tent and interrupting your sleep.

WEATHERPROOFING: Tested to withstand 2000 mm of water per hour and 50 km per hour winds from all angles, the Quechua 2 Seconds Fresh and Black Tent is a beast in the field. The robust yet flexible design is freestanding but will perform best when staked out, which is perfect for wilderness camping as well as festivals and glamping weekends.

PACKABILITY: There is plenty of room for two people and backpacks or a dog, which is why this is a popular blackout tent for couples. With a pack weight of 7.3 lbs / 3.3 kg, you can easily carry this in one hand or attach it to your backpack along with all your other camping gear.

VERDICT: When we first reviewed the Quechua 2 Seconds Fresh and Black Tent, we were skeptical, but after testing it more than once, we can confirm it is not like other pop-up blackout tents. The double skin is an amazing feature and gives you extra rain protection as well as making your tent darker inside. The blackout fabric works as it says on the label and will ensure you get a restful night’s sleep. Availability can be an issue, but this is the best pop-up tent with blackout fabric.



Best blackout tent

What is a Blackout Tent?

Blackout tents for camping have darkened walls to block out sunlight, which can improve the temperature inside as well as improve your sleep. The dark walls prevent light from penetrating and instead absorb most of it before it reaches you. We compare blackout tents to sleeping with the curtains closed at home.

Regular tents only partially block light, which can mean that you get awoken by early morning sunrises. This is especially problematic in places where the sun never truly sets at certain times of the year.

What is the Darkest Tent You Can Get for Camping?

The darkest tent you can get is not actually listed in this guide because it belongs to a different class of insulated tents. These insulated tents use triple wall construction that goes beyond what the black-out tents can do. The problem is that they weigh a lot and are bulky as well as not the best for summer. If we had to choose the darkest in this guide would be the Coleman Dark Room Skydome Tent, which stays nice and cool thanks to the tall shape.

Who Makes the Best Blackout Tent?

Coleman is the company that has stepped up and really innovated in this type of dark wall tent, and as you might expect, they also make the darkest tents for blocking the sun (90-95%). Coleman blackout tents are the best in the business, and there are more than a dozen different options to choose from to suit your group size and comfort needs.

Choosing the Best Sun-Blocking Tent

When looking for a tent to black out the sun, you should not forget what is truly important with any portable shelter. Waterproofing, windproofing, and reliability should always be the priority. Also, the weight and pack size should have some influence if you are hiking and carrying your tent around with you. Fortunately, all the dark rest tents we have tested are perfectly weatherproof and not too heavy.

Do Blackout Tents Work?

Because the walls of a black out camping tent are much darker and better at blocking light, they absolutely work better than a regular tent without this feature. Not just by a little but by a lot. They are one of those items that does what it says on the tin.

If you are expecting the inside of your tent to be pitch black in the mid-day sun, then you will be disappointed, but if you just want the darkest tent possible to get more of a lie-in, then a blackout tent will absolutely do that for you.

Are Blackout Tents Worth it?

The question here is, actually, how much is a dark tent bedroom and a good night’s sleep worth to you? If you use the tent three times and it costs $30 more than a similar tent, then is the morning lie-in worth $10? For me, the answer is yes, and I will use the tent probably closer to 100 times in its lifetime.

The other thing is that blackout tents are not actually too expensive compared to other tents without blackout features. So, blackout tents ARE worth it if you are bothered by light, are a light sleeper, get to bed late and want a lie-in, or you simply need a cooler tent.

How to Blackout a Tent

The best way to add darkness and blackout your tent is to put a rain tarp over the top of your tent to increase the number of layers to block out light.

You can also try using some kind of ink or paint, but this would be purely experimental and not something I would recommend for expensive gear. Another way to block out annoying light is to camp in the shade or pitch your tent so that the morning sun will not affect you until closer to noon.

Do Blackout Tents Get Hot?

Blackout tents actually stay cooler than standard tents without sun-blocking technology. Although it is true that light-colored tents reflect the most sunlight and stay cooler than dark-colored tents, if the dark material is on the inside, it doesn’t have the same heating effect. Some blackout tents claim to stay cooler than standard tents by 5ºC.

Guide to the Best Dark Room Tents

Blackout camping tents should be chosen not just for their light-blocking capabilities but also for all the other things that make a tent good for camping in all weathers. Here is a brief guide on what to look for in a tent that blocks light:

Blackout Material and its Capabilities

There are thousands of tents on the market, but perhaps less than fifty that have blackout technology. Look for a black out tent that has been tested for light penetration and guarantees how much light is blocked. Coleman tents are a good example of this as they claim their tents block up to 90% of sunlight for complete blackout inside.

Light-blocking statistics are the first signal to look for, but the second is if the material also keeps you cooler. If a blackout tent has been tested vs. a normal tent to be cooler in direct sunlight, then this is another huge advantage for campers in hotter climates.

Waterproofing and Windproofing

Just because a tent offers black out material as its main selling point, never overlook the core function of a tent, which is to keep you dry and out of the wind. Look for things like a hydrostatic head rating of at least 1,500 mm, which shows it has been tested with a column of water 1.5 meters tall.

Also, look for a robust design that does not look like it will be vulnerable to wind damage. Geodesic tents are incredibly aerodynamic and strong. Double-layer tents offer better protection and comfort in bad weather.


Whether you are using your tent in hot weather or rain storms, ventilation is key to staying dry inside. Even if your tent is completely waterproof, condensation build-up on the inner walls can soak your sleeping bag through the night if you don’t have adequate ventilation.

Two strategically placed vents are all a small tent needs to circulate air effectively, but the more vents there are, the better. On larger blackout tents, two vents or a large vent at the peak height of the tent and a few small lower vents is an effective design for letting hot air escape and cool air in.

Capacity, Space, and Layout

As with any type of tent, I recommend getting one with a capacity slightly greater than the one you plan to use. So, if you are solo camping, then get a two-man blackout tent, so you have space to keep a backpack and spread out if you need it (unless you are going ultralightweight).

Small tents generally have low roofs, but you should still look for one that is tall enough to sit up fully without your head touching the roof. For larger groups above four, you might want to consider a tent with multiple rooms or at least a screen porch.

Doors, Windows, and Bug Mesh

We tested the different blackout tents with all the doors fully sealed and windows shut. We were very impressed by how well all of them did at blocking the light. I was expecting the zips, and it seems to allow a fair amount of light in, but it feels almost pitch black inside.

Multiple doors and windows make a tent more functional and adjustable to the conditions, but they do add weight and things that can break. Bug mesh is very important. In summer, it allows you to sleep with the windows and doors open for full ventilation without suffering dozens of bug bites.

Weight and Pack Size

Finally, if you plan on carrying your blackout tent in your backpack or by hand (without the aid of a car), then pack size and weight are massive priorities. We include the weight and pack size of all the black out tents we tested so that you aren’t surprised when it arrives and you realize it’s far too big and heavy to fit in your backpack.


Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom of this guide to the best blackout tents for camping. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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