Top 10 Best Hiking Boots For Long Distance Trails!

There may be a reason you are looking for the Top 10 Best Hiking Boots?

Best Hiking Boots For Long Distance Trails

Finding the right pair of Hiking Boots for YOUR FEET can be difficult and time-consuming so we have simplified things with this list of the Top 10 Best Hiking Boots.

These Top 10 Best Hiking Boots are built like lightweight tanks for your feet and will take you as far as your feet can carry you. If like us, you daydream from your office about packing a bag and heading to the mountains, adventuring through trees and streams like a wild person then you need to be ready to go whenever the opportunity arises. We are a strange bunch that would rather be out on the hills in the rain than stuck inside on a sunny day, but when you own storm proof gear it feels good to put it to use.

Walking Boots are the one piece of kit you don’t want to be cheap with, especially if you get a lot of use out of them. With so much choice on the market and new technology advancing every year, knowing which specifications to look for in a Hiking Boot can be like trying to order food from a foreign menu. When it comes to protecting your feet outside, you can rest assure that all the footwear on this top 10 hiking boots list goes way beyond their competition!

Have you ever owned a pair of shoes that rubbed or gave you blisters?

We’ve all been there, they look and feel great for day to day activities but once you put your backpack on and start walking over miles of beautiful yet rough terrain, your feet start to complain. When planning to go Hiking over unpredictable landscapes, you can be as prepared as you like but nothing can quite prepare your feet for the intense stress they will endure after 4 – 5 hours on the trail. Your choice of footwear is important, to say the least, and your typical shoe just isn’t going to handle hard impact very well or protect your ankles at all. If hiking is your hobby, or you just do a lot of walking, your feet are going to demand your attention at some point in the near future, why wait any longer for a new pair of boots?

“I wear these boots every day but they are starting to fall apart”

If this sounds like you, you can’t deny that a replacement pair of boots would be money well spent. Even if you have never owned a proper pair of hiking boots before, you soon find that they come in handy ALL the time. Having cold, wet feet is no fun at all and over extended periods of time can cause serious damage to your feet. If like me you wear your gear hard all the time, a quality pair of hiking boots will last about 4,000 – 6,000 miles before the soles wear through with proper care and attention. For me, this means I have to buy replacements roughly every 2 – 3 years but for you, 6,000 miles might see you through the next 20 years!

Leather Hiking Boots Vs. Synthetic Hiking Boots?

Depending on the tasks you have in mind for your new boots, both natural and man-made materials have their pros and cons. Synthetic materials are often quick drying and breathable, with highly efficient designs to support the varied foot movements you will make. Synthetic Boots are generally lighter, require less maintenance and claim better out-the-box comfort but have a shorter lifespan on the uppers.

It is widely accepted that Leather Hiking Boots take a bit of wearing in, but with the addition of MFS (memory foam system) to many of today’s Top 10 Best Leather Walking Boots, this may no longer be true. Leather Hiking Boots are easy to maintain and very hard wearing, typically lasting a lot longer than a pair of Synthetic Hiking Boots with proper care and attention. Leather Boots will only improve with age and can last a lifetime, whereas Synthetic Boots will feel much comfier at first but may lose quality over time.

Which Hiking Boots are the most waterproof, the comfiest or the most lightweight?

These are the questions that people want to know when they are ready to invest in a new pair of Hiking Boots, and they will be answered in this Top 10 Best Hiking Boots List. As with any list (or thing), just because it works for the majority of people, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you or the next guy. When it comes to ordering a new pair of Hiking Boots your personal needs are the only thing that matter, use the information we provide in this article to make a fully informed decision.

If you’re finally ready to upgrade your outdoor footwear and give your feet some 4WD, then check out these Top 10 Best Hiking Boots!

Meindl Burma Pro – Best Long Distance Hiking Boot

1. Meindl Burma Pro GTX

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Men’s and Women’s: Yes

Materials: Waxed 2.8mm Nubuck Leather, MFS Memory Foam, Gore-Tex Lining, Vibram double density sole and Digafix lacing system

Weight: 1,800 g

Description: Meindl Burma Pro Mountaineering & Hiking Boots are hand crafted from the finest Nubuck Leather and the quality really shines through. The Burma’s offer an amazingly comfortable fit straight from the box which only gets better over time. As well as the high-performance upper, the Vibram Multigriff sole provides exceptional grip over a wide range of terrains while absorbing shocks very well. The Gore-Tex performance lining combined with an Air-Active footbed provide the most waterproof and breathable boot we have ever tried!

