10 Best Backpacking Tents – 1 Person Tents for Traveling

10 Best Backpacking Tents – 1 Person Tents for Traveling

10 Best Backpacking Tents for solo travelers

Is there a reason you are looking through these Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents for solo travelers?

If you think you are prepared for your next backpacking trip but don’t yet have a tent, make sure you see these Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents for solo travelers before visiting your local outdoor gear shop! If you are planning to go for an extended backpacking trip, it is often a good idea to carry your own tent – both to save money on accommodation and in case there is none. When you think about what it costs for a night in a hotel or even a bed in a hostel, investing in a decent tent is a great way to get a good nights sleep and save money in the long run.

Fancy a change from your one man tent? How about these backpacking hammocks or these hammocks with sewn-in mosquito netting?

Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents

Spoiled for choice on a tight budget?

Choosing the right tent is not to be taken lightly and should be influenced by where and how you think you will be camping, but with so much choice out there it can be hard to know where to start. This list of the Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents will save you from spending too much money on too little tent. There are more details for each tent which you can view by following the links or you can read hundreds of customer reviews by checking the price with Amazon.

Have you ever slept in a leaking tent?

Getting a good nights sleep in the wild can be hard at the best of times (for some) and if your tent starts leaking in the rain or flailing in the wind then you’re gonna have a bad time. Finding a lightweight tent that can stand up to the elements isn’t actually that difficult if you know what to look for. For those that don’t, this list of The Top 10 Solo Backpacking Tents has been selected to help you find a tent that will keep you dry and safe in the worst conditions.

What should you look for?

Knowing that the three heaviest items in your pack are likely to be your tent, backpack and sleeping bag, investing in the lightweight options is the most cost effective way to reduce your pack weight without having to leave your favorite hoodie at home. You must think about what you really want from your tent and what you really need – do you need a small pack size, a large porch for cooking or an entry level tent with professional features?

Ultra lightweight might not always be the best option, which is why there is a bit of variance in these Top 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tents. The pegs provided with most tents will likely made from cheap steel so it might be worth upgrading your tent stakes if this is the case.

World Travel with everything you need on your back

Backpacking around the globe can get real expensive in a hurry, so investing a decent one person tent before you go is a wise choice for the savvy traveler. A $300 tent might seem like a lot of money now but to put that into perspective, the average price of a US hotel room in 2014 was $140 per night. I’m sure we’ve all had a bad nights sleep in the past but nothing can compare to being stuck in a shitty tent during a storm with the prospect of spending several nights like this. When it comes to buying your new tent you don’t have to go all out to sleep like a baby, but you can’t buy a cheap tent and expect to stay dry in a storm.

Hilleberg Akto – Best Tent For Long Term Backpacking

1. Hilleberg Akto Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents

Weight: 1,600 g

Inner Dimensions: W 136 cm x L 220 cm x H 90 cm

Pack Size: 17 cm x 50 cm

Description: The Hilleberg Akto is a solid 4 season tent for solo backpackers who want a shelter they can rely on in the craziest of weather. While it is not the lightest tent on the list by any means, it offers the best year round protection and will excel in almost every country around the globe. The innovative design provides a roomy sleeping compartment with plenty of space to starfish on a morning or sit up and change clothes. With a massive porch area, you don’t have to bring your mud-caked boots or even your backpack inside, the side opening vestibule lets you access your gear from the comfort of your warm sleeping bag.

Boasting unmatched single pole stability, the full-length outer layer is streamlined to withstand Gail force winds and the bathtub inner means you are completely storm-proofed. With all this heavy duty protection you might not think this would be suitable for warmer climates, but you would be wrong. 3 well-placed vents within the inner compartment and enough space between the inner and outer layers allow cool air to circulate throughout. A clever pole linking system means you can erect the inner and outer tent at the same time for efficient pitching in the rain. Used by Ray Mears among many other Explorers and Adventurers, this has been ranked as one of the Top 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tents for a while now.

