Barbour Stanhope Trapper Waxed Hat Review

Last Updated on 12/10/2021

Barbour Stanhope Trapper Waxed Hat Review

Barbour Stanhope Trapper Waxed Hat Review

Barbour Stanhope Trapper Waxed Hat Review

This Barbour Stanhope Trapper Waxed Hat Review is based on a year of use in Northern England. The Barbour Stanhope Trapper is made from 6 oz waxed cotton with shearling fleece ear flaps and is lined with 100% cotton Barbour tartan and fleece. With the ear flaps down your whole head is kept toastie warm, including full ear coverage and the back of your neck. When you need to use your ears or on a warmer day you can simply lift up the flaps and let it sit on your head like a cap.

FeaturesBarbour Stanhope Trapper Waxed Hat Review

  • 6 oz Waxed Cotton Outer with Diamond Quilt Stitching
  • Shearling Fleece Ear and Neck Flap
  • Barbour Tartan Trim Inside the Bowl
  • Fleece Inner Lining with Diamond Quilt Stitching
  • Short and Sturdy Peak
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Who is it for?

The Barbour Stanhope Trapper Waxed Hat is for anyone who isn’t a fan of the beanie design and people who want a warm peaked hat. With a traditional but luxurious look, the Stanhope Trapper Hat looks at home on a country estate, on a mountainside, or simply while walking the dogs.

The times that I appreciate my Barbour Hat the most is when I am outdoors in the fall or winter when I have my hunting boots on and some tactical gloves. It feels very snug and is totally appropriate clothing for strolling through any wilderness environment as well as nipping to the shops when it’s snowing.


With the shearling fleece flap folded down, your head, ears, and back of your neck are completely covered and protected from the elements. The waxed cotton is windproof and water-resistant so that you can block out any foul weather and compromise your warmth. I normally wear mine with the flaps rolled up and this is warm enough for calm days. Even in – 10º conditions, I felt totally warm and comfortable in this Barbour Stanhope Trapper Waxed Hat Review. Check out Possum Merino for further insulation.


The breathability is ok but not great – there are marks on the top of mine where my sweat has dried. Importantly though, I do not think that this hat is meant to be worn on strenuous hikes. Instead, this hat is great for walking through the forest at a leisurely pace or sitting on riverbanks waiting for a bite, stalking deer with your rifle, or heading face-first into a blizzard. The breathability is as good as it should be in a hat like this – you don’t want to lose too much heat.

Comfort and Fit

For this Barbour Stanhope Trapper Waxed Hat Review, I ordered from amazon and got a size large. As a regular 5 ft 10 ” 28-year-old guy who normally gets a size large for everything, I found the initial fit a little tight. I still think the fit is just a tad on the small side but over a couple of months, the headband has started to give. The snug fit has actually grown on me over time and now I quite like it. When it is not too cold I rest the hat on my head like a train driver. The comfort mostly comes from the shape of the bowl as well as the high high-quality craftsmanship and materials.

Style and Function

I really like the bushcraft style of the hat and often wear it around down the shops as well as for camping and other outdoor activities. The ear flaps fold up and down nicely and hold firmly in place with a relaxed rigidity when not in use. The peaked visor is long enough to block out the glaring sun or pouring rain but not too long so that it gets in the way. Because the design and build quality are so good, the Barbour Stanhope Trapper Waxed Hat is naturally stylish and functional without even trying.

What I Like

I like the way the hat looks and performs but more importantly, I like the way the Barbour Stanhope makes me feel. With the flaps down you feel totally protected from the biting cold, blustery wind, and Autumn showers. The waxed cotton is lighter than you might expect as well as tough and resistant to snags. A Barbour Tartan trim on the inside provides the finishing touches to a luxurious yet rugged outdoor hat.

What I Don’t Like

Initially, I wasn’t a fan of the tight fit which didn’t seem to have any give but I have since changed my mind and the hat now has a nice snug fit. While I wouldn’t want this hat to be much more breathable than it is, it is not the kind of hat you would wear to climb a mountain. While the waxed cotton does a good job of blocking out the weather, it does need treating every now and again. I use regular Barbour Wax Thornproof Dressing on mine but it has never been the same since accidentally putting it through the washing machine.


Overall I absolutely love my Barbour Stanhope Waxed Trapper Hat for going on gentle hikes in winter, walking the dogs, or just going down the shops. It lives on a coat hook by the door and if it’s cold outside I put it on whenever I leave the house. When it is not so cold I just sit the hat on the crown of my head, when it’s a little colder I pull it down just cover the tips of my ears. And when it gets really cold I fold down the ear flaps to shut out the cold, wind, and rain. If you are looking for a new hat and are thinking about the Barbour Stanhope – Just get it!

How much is it?

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Barbour Stanhope Trapper Waxed Hat Review

The Barbour Stanhope Trapper Waxed Hat is a 6oz wax cotton quilted trapper with shearling fleece for extra warmth.

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