Pros: Highest Quality Materials and Craftsmanship, Excellent comfort, Wide foot options (not many brands do this), Waterproof to the Max, Well Designed Tread and Extremely Hard Wearing for Long Distance Walking

Cons: Heavy and not cheap

Summary: If going the distance is something you look for in a hiking boot then the Meindl Burma is your obvious choice for comfort, stability, and durability. Improving with age and an impeccable track record is why so many experienced hikers and outdoors people choose Meindl as their boot of choice. A boot to be proud of and an investment that you will look back on as a good one in many years time.

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Salomon Quest 4D – Best Boot For Technical Hiking

2. Salomon Quest 4D GTX

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Men’s and Women’s: Yes

Materials: Split Nubuck Leather exterior, Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Lining, ContraGrip Gum Rubber Soles and Speed-Laces closure.

Weight: 1,280 g

Description: A great Lightweight Walking Boot with stability and comfort, ideal for Heavy Terrain and Long Distance Hiking. A firm favorite in the hiking community for many years, the Salomon Quest 4D ticks all the boxes in style and outperforms the competition. Completely waterproof and very breathable, the 4D’s come with an abrasive-resistant lining which allows excellent air flow and quick drying if submerged. Not only are these boots lightweight, they are highly supportive as well, with great stability and protection on the toes and heel. You can’t go wrong with a pair of these Top 10 Best Hiking Boots!

Pros: Lightweight, 3 Season +, Out of the box Comfort, Waterproof and Breathable, Great Tread and Protection, Fast Drying, Tough

Cons: Lots of stitches and seams that are susceptible to abrasions

Summary: A Workhorse of a boot that you can feel confident lacing up and taking anywhere without a second thought. Even though these boots are much lighter than the Burma’s, they are still very sturdy under foot and can handle the roughest of terrain.

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Lowa Renegade GTX – Best Hiking Boot for Rough Terrain

3. Lowa Renegade

Men’s and Women’s: Yes

Materials: Split Nubuck Leather exterior, Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Lining, ContraGrip Gum Rubber Soles and Speed-Laces closure.

Weight: 1,110 g

Description: Tackle any terrain in the roughest weather in the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid. This Nubuck leather hiking boot features a water-repellent upper with a seamless Gore-Tex lining, making them incredibly waterproof and hard wearing. The moisture wicking climate control footbed allows your feet to breathe as well as keep your feet warm in cold temperatures. The Lowa Renegade also have a full-length nylon shank and a Vibram Evo outsole, making walking in thick mud look easy. Take the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid on your next adventure for one of the Top 10 Best Hiking Boots to wear on muddy slopes!

Pros: Comfortable collar and footbed, great muddy traction, seamless Gore-Tex liner, Waterproof

Cons: Fitting is slightly small, less support for heavy pack loads

Summary: Ideal for day hikes and short-haul trips without an overly heavy rucksack, the LOWA Renegade GTX Hiking Boot combines versatility with comfort. A favorite choice of outdoor boots for European Hikers and Backpackers, they are lightweight, comfortable and excel in poor conditions, what more could you ask for?

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La Sportiva FC ECO 3.0 – Best Hiking Boot For The Environment

4. La Sportiva FC ECO 3.0

Men’s and Women’s: Yes

Materials: Nubuck Leather / 100% recycled Nylon Mesh / Uretech Uppers, Gore-Tex /Dri-Lex Bristol 40% Recycled Nylon Lining, Vibram River with Impact Brake System / Eco-Step Sole

Weight: 1,470 g

Description: Be one with nature and feel great about it with these ECO-friendly Top 10 Best Hiking Boots! The Flex Control technology in the sole allows you to stay agile on tricky terrain with a high rise ankle support for added protection. While some boots try and get fancy with the tread design, the FC ECO’s keep it simple with the perfect combination of new technology and old-school function. Durable uppers and robust cushioning provide an excellent support to flex ratio, making them excellent for bouldering and rambling. Another European favorite finds it’s way on to the Top 10 Best Hiking Boots List because, well, they have some serious terrain over there!

