Bear Butts Double Hammock Review

Last Updated on 12/10/2021

In this Bear Butts Double Hammock Review, we also used the Bear Butts Rain Fly and the Bear Butts Kodiak Straps which we will be reviewing in the very near future. Stay tuned and we hope you like this Bear Butts Hammock Review!

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Bear Butts Double Hammock Review

When it comes to camping out in the wild, the first thing you are going to need is a place to sleep. The idea of sleeping on the ground doesn’t suit everyone’s idea of comfort which is why hammocks are considered by many to be the better alternative. After the initial testing and writing this Bear Butts Double Hammock Review, I think I have to agree with them.

For comfort seekers and lightweight backpackers, a hammock and tarp setup is cheaper, lighter, and easier to pack than a tent while providing excellent nights sleep wherever you are. The super-soft material feels silky smooth and cool on a hot summer’s day – ideal for using by the beach with your friends, between two palm trees, imagine that…

Capable of holding a fully grown grizzly bear of up to 900 lbs, you can comfortably get 2 or 3 people in there with you. As you might have heard, the Bear Butts Double Hammock is very popular with larger framed people who are simply overlooked by many ultralight hammock companies. It also makes an excellent bench swing for the garden that all the kids can get in without fear of it breaking.

The Bear Butts Double Hammock won’t weigh you down though, at just over 450 grams and the size of a small pineapple you can take this just about anywhere. If you need any more convincing then just take a look at their 1,650+ positive reviews on here!

This Bear Butts Double Hammock Review covers all the most important features and benefits of this large and trustworthy hammock.


  • Bear Butts Hammock ReviewBear Butts Hammock Weight: 1 lb / 453 g
  • Bear Butts Hammock Length: 10 Feet
  • Bear Butts Hammock Width: 6 Feet
  • Bear Butts Hammock Pack Size: 7 x 4.5 Inches
  • Max Capacity: 500 – 900 Pounds
  • Material: 75D High Tenacity Parachute Nylon Taffeta with a 210 thread count
  • Extras: 2 x Lightweight carabiners, 2 x 10 ft tactical grade ropes, stuff sack/pocket
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Setting up

The Bear Butts Double Hammie is so simple to set up you can be relaxing in it with a snack in your hand before most tent folk have even unpacked their poles. It comes ready to go with both carabiners already attached and the nylon ropes tucked in the top of the stuff sack.

As I have said before in my other hammock articles, I find it easier to find two anchor points (trees) than I do flat ground. Especially if I am trying to remain discreet whilst wild camping in places like England, New Zealand, and Europe where the nearest house is never too far away.

Bear Butts Double Hammock Review Sitting

Once you have found two trees around 12 – 15 feet apart you should always check for deadfall above. Deadfall refers to dead/loose branches and trees in the vicinity that could potentially fall on you in the night should the wind pick up. If you are in predator country, you should also try and avoid camping on game trails. Tie your ropes off at just below chest height and clip on the lightweight carabiners. Tighten the ropes as necessary and boom, you’re done!


The Bear Butts Team takes comfort very seriously and uses only the highest quality parachute nylon with a 210 thread count. The luxuriously smooth Tafetta feels like synthetic silk and is incredibly breathable to give you the sensation of lying on a cloud.

The extra-large length and width give you almost half a parachute to stretch out in. You can sleep diagonally with your legs out of the side or completely enclosed depending on your preference. For this Bear Butts Hammock Review I tested both and found that sleeping with my legs in was more convenient, but, each to their own.

To add extra warmth in the colder months you could combine this hammock with an underquilt like the Outdoor Vitals underquilt we reviewed.

Weight and Pack Size

Bear Butts Hammock Review Double

The light weight and pack size of the Double Hammie is excellent for such a heavy-duty hammock which makes it ideal for traveling as a couple or a luxury for traveling solo.

At just 450 grams and 7 inches long x 4.5 inches in diameter, it will fit in the side pocket of most backpacks without having to sacrifice any other outdoor gear. One thing I like about the pack size of the Bear Butts Double is that you don’t have to fight to get it back in the attached stuff sack. There is plenty of space in there to simply feed it all back in the pocket when you are done chilling.


As you might expect with parachute nylon, the Bear Butts Hammock is very tough and designed not to fail under pressure. One of the reasons so many people keep recommending this brand is because they know they can trust it. With double the strength and max capacity when compared to most single hammocks, you don’t have to worry about breaking it or letting your drunk friends use it.

Ultra-lightweight hammocks are often made from super thin fabrics that are not very abrasion-resistant. This, on the other hand, can be used in thick forest brush without worrying about ripping it at the slightest brush of a thorn or branch. And while it is not indestructible, so long as you don’t accidentally set it on fire or sleep with a sharp ax then it will last a very long time!

Best Use

Bear Butts Hammocks are used all around the world with well over 100,000 units sold and as mentioned earlier, over 1,650 positive reviews on alone! They are great for backpacking, camping, relaxing in the garden, taking to the beach or park, or just keeping in your car. You don’t have to be a tree surgeon or rocket science to use them and they are safe for the whole family to enjoy.

If you are traveling as a couple then I highly recommend one of these for snuggling up in or just using as a swing seat during the day.

Bear Butts Double Hammock Review


Overall, the Double Hammock from Bear Butts is an excellent piece of outdoor gear to take camping and would suit a young couple going traveling very well. Its light weight and compact size mean you can take it anywhere and as soon as you get a chance to use it you will be glad that you did pack it.

The strength and durability give you a lot of confidence to jump straight in and helps you sleep easy on its silky smooth surface. I would absolutely recommend this hammock to large and tall people as well as those who like a lot more space. You won’t be disappointed if you buy it and for such a ridiculously low price, you really can’t go wrong!

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Bear Butts Double Hammock Review

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