Pros: 4 seasons, Storm-proof, Worldwide Protection, High Quality, Side Entry, Lot’s of Space

Cons: Not Cheap, Not the Lightest

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Nordisk Telemark – Best Tent For Lightweight Backpacking

2. Nordic Telemark Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents

Weight: 770 g

Inner Dimensions: W 98 cm x L 220 cm x H 86 cm

Pack Size: 12 cm x 41 cm

Description: The Nordisk Telemark is very similar to the Akto design but with a huge weight difference of 870 g this might be seen as the lightweight alternative. To cut that much weight means you also lose space inside the vestibule and in the porch however the tiny pack size does balance this out a little. To keep the weight down the Nordisk Telemark also make good use of state of the art components and advanced materials while the technical construction and streamline design pulls everything together and pinned in one place. While the tent only claims a three season rating, the specialized fabrics will not let any rain in and the inner tent has high rising bathtub sides which block out any cold drafts in the night.

With the option of carbon fiber components as opposed to aluminum can shave some extra weight of your load, which is always a desirable outcome. The lightweight construction doesn’t compromise on comfort and function and feels like it would stand up to just about anything. While you don’t get the space of the Hilleberg, you still get an inner storage pocket, easily adjustable guide ropes, good ventilation as well as a mesh window, magnet closing, and easy side entrance.

Pros: Ultra Lightweight, Tiny Pack Size, Side Entry, Very Windproof, High Quality

Cons: Expensive, Only 3 season

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Terra Nova Laser – Best Tent For Flexible Backpacking

3. Terra Nova Laser Competition Top 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tents

Weight: 970 g

Inner Dimensions: W 93 cm x L 220 cm x H 95 cm

Pack Size: 12 cm x 40 cm

Description: The Terra Nova Laser Tent is well known in the outdoor community and is one of the most spacious tents on this list of the Top 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tents. Winning multiple awards for Best Tent in Test over the years, this is a modern day classic for outdoors people who shop around for the best gear. Having had some technical updates over time; there is improved ventilation for warmer climates, 4 additional guide rope points for maximum outer tension and a smaller pack size. This is a perfect 3 season tent for most backpackers and is spacious enough to fit an extra person in with you, so long as you are good friends.

Constructed from DAC Featherlite Poles and a Si Nylon Rip-Stop shell, you can set this tent up in under 5 minutes after only a couple of practice runs. If you are really looking to shave grams off your pack weight you might also consider upgrading to the Fastpack system (sold separately) which replaces the inner tent with a lightweight footprint. A large porch area and plenty of space to sit up means you can ride out the worst of a storm in comfort before quickly disassembling and getting on your merry way.

Pros: Flexible, Lightweight, Tiny Pack Size, Side Entry, Optional components, High Quality

Cons: Expensive, Only 3 season

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Six Moon Skyscape Scout – Best Tent For Hikers On A Budget

4. Six Moon Skyscape Scout Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents

Weight: 960 g

Inner Dimensions: W 122 cm x L 262 cm x H 114 cm

Pack Size: 12 cm x 38 cm

Description: The Skyscape Scout is a 3 season, non-free standing tent that makes use of a dual pole support structure (not included). Using either 2 walking poles or the optional fixed length 45 degrees just off center, you get a tent that can be stuffed in your backpack and pitched in under 5 minutes. Saving weight on tent poles, which we assume you will already have with you, has allowed for more fabric to be used to make a larger tent. One of the largest unpacked tents in its category for under 1 kg, you get loads of space for laying out your kit and are able to fit an extra person at a push, which works well if you both carry 1 hiking pole each.

Further, the Skyscape Scout only needs a minimum of 5 stakes to pitch and is extremely rigid in heavy downpours when fully guyed out. The Hybrid Double Wall Construction means you can erect the tent in one go and because there is sufficient space between the layers, you safe from drips in the night. The large side entry door can be folded back to sleep under the stars for when it’s all too beautiful to block out. The best option for taller hikers and also people who want a super lightweight tent, without breaking the bank.