Pros: ECO-friendly, Highly flexible footbed, Grippy traction on wet surfaces, cushioned heel, and ankle support

Cons: Meshing and lace loops may be easily scuffed, boot profile may be slim for wide feet

Summary: The main selling point of these boots is the ECO feel good factor and rightly so but do not be tricked into thinking this is a gimmick. These are some serious Hiking Boots with great comfort and flexibility, you can definitely feel the benefits on the steeper sections of a trail.

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KEEN Targhee II – Most Comfortable Hiking Boot

5. Keen Targhee 2 Mid

Men’s and Women’s: Yes

Materials: Waterproof nubuck leather upper, KEEN DRY waterproof breathable membrane, Non-marking rubber outsole

Weight: 1,133 g

Description: With deep lugs and comfy suspension, the Targhee II Mid Hiking Boot from KEEN offers four-wheel-drive performance for your feet. Revamped with the KEEN Dry waterproof and breathable membrane, your feet stay dry in the driving rain. The aggressive outsole has 4mm lugs to bite into loose terrain, providing excellent traction in mud and scree. ESS shanks provide torsional stability, while the mid cut ankle support allows maximum freedom of movement for balance and agility. The added toe protection gives you the confidence to take on challenging descents and new terrain without feeling chunky. These boots dry fast when submerged and grip well on slick rock making them the choice boots to wear for river crossings on this list of the Top 10 Best Hiking Boots.

Pros: Extra toe protection, deep traction, out-of-the-box comfort, Quick drying

Cons: Individual lugs and fabric lace hoops are more prone to damage

Summary: As far as comfort goes, these are as good as they get! Straight out of the box they fit like a glove, making you want to push your boundaries and really test what they can really do. Great value for money and an everyday trooper, the Targhee’s are a mid range boot for all ages and seems to be growing in popularity worldwide.

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Asolo Fugitive – Best Walking Boot For Heavy Packs

6. Asolo Fugitive

Men’s and Women’s: No

Materials: Suede Leather and Cordura Uppers, Gore-Tex Membrane Lining, Asolo Syncro Sole

Weight: 1,587 g

Description: The Asolo Fugitive is a solid performer with heavy packs, the rigid sole rocks the foot from heel to toe in a smooth motion, making long distance walking over flat terrain more bearable. The uppers are fairly lightweight in contrast to the foot bed but provide ample support for most hikes. The high floodgate and Gore-Tex lining make these boots very waterproof and the Suede uppers repel water like water off a duck’s back. The lacing system is better than most and they close up neatly around the tongue however they do seem to lack rigidity above the ankle slightly.

Pros: Very waterproof, solid underfoot protection, effective lacing system

Cons: Less ankle support, relatively heavy

Summary: This is a great boot for backpacking around the world and is more suited to roads and trails than steep and rocky terrain. Because it is phenomenally waterproof, it works great for wet-weather activities with lots of mud and for winter day hiking.

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Vasque St. Elias – Good Looking Walking Boots

7. Vasque St. EliasMen’s and Women’s:

Materials: 2.3mm Waterproof Nubuck Leather Upper, Gore-Tex Lining and Vasque Exclusive Vibram Frontier with XSTrek Compound Sole

Weight: 1,378 g

Description: The St. Elias GTX from Vasque is built to take on tough trails from the Alaskan wilderness to the rugged terrain of the Appalachian Trail. The excellent arch support and high rising laces help with foot fatigue over miles with a heavy backpack. The oiled nubuck leather uppers and Gore-Tex lining offer great waterproofing and breathability. Vasque’s exclusive Vibram Frontier sole is the cherry on top of the cake and the toe-off pad offers unbeatable traction and durability. Combo lugs with 90-degree edges deliver superior traction whether you’re hiking uphill or downhill, and there are inset spikes that prevent mud and debris from building up on your sole.