Pros: Great Value, Lightweight, Tiny Pack Size, Side Entry

Cons: Requires hiking poles or the resources to make poles in the field, Seams may need sealing

How much is it?

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Big Agnes Bitter Springs UL – Best Tent For Camp Cooking

Big Agnes Bitter Springs UL Top 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tents

Weight: 840 g

Inner Dimensions: W 107 cm x L 216 cm x H 91 cm

Pack Size: 13 cm x 43 cm

Description: The Bitter Springs UL1 is an ultra-lightweight shelter that uses your hiking pole in the structure to create an elongated design with single end entry. The large porch area leaves plenty of space to leave all your bags outside the inner vestibule and is the most suited tent on the list to cook breakfast from bed (not recommended). With a central support pole and the bathtub inner flooring, you feel more than protected from blustery storms and any grim conditions outside. Fine mesh keeps the bugs at bay and allows the air to circulate within but the outer tent is lacking any sort of vent.

Some people may find the multiple staking points a bit of a chore to pitch but what you end up with is a mini fortress that can handle wind and rain from all directions. Making use of your hiking pole in the structure also gives you a good reason to take your hiking stick with you and adds a lot of extra porch space to this lightweight V frame tent.

Pros: Ultra Lightweight, Extra Porch Space, StormProof, High Quality

Cons: Long Pack Size, Requires Hiking Pole

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Marmot Eos 1P Solo Tent – Best Free Standing Tent

Marmot-Eos-1P Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents

Weight: 1,260 g

Inner Dimensions: W 92 cm x L 209 cm x H 71 cm

Pack Size: 16 cm x 55 cm

Description: The Marmot EOS 1P is a quality made and well-designed solo backpacking tent for the rational thinking outdoor enthusiast. The free standing structure allows you to pitch anywhere without the need for a web of guy ropes and makes it a sensible option for just about any situation. Reflective strips and bright colors make finding your tent easy in the dark and the side entry makes getting in and out look easy. A stylish and well-rounded option for the modern day vagabond looking through these Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents.

A streamlined profile and tension along the ridge line give you a sturdy shelter in stormy weather and 3 season protection from the elements. The optional EOS 1 footprint should be bought at the same time as the tent to protect the bottom from sharp objects and wet ground. The larger pack size is suited to hanging or attaching to the outside of your backpack. Taking down the Marmot EOS 1P is as easy as putting it up and is a great beginner – intermediate tent for backpackers.

Pros: Lightweight, Freestanding, Side Entry, Easy Visibility, High Quality

Cons: Footprint Sold Separately, Awkward Pack Size

How much is it?

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Terra Nova Zephyros – Best Tent For Your Buck

7. Terra Nova Zephyros Top 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tents

Weight: 1,570 g

Inner Dimensions: W 96 cm x L 220 cm x H 100 cm

Pack Size: 14 cm x 52 cm

Description: The Terra Nova Zephyros solo tent is part of the ‘Wild Country Series’ and is the perfect midweight option for backpackers on the move. With all the features of another highly successful Terra Nova design, you get the qualities of a highly developed competition tent without paying for expensive materials. Using a single Superflex alloy pole, it doesn’t take long to set up and remains sturdy in bad weather. You get plenty of space to move around and the porch area is more than big enough for boots and gear, just like the Terra Nova Laser.

The Terra Nova Zephyros is excellent value for money and suited to any backpackers that don’t want to part with too much of their travel budget but also don’t want a cheap tent that will let them down. The compromise you make for the lower price tag is a slightly heavier and larger pack size which is less important to some people. You really can’t argue with the quality and it gets an all round thumbs up from Gear Assistant, a popular choice over some of the other pricier Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents in this post.