Pros: Comfortable out of the box and for years to come, stable, great traction, available wide and narrow

Cons: Requires regular leather maintenance

Summary: Vasque have built an outstanding boot that is light and responsive enough to be super comfortable, and have enough support for backpacking trips with moderate loads and strenuous day hikes. An all round gladiator of a walking boot that only gets positive reviews from the outdoor community, if you want a boot that does it all then get a pair ordered.

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Scarpa Kinesis Pro – 3+ Season Hiking Boots

8. Scarpa Kinesis Pro

Men’s and Women’s: No

Materials: Water-Resistant Full Grain Leather Uppers, Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Lining, Vibram Biometric Sole

Weight: 1,600 g

Description: The Scarpa Kinesis Pro are a tough yet comfortable boot with a high scuff band. The full-grain calf leather upper is tough yet supple and built to last a long time with repetitive use a given. With a little bit of wax on the end of your finger, you can bring these boots back to their former glory after a week of constant walking and only improve with age. Along with the waterproof uppers, the GORE-TEX lined inners are waterproofed and climate-controlled for consistent comfort. Hidden within the sole is a multi-layered system that offers a solid foundation, but plenty of shock absorption and grip as well. Often used as a 4 season boot, this isn’t lightweight by any means but also offers the best durability and support.

Pros: Super durable, excellent ankle stability, super waterproofing and improves with age

Cons: Fairly heavy and takes a while to break in

Summary: Ruggedly handsome and performance ready, Scarpa’s Kinesis Pro GTX hiking boot has everything you need to take you from coast to coast. The weatherproof leather upper and all-terrain sole provide the all the grip and dryness you need for a demanding trek as well as everyday comfort after the break in period.

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Merrell Moab Ventilator – Best Hiking Boots For Hot Climates

9. Merrell Moab Peak Ventilator

Men’s and Women’s: Yes

Materials: Waterproof Dura Leather and Mesh Upper, Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Footwear Lining, Vibram Multi-Sport Sole

Weight: 1,088 g

Description: The Merrell Moab Ventilator Mid is the most lightweight walking boot on this list and offers out of the box comfort. The hyperventilating mesh upper really allows the feet to breathe on hot and dry trails making it the choice boot for humid climates. The Gore-Tex lining resists water and helps keeps your feet dry when needed but also allows for quick draining and drying when submerged. Their traction on dry rock and gravel is excellent, and the wide upper footbed provides a stable platform much like the KEEN Targhee.

Pros: Cool, lightweight, breathable, great value, great traction on dry trails

Cons: Uppers and inners wear quickly, thin sole, not waterproof

Summary: These hiking boots fall into a category of their own as the GO-TO choice for hot climate trekking and trails where getting wet is unavoidable. Great value for money and perfect for taking on holiday, these are a great entry level boot that can be bought for the whole family.

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Hi-Tec Altitude V – Great Value for Money Hiking Boots

10. Hi-Tec Altitude

Men’s and Women’s: Yes

Materials: Full Grain Leather Uppers, Dri-Tec Membrane Liners, Multi-Directional Traction (MDT) Rugged Rubber Sole

Weight: 1,315 g

Description: The Hi-Tec Altitude V are a low cost, lightweight Hiking Boot which works great in all conditions and stands up to tough terrain. The full grain leather is coated with Hi-Tec i-shield technology which beads water off it, as well as resisting stains and oil. Sealed with a Dri-Tec membrane to ensure breathable waterproof protection and treated with anti-odour and anti-microbial properties to ensure the boot stays fresh. The Multi-Directional Traction (MDT) rugged rubber outsole gives you great grip without feeling too heavy.

Pros: Great value, low cost, comfortable and rugged

Cons: May need replacing after a couple of years, lacing could be improved

Summary: These are perhaps the best value for money boots in the list of the Top 10 Best Hiking Boots, and for the price there really isn’t anything to complain about. Lightweight, robust and well put together, these boots are great for the casual hiker or budget traveler, requiring next to no maintenance thanks to the Hi-Tec technology.

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Thanks for reading our list of the Top 10 Best Hiking Boots and stay tuned for our next list which will be about the top 10 best lightweight walking boots.

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