Pros: Value for Money, Reliable Weather Protection, Side Entry, High Quality

Cons: Larger Pack Size, Only 3 Season

How much is it?

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ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1p – Best Tent For Casual Backpackers

5. ALPS Lynx Top 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tents

Weight: 1,780 g

Inner Dimensions: W 81 cm x L 228 cm x H 90 cm

Pack Size: 15 cm x 44 cm

Description: You get great value for money with this free standing, two pole design with strong 7000 Series aluminum poles makes quick assembly easy with fast snap pole clips. The Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent has the advantage of not needing guy ropes which means you can pitch it in some pretty weird places. With one of the smaller sleeping compartments on the list, you get a large porch area to store all your outdoor gear which can be nice to separate your bed from all that muddy kit. Half mesh walls on the inner provide increased ventilation on those hot mornings with a hangover, which is an important selling point for some festival goers.

Using 75D 185T polyester flysheet material, the water repellent fabric resists UV rays and stays taut all night long with 3 season protection. Factory seam sealed seams mean you can take this straight out of the box and into the field which is perfect for beginners and occasional users. Some other nice touches are the storm proof zip flaps and the gear loft to keep your phone, torch, and other personal items. One of the most heavily reviewed Top 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tents on Amazon.

Pros: Free Standing, Great for Hot Climates, Large Porch Area, Wide Side Entry, Great Value

Cons: Not the Lightest, Only 3 season

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Vango Helix 100 – Best Tent For General Backpacking

9. Vango Helix Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents

Weight: 1,630 g

Inner Dimensions: W 100 cm x L 220 cm x H 83 cm

Pack Size: 12 cm x 48 cm

Description: The Vango Helix 100 is a fantastic entry level tent with some professional features and qualities that suit most solo backpackers for size, weight, and price. With a simple 2 pole tunnel design and a small porch area at the front entrance, you can set up in under 5 minutes, leave your boots at the door and step right into bed. Pitching from the inside out, you can adjust the tension from the inside via the ladder-lock system and the 70D Protex hexagonal polyester flysheet stays taut even after days in one place.

Released in 2014 as the cheapest model in Vango’s new line of tents, it is also lighter than most other models with a very manageable pack size. While the height may be a problem for some, it is perfect for split use when you are staying in hostels or couch surfing the other half of the time. Vango tents are always affordable and built with attention to detail, enabling more people to get out there and explore without fear of gear failure.

Pros: Affordable, Solid Construction, Compact

Cons: Low Ceiling, Small Porch, Inner Pitched First

How much is it?

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Eureka Solitaire – Best Tent For Stargazing

10. Eureka Solitaire 1 Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents

Weight: 1,200 g

Inner Dimensions: W 86 cm x L 244 cm x H 71 cm

Pack Size: 10 cm x 45 cm

Description: The Eureka Solitaire is a neat and tidy cross between a Bivvy bag and a tent, at the bottom of the Best Backpacking Tents list but still very good.. While you can’t sit up without touching the roof, you avoid the claustrophobic feeling of being in a bivvy bag and are far better protected in stormy weather. The unique feature of the Eureka Solitaire is the roll back roof top with a full-length zip running along the inner mesh lining which provides an extra entrance when revealed. This allows you to lay on your back and stargaze on a clear summer night while providing maximum protection and ventilation when closed up.

Perfect for solo backpackers who need a tent as a backup and don’t plan on spending much time inside the tent while awake. Also well suited to social camping, when the roof is pulled back and the zip open you can sit with your head out and see everything that’s going on around you. Wild Campers often like this tent as they only have to close the roof when it rains and it combines well with a tarp, helping you to feel closer to nature (without the bugs).

Pros: Lightweight, Compact Pack Size, Double Entry, Stargazing Optimized

Cons: Small Inner Dimensions, Zips are Heavy

How much is it?

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This list of The Top 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tents is aimed at world travelers, if you are looking for ultra lightweight hiking tents then please stay posted by joining us on Facebook